vote - from Chictopia's CEO

Updated on Oct 07, 2008
vote - from Chictopia's CEO
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cherichictopia 's Thoughts:

Hey Chictopians,

We’ve just celebrated our fifth month anniversary, and the Chictopia team would like to thank you for all your support! We’ve come a long way from our launch in April and our membership just topped 10,000! As most of you have noticed, we now have banner ads on top. Yes, this is a necessary step for us to move forward. We are just a small company right now, and we need some advertisers to help pay our server bills, clothes, shoes, you know, the necessary items for survival. But we make it a priority to keep your browsing experience pleasant, so let us know if there is a banner that looks too obtrusive to you. We are also open to new layout suggestions, so feel free to email me if you think you’ve come up with a better layout or design for the site. The banner for Rock The Vote at the top is not paid for by anyone. It’s simply something important we’d like to share with our users. Here at Chictopia, we celebrate fashion democracy, a community where talents surface base on meritocracy, not existing connections or ties to other entertainment industries. You can have a voice in fashion, regardless of where you come from. What I like about our community is that together, we are forming one of the most influential voices in fashion. We’ve been approached by editors ranging from established magazines to independent blogs to cover our story. Our trendsetters talented and original, our style seekers loyal and supportive. Our force unstoppable. We are the people’s fashion destination; transforming the fashion industry, one vote at a time. Politics, follow these same rules. While it’s true that there are existing institutions that pour money into interest groups that they support, for those of us starting out, we can still make a statement. Just like Chictopia, the internet has enabled our generation to communicate and unite based on interest and beliefs more easily than ever. Myspace and Youtube are crowded with self-made talents. However, while these stars shine above others, what makes them stars is the participation of their fans and votes by their followers. Stars are not born stars, they are made by the people. Leaders are not born leaders, they are made by those who vote and support them. We may not have money to donate, or the right connections to pull for the candidate we believe in. But we can still have a voice, a strong voice. Our country is facing a lot of turmoil at the moment, and it’s up to us, the young, to make a choice, not just in the clothes we wear, but in something just as important – the one who leads us. Reform or change America, Chictopia endorses voting.

CEO of Chictopia

Comments (13)

WhisperingStyle on August 25
tlmcconnell on May 04
amitchotrani on December 04
aldonza on November 04
hello i want to now how vote for the image thanks
jos on October 24
great that we, spaniard found this site and we also are able to share our love for fashion with the world....congrats for this amazing comunity you are putting together..althought i cannot vote from spain for u guys, i wish u the best mutherfucking leader(since its gotta be one...)
spencerjacobs on October 08
I'm currently obsessed with this site! And so far, knock on wood, everyone has been kind to everyone! Thanks so much for this site and for voicing your thoughts on voting! I just registered last Friday and I’m so excited for this opportunity! It’s my first year to be eligible to vote! OBAMA 'o8, ya'll. but no matter who ya want, VOTE!
phantasy on October 07
proud to be part of this online community! XD
flairtoremember on October 07
Wow, so well said Helen - hear hear!! We have to vote in Australia or we get a fine. I think it's great that you are encouraging people to vote, voices need to be heard. (And yay for Chictopia + how it is going!!)
Snowshoe on October 07
Yes. I love the community here, and I am so glad that you've used your voice to encourage people to vote. I hope everyone plans on watching the debate tonight! Even if you're too young to vote you're never too young to be informed!! *cough*Go Obama!*cough*
classytrash on October 08
*cough*hellsz ya*cough*
helenz (@helenzhu) on October 07
Can't wait to see the debate. Good point about being informed!
KyrasThreads on October 07
Its so exciting how far chictopia is coming! and I cant wait to hit the polls nov 4th
helenz (@helenzhu) on October 07
Good to hear!
ferociacoutura on October 07
If I could vote I definately would.
classytrash on October 07
black_lilies on October 07
I really wish I could vote! everyone that can, definitely should! =)
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