A trip to the coast!

Updated on Aug 15, 2010
brown K swiss shoes - blue Hugo Boss pants - pink Gap shirt - pink T M Lewin acc
Brown-k-swiss-shoes-blue-hugo-boss-pants-pink-gap-shirt-pink-t-m-lewin-acc Brown-k-swiss-shoes-blue-hugo-boss-pants-pink-gap-shirt-pink-t-m-lewin-acc
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londondude 's Thoughts:

Hey there, fellow Chictopians!

How are you guys doing? Hoping you have all had a fab weekend – whether its been totally lazy, or dashing around like someone on the first day of the January sales…!

What have I been upto? Well, I have just got back from a short weekend break, visiting some friends by the seaside and seeing a wonderful air show. In particular – an amazing display performed by the world renowned RAF Red Arrows!

These very gifted guys, and women – a female pilot was among them ; ) were doing things in these jet planes which really did make my jaw drop! You know when you watch something, and that something is incredibly dangerous, its very mesmerizing! All the acts which followed really didn’t match the levels of excitement that they generated, so me and my girlfriend upped and left and decided to take some photos.

About my outfit, I brought this hat a while ago, I liked it for the nice colour and that fifies look – made more funky IMO, by the addition of some colourful feathers. So it gives a kind of hunting apparel vibe. Maybe that isn’t quite right as it is for the beach, so I chose a pastel pink shirt and combined it with a more vibrant pink silk handkerchief which was bunched into my blazer pocket! Overall, with the jeans and of course – the sunglasses, I think I achieved the look I was aiming for… Of course, the real decider on that rests with you guys… in the ‘chic vote’ factor challenge ; )

Now, it was rather sunny at times so I apologise for the glare which, thanks to Photoshop I have managed to reduce quite considerably. And an honourable mention to the great British weather, which meant that the nice blue skies soon filled up with rather menacing dark clouds. Which in turn then began to emit this rather nasty substance called rain…

…This unfortunate event curtailed the enjoyable time spent outside, and what else is one to do when this happens? Well, we hit the Pub….. Followed by a very tasty fish supper. The lemon sole was very yummy: )

I am somewhat tired posting this, and coffee has helped up to this point, but I feel its magic caffiene powers are waning, so I will leave it on this note. I hope you enjoyed my post and as always – appreciate your comments!

Kind Regards


Comments (23)

4everUSMC on November 22
My first time reading your post, as I write more than I read...lately! Great writing...Quite Entertaining...Now, time to watch T.V.>News and The C.W.>Fashion rocks, even on Television!
4everUSMC on November 22
Anywho, by garb, this female is holding a matching prop! Considering your love for Glowns and the youthful pops of colors...Please view my favorites list, at your convenience and leisure to see you and her, side by side! How did I do? Your, American Friend in Fashion...Cindy!
4everUSMC on November 22
London D.?>Please scroll down to appx. 5months ago? And, I would like to let you know that my British Friend, Gillian and I, giggle about your word, "penchant" quite often!>My new take in fashion, is collecting all of my favorite photos and pairing it up romantically be garb with one another! I put you next to this one female with amazing artistry...I think she is older than you by ten years?>
4everUSMC on November 02
This is something my best-buddy, Schuller-Buller would wear...You rock it for show!
Tanyar123 on September 05
great outfit, love the blazer
awesomevegan on August 29
Love it! I just love it. :)
nennen35 on August 27
love the blazer with jeans!! formal meets casual :)
Lizuca on August 22
good combination! it looks good on you!
londondude on August 22
Much appreciated, thanks for your kind comment : )
charchelle27 on August 18
cute look!
londondude on August 22
Thanks! : )
MarioPajutanJr on August 18
i like your outfit here, casual yet so dapper.. i like the touch of color pink in here.. its very quirky and fun :)))))
londondude on August 22
Cheers mate, I like the casual yet classy look! The pink does give it some oomph doesnt it! : )
prettycy on August 18
nice !! :)
londondude on August 22
Thanks : D
Style_Journey on August 17
that's so stylish, boy!! love the casual vibe on your blazer and jeans mix!! cute shoes and hat too! definetely chic voted <3 xx
londondude on August 17
Thankyou dear, very nice comments : )
notwithoutincident on August 17
I love how you mixed the formal and casual elements, it's a very dappy yet effortless look, chic voted :D
londondude on August 17
Thanks! That is pretty much the look I was aspiring to, so that comment is much appreciated : )
Hawaiikidd on August 17
I also have a two button blazer, but its 21men. Love it! :D
londondude on August 17
Thanks, I am a fan of blazers...I am thinking about buying one in candy stripes for a rather outlandish, boating look!
Nino_H on August 16
can i call ur look Don Korleone meets denim :) chic vote !
londondude on August 17
Don Korleone? Lolz! Is that like the 'chic'father...?? Thanks for the vote : )!
folle_femme on August 16
Very casual chic!
londondude on August 16
thanks :D
4everUSMC on August 16
Thanks for the advice...btw, I turned the "command" into FBI and IRS and center for accountability for justice...I love fashion, although "politics" gets in the way, 'y'know? Great outfit~dashing...smashing...charmed!
londondude on August 16
thanks, very lovely comment x! politics can be a right pain, for sure! they all just serve themselves - not the voters!! good luck beating them, O hope you do
Elekon_Chic_Boutique on August 16
I love that pop of pink in your pocket:) neat, stylish, and I would definitely dress my hubby like this (he would kill me for the pink I think:)))joke:)
Elekon_Chic_Boutique on August 16
I do agree with you!
londondude on August 16
I think pink is very masculine. The colour is very strong and bright, and I think guys should be opting to go for it more often than they do. To say that one colour is not for a gender is rather limiting - IMO. But at the end of the day, always stick with what you feel most comfortable with, although I do recommend stepping out of that comfort zone from time to time... thanks for your comments. I appreciate them as always
angiekje on August 16
chic outfit! you look so sophisticated! love the blazer and hat!
inspirafashion on August 16
love the blazer! very classy :). like how you made it casual too with the shoes. great outfit :).
dorotron on August 15
nice hat!
londondude on August 15
Thanks, glad you liked it! Always a pleasure reading everyones comments! Hope you had a great weekend : )
franloiacono on August 15
Love the pink pop of colour! ;) Nice pics and hat too!
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