How to organize your college dorm/apartment

Updated on Oct 08, 2008

Comments (12)

bkgurl36 on January 14
very organized
Ayaka on October 12
bmeista on December 03
I totally have those vintage posters! Great advice
ivys on October 24
i was meant to say where have you gurls been but accidentally press enter before finishing the sentence. :D
ivys on October 24
more updates plz.. :) luv all the great posts!!!!!! where
homme on October 23
wow, you work wonders!
rachaelisasavage on October 21
where are youuuuu? i miss your posts :(
Margot on October 14
you lovely ladies should make a "how to" on dressing for a college road trip or a college interview!
splashofcolour on October 13
These suggestions are great. I've been organising my clothes like this for a long time and it makes it so much easier to find everything.
geenie on October 12
haha i have a whole storage bin of denim, hate when i organize stuff and have to dig through the end of the drawer or something to get it >:( dang lindarrr, you have a TON of bags haha
classytrash on October 09
my apartment perpetually looks like your room "before" photo. =(
classytrash on October 09
ps. is that an AA acid wash black hoodie i spy in your closet? yo quiero.
purebliss on October 09
Oh yes - colour coding is a MUST. I enjoy your closet filled with uh, four shades? Haha, great post!
lindarrr on October 09
lol theres another half to that closet with all the other colors!

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