Velvet and Leather. Soft and tough.

Updated on Aug 24, 2010
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nomadtheeskimo 's Thoughts:

(In my imagination, this is where these shoes come from)

In the post-apocalyptic world, a world of no more shoe stores, a girl salvages what was left of a pair of leather wedges from a pile of debris.
The straps have fallen off and the leather is worn and distressed by years left out in the elements, exposed to the dirt and the grime of fallen societies.
The girl flipped aside her waist-length hair and stashed the wedges in her bag, turning to head up the nearest rocky hill, her layered clothing billowing out behind her.
She perched herself atop the very highest boulder and looked out at the view of a hazy evening horizon.
With a last glance at the wedges, she made her final decision and delicately pulled out the turquoise-hued, crushed velvet fabric she had been saving for months.
After twisting the fabric expertly around the heels of the wedges she picked up a rock and tapped in the last of her copper studs to secure it all together.
She slipped the velvet entwined wedges onto her feet and crossed her ankles, turning again to look out at the sky.
A slight sea breeze rustled over her, not unlike the feel of the velvet on her skin, and a peaceful silence settled as she watched the sun set over what was once San Francisco. * * *

- I hope you like my shoe design and my little story! It is a tad gloomy (no shoe stores!?) but I think it is kinda bad-a** to imagine this girl walking around, kicking post-apocalyptic butt in these shoes! I wish I could! :)

Comments (4)

bettyinwonderland on August 25
that's my shoes! love it.
coldlight on August 25
love the design and the story is really creative, awesome work :)
classietrashie on August 25
Wow great imagination! I love the dark colors and the way the fabric wraps around the foot!
hannajosefin on August 24
love your little story aboute theese hot shoes.
nomadtheeskimo on August 24
Aw thanks!
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