Updated on Aug 23, 2010
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blue Tracey Reese dress - blue Urban Outfitters skirt - silver antique necklace
Blue-tracey-reese-dress-blue-urban-outfitters-skirt-silver-antique-necklace- Blue-tracey-reese-dress-blue-urban-outfitters-skirt-silver-antique-necklace- Blue-tracey-reese-dress-blue-urban-outfitters-skirt-silver-antique-necklace-
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Catherinee 's Thoughts:

“Juicy” feels like one of those adjectives that I’d use to describe nouns that aren’t literally juicy. But let me say – I’m a huge fan of using adjectives of all sorts, often in ways that wouldn’t seem fitting. I can’t even convey how wonderful this summer, and the year of 2010 for that matter, has been. The satisfaction I get out of it is comparable to the juiciness of my favorite fruits (strawberries, as of right now!). While I’m experiencing whatever comes my way, I realize that I should savor it while I can, so I do. And when time has been consumed, I find myself yearning for more, yet allowing myself to keep such memories alive in my mind without dwelling on them.

That’s a problem I’ve had in the past, and I’m still struggling with it. Way too frequently I look back on events that happened a month, a year, a few years ago… Inevitably, people change, as does their availability. Sometimes I encounter an abundance of friends – the kind that will go on adventures I suggest and then some, but they often drift away as summer fades. I’ve spent minimal time in my typical lounge wear this summer, which is something I’m proud of since I feel that I’m relatively prone to depression when I spend too much time in my house without the company of others. As independent as I am, there’s a certain void that can only be filled by the outsiders – my friends.

I’ve been hurt this summer. But the positives outweigh the negatives greatly, and I know that I’ll look back on this summer fondly. But I won’t dwell on it. I’ve grown mentally and emotionally – I feel more confident in myself, even when it comes to interacting with others. I have difficulty with interpersonal relationships, and much of what I’ve gone through this summer has taught me about myself as well as others.

I’ve abandoned my pale skin for accidental sunburn which has turned into a subtle tan. I’ve abandoned my insecurity for chances, opportunities of all sorts. Attending summer classes on full scholarship at the University of the Arts was a little stressful and lonely at times, but I don’t regret a second of it. I’ve allowed myself to indulge in fun – numerous adventures, trips to the beach, getting lost on the way home…

Sometimes I dwell to the point of preventing myself from enjoying the present. However, most of this year, I’ve been taking life as it comes and taking the good and bad as learning experiences. I still have some trouble immersing myself in the immediate present, but I’ve learned to enjoy the juiciness that life presents, even if it’s not a perfectly-ripe-June strawberry. It might be a crisp autumn apple, or a bite of a clementine during winter. The taste might not be exactly the same, but there’s so much to appreciate all the time. And the only way time can go to waste is by refusing to enjoy it.

xox Catherine

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PS This entry is a little personal for me. It hasn’t been the easiest to write. All I can say is that if you read this all, I’m very appreciative.

Comments (29)

PepperoniAnyesse on November 21
so chic :)
Bohemianragz22 on September 14
I love the sultry blue colors! And the outdoorsy feel! Chic!
LaRueBoheme on September 03
so retro!
oneHOTminute on August 25
i LOVE that skirt and dress together. and i LOVE that time of day...evening. beautiful!
joannaladrido on August 24
sweet outfit! love the colors!
LelyyLove on August 24
love the print on the dress
Jhamm2412 on August 24
i like the mix of pieces
Pink_Champagne on August 24
the blue pieces look so good together!
vevevea on August 24
nice skirt!!!
cityofbugs on August 24
i love the top!
FairyColors on August 24
looooove the dress and skirt! so chic!
babenis on August 24
myspace4jes on August 23
woahhh awesum idea 2 wear a dress as a tucked in top!!! cool cool cool!
lissakahayon on August 23
love the print on the top!!!
magpie13 on August 23
I love this combination! You are the styling wiz. I love the top.
keogan42 on August 23
love this outfit. the skirt and top/dress. love it!
adelejoanna on August 23
I love how you paired these!
LaurenSchoon on August 23
i love this!!
charchelle27 on August 23
i love your skirt dear :)
tanyabell on August 23
cute dress used as a top :)
naunet on August 23
Such a lovely look! Loooove the dress - so pretty.
aratua on August 23
very cute
JennaStevie on August 23
Ohh gorgeous, i love the blues here, that skirt is super lovely i like the fit of it
Odette11 on August 23
cute (:
Bobbybabe on August 23
Great look x
initialedt on August 23
cute look
aranell on August 23
so soft and summery and cool. I love this!
angiekje on August 23
I adore your top!! love the skirt too!!
liluchious on August 23
Love this!! this such a comfy look fo everyday ;) CHIC!
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