Men's Style - Starting from Scratch

Updated on Apr 17, 2008

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Tali on September 12
this guy is SO much more likely to get laid than scratch part # 1.

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Office Wear - Unsexy

Men in the Silicon Valley are special people. And because they are so special, they get their very own entry. This is a not-so-scientific approach to highlight and explain why these guys don’t get ...
starting from scratch for men part 1

starting from scratch for men part 1

So this is my online version of What Not To Wear. This is your typical San Francisco/ Silicon Valley male. Notice he likes to wear loose chinos (cringe), square toe shoes, and one of those shirts t...
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Eurotrash - how to avoid looking like one

So you know what I’m referring to right? You know! women that have just entered the working world. They have a little money in their pocket. They want to look “nice”. What this me...
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