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Updated on Aug 14, 2010
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libys11 's Thoughts:

As I’ve noticed that Chictopia hasn’t updated its World Ugly account, I thought of offering a nice option of featuring some of the most fashionable chictopians around the world that I’ve encountered and known here in the community. I think one of the best thing about this site is that people from all over the world can share their style and fashion amidst the geographical barriers. For me, I feel like I can live in different countries through what they are wearing and where they buy their clothing and accessories.

The best way to start this feature is to share with some of the most stylish people I’ve known here in Chictopia that live in my current country of residence no less, Canada. I live in such a small city and I haven’t been around different provinces, but looking at these fabulous chictopians have made me realized that I need to travel around the country asap! I love it that somehow even though I’m stuck here in front of my laptop, I can still see and know what’s going on in other parts of the country through what these people are wearing as of the moment.

1. The Haute Pursuit – If you’re looking for the perfect mix of something androgynous but incredibly sexy, you should definitely check out Vanessa’s looks. The latest outfit of this Vancouverite just screams wow! Who would have thought that crochet can be this edgy and fabulous!?! Oh and if you’re going to the Chictopia summit this September, you’re in for a treat since she’s going to be there to meet you!

2. So Fab – Everytime I see an outfit posted by Lily, a Vancouver-based Calgary-raised chictopian, I always think of exactly her username, So Fab!! Her outfits are always sexy without being overtly offending, plus let’s not forget about her shoes!! If I wanted to raid someone’s shoe collection right now, it would totally be her closet!

3. Lydia – Lydia, this warm and cheery chictopian from Abbotsford, is without a doubt one of my sources of inspiration here in the site. For me, she outdoes your typical white, skinny, blonde modelesque girl in terms of her sense of style. I love that she is able to mix her thrift store finds, with her diy pieces and retail store items in one outfit to make her completely stand out in the crowd. Plus, you won’t miss her with that smile!

4. KristaniA – Chictopia has made me not only rediscover my love for fashion, but also has let me get to know incredible people. Kristy from Toronto has got to be one of those that I really turn to when I have a major fashion crisis. I love her practical sense of style. I find that all of her outfits are so easy to wear and straight to the point. She finds the best deals (and for Canadians, that’s pretty neat since ‘It’ items are hard to find and shipping is always terrible for us). I just can’t let this post end without mentioning her in my list.

5. Flattery – One of the things that makes me proud that I’m from Winnipeg is Breanne. The moment I followed her chictopia account, I knew that she would be style icon in no time. If you’re looking for adorable and doll like fashion inspiration with a twist, you should definitely check out her chictopia blog! She’s such a darling and I just know you’ll fall in love with her great sense of style!

I know that there are more Canadian chictopians out there that I didn’t mention due to the lack of space for photos and writing material here. Feel free to comment and tell me who are your favorites since I always love discovering new bloggers in here. Also, don’t hesitate to give a suggestion on the next country that you’d want me to feature!

Comments (39)

CHEAPwelcome on January 22
LA_Chica on September 20
love it all (:
bulma on September 07
Your post is really cool! Great Outfit! Go Canada
libys11 on September 07
teehee!! aawesome! thanks!
pourprepapillon on September 06
Couldn't agree more! on your post, and on your cut-out knit top! ;)
solybBy on August 21
ii liiikke it
eclecticmo on August 18
beautiful top
angelluv203 on August 16
so cute
CornerToCross on August 16
<3 top
jennsu on August 16
love the top!
theclassicsilhouette on August 16
great article! :)
libys11 on August 16
lillmy on August 16
love your shirt
KristaniA on August 15
aaahhhh thanks so much, Sybil :D:D:D:D:D:D:D I feel so honored to be a part of this post with the other fabulous ladies!
libys11 on August 15
but of course!! :D oh btw, i got your email on your office wear tips!! thanks a lot!! :D
shannyn on August 15
that shirt is amazing!
lafillemystere on August 15
go canada! and i love all these girls styles. great post idea!
libys11 on August 15
thanks!! glad you liked it!
Pink_Champagne on August 15
cute top!
knockongabby on August 15
love the top!
ankacookie on August 15
good idea!
dorotron on August 15
great picks!
Aphrodite on August 15
it's one of the few places i'd really love to visit! and great post! chic 5!! no 6, including u! =)
libys11 on August 15
aawwww you're too sweet!!! :D
classietrashie on August 15
I want to live in Canada!
SimplyHope on August 15
GREAT post! They are all Fabulous!
SaraJames on August 15
This is very cool I love all of these
candydoll on August 15
awesome post sybil! i love them all! leflattery is too pretty, been following her from the very beginning! i adore her style from top to toe maybe because i can relate to her aesthetics! i agree with what you wrote about kristy! i also love her practical sense of style! plus, she looks expensive every time. lydia is such an inspiration- i like how she picks the hues for her outfits.
libys11 on August 15
awesome!! i totally agree!! im glad you liked my picks! :D
candydoll on August 15
sofab lives for her name and her designer goods are to die for! vanessa is a character- she wears casual outfits in a way that it don't look just casual but fascinating! i love them all so much!
lissakahayon on August 15
love ur feature!!
libys11 on August 15
thanks!! glad you liked it! :D
ChloroformPerfume on August 15
These ladies all have amazing styles! Canada is chic for sure :)
libys11 on August 15
hurray!!! :D
ChuChuRonaldo on August 15
wow love this!!
vevevea on August 15
this is so nice!!
angiekje on August 15
I love it all that there are no barriers :) just one world instead of over a million of countries and states... I'd say feature Belgium :p but there's only a few chictopians here :) (message to people in or around Belgium in particular: add me as a friend, I would love to know more "local" chictopians) loved your blogpost lybis11 :)
libys11 on August 15
oohhhh will try to do that.. i just hope they approve of me to become a contributing editor so i can continue the feature for other countries. :D
intheeve on August 15
wow love it all!
kavzme on August 15
oh they are all so fab.....!!
PontieriaNicole on August 15
Very fresh, fun and chic
gwynethbg on August 15
cool! :)
TaraAsturias on August 15
wow!!!! very chic!
lovebughannah on August 15
Very chic!
rhitbie on August 14
Go Canada! All of these looks are great!
libys11 on August 15
yay!! i agree!
iamkaren on August 14
sexy top!!!
carizzachua on August 14
pretty knitted top!
HollyAshley on August 14
all amazing looks!! i'm in love with the first! :)
pandaphilia on August 14
this is awesome haha yay canadians!
libys11 on August 15
yehey!! thanks!
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