A Dress a Day...sideways?!

Updated on Aug 19, 2010
beige lia sophia necklace - green so top - yellow Body Central dress - brown Col
Beige-lia-sophia-necklace-green-so-top-yellow-body-central-dress-brown-col Beige-lia-sophia-necklace-green-so-top-yellow-body-central-dress-brown-col Beige-lia-sophia-necklace-green-so-top-yellow-body-central-dress-brown-col
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the_ed 's Thoughts:

I’m really really sorry, but you’ll have to tilt your head to view these photos the right way. For some reason the photos of this outfit are posting sideways (horizontally) on here, even though they show up vertically on my computer. I dunno why this is or how to fix it, but I’ll edit this if I find out. So for now, you can just pretend that I’m in a funhouse or something.

Yeah, I didn’t forget A Dress A Day. It’s just that it has happened that I haven’t got a lot of time with my camera or my dresses. But don’t worry, I’ll have tomorrow and at least 3 whole days next week to catch up on that (and other stuff.) I’ve gotten so many dresses since I started A Dress A Day. I can’t wait to show them all to you! (the most recent one also only cost $7!)

The minidress here is from Body Central. I bought it mostly because of the style of the sleeves & neck. However, I’ve discovered some other benefits to it, the most pleasing is that it can be styled more than a few ways because of all the pretty colors in it. I had already worn this dress during one ladies’ night with black (flared jeans), so I said, “let’s try brown today” and here are the results!

My green tank top is peeking out from the bottom (yeah, it’s a really long top, it almost counts as a dress. ;p )and also offers some coverage up top. (I was going to the doctors office, not to a bar.) I also wore my Rocket Dog sneakers because I knew I would be doing some serious shopping afterwards (the Aigner boots are just for the shoot; they’re just too pretty to be sitting in my closet, so I had to bring them out). Oh, and my dog-girl (the dirl) wanted to be in the photo, too. She’s such a ham. (I probably should take a photo of her with one of her many stylish clothing items on next time. She has a big closet for such a small dog!)

I’m trying to figure out what kind of outfit I should wear for the Juicy Couture contest. (Winning it is pretty much THE only way I’m going to get to the Chictopia conference.) They really have a lot more than the track suits and charm bracelets. I especially love the new Bird collection. But the contest requirements are mega-vague. It says to post your “best” outfit. Does that mean it’s an outfit you wear to a party (like the ones at Chictopia’s conference)? I have no idea. So I thought, “Why not let you all decide?” That’s what the poll’s about, so you know.

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artyaffair on August 22
the_ed on August 22
Thanks! I do quite a bit of eclectic style outfits, which is very much a reflection of my wardrobe. I'm really lucky to have as many clothes as I do. It's rare that I wear the same outfit in a season, but I love to remix my favorite pieces. :D
Hawaiikidd on August 19
Nice print. :)
the_ed on August 21
Thanks! I hadn't had a butterfly-printed anything in years. I think this is a more grown -up version of the tie-dye butterfly shirts that were popular when I was younger. :D
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