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Updated on Aug 14, 2010
worn as a dress Old Navy intimate - DIY hair accessory accessories
Old-navy-intimate-diy-hair-accessory-accessories Old-navy-intimate-diy-hair-accessory-accessories Old-navy-intimate-diy-hair-accessory-accessories Old-navy-intimate-diy-hair-accessory-accessories Old-navy-intimate-diy-hair-accessory-accessories
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moniczka_fashionista 's Thoughts:

so as you all know i haven’t posted in a while because baron came home a few days ago and we’ve been so busy trying to get things done before we go on vacation…and i have very bad news!!!! my needle that i use for my hair accesories is bent…i have no idea how i did it but that’s the needle i’ve been using ever since i started making hair accessories so now i’m going to keep using it until it breaks then i’m framing it and THEN i’ll buy new needles haha…i’ve become emotionally attached to it haha

so for my outfit..the yellow dress is actually an old navy intimate it’s supposed to be worn as a night gown but i always wear shorts and a tank top to sleep of course the hair piece is DIY it’s nothing special because i’ve been soooooooo busy.

since i mention a different chictopian everyday i decided i’m going to mention my_name_is_zoe her picture recently made it to the style gallery and was later removed…honestly i’ve already told her this but i was pretty mad about this because there was absolutely NOTHING wrong with the picture the quality, lighting, and background were just like chictopia wants it….and the most important part (in my opinion) her outfit was adorable!!!! and not to mention she’s a beautiful girl too i told her she should be a model even though she’s shorter than what a model’s supposed to be but let’s put it this way she may be a few inches too short but i’m too “fat” to be a runway model i’d be a plus size model…anyway i say if you’re not already friends with zoe you befriend her and tell her how awesome she is because she deserved to be in the style gallery

ok i’m done haha

Comments (37)

mindy13579 on April 28
so cute!
4everUSMC on April 18
The last photo with the close-up...PRETTY!
4everUSMC on April 18
This is so lovely with that touch of gypsy class, and rebellion jazz...Love it!
mypinkrainbowoh on April 07
love your smile , so pretty in this , so very pretty .. your smile is beautiful and electric :)
lilykhumaira on October 07
love ur accesories
PiaSrvstv0990 on December 03
love accesories
ladyalamode on October 22
how cute are you? the cutest seriously :)
4everUSMC on September 19
best fun...loving outfit of the day!
Marquise on September 14
so nice colors!
LisaLupin on September 12
so many adorable colors!
Squarectomy on August 24
Fun! Love Grace.
districtofchic on August 21
I love this color combination! Great headband, too!
trinnah on August 20
I love that vest! :) The layering is absolutely perfect with all the color combinations! I love it! And I don't even pay attention to the style gallery anymore. I usually check out the people that visit me first then I go to the "new photos" because there are so many chic people that the style gallery ignores sometimes. I think I added zoe to my friends list already. She's great! :)
starryeyed on August 18
this is so cute. I love the colours you've put together. Chic!!
folle_femme on August 18
Love the colourful outfit! I don't wanna comment anymore about the style gallery, coz it really annoys me, imagine that I had more then 30 outfits there and 26 where removed, so..
lifestyle on August 18
Lovin the colors!!!
jazzybelle on August 16
so glad your honey is back and you get to vaca now.. sorry about the needle tho.. you look adorable!! I love the color and pattern mixtures.. we kinda match in our latest posts :)
Elekon_Chic_Boutique on August 16
beautiful colours!! such a cute outfit and gorgeous pics!!
cocoandvera on August 16
Cute look... I love your rings and your hair looks so gorgeous... I'm always jealous of girls who can do interesting things with their hair, because I'm so lacking that skill :)
chubbylumpkin on August 15
CUTE love all the layers and colors!
ilovekrissy on August 15
cute dress oh common you plus size model??? now what that makes me??? haha happy for you baron's back:) love love
RosiTonaco on August 15
how cute look!
patriss on August 15
great look love it i like the mix of colors, chic!!!
angiekje on August 15
cute top!! really love the colour combination :) I LOVE my_name_is_zoe :) Monizka, you WON'T be a plus size model, you're not big enough, the only thing you (and me and zoe) can become are commercial models :p I have the meassurements right here with me :p my last three outfits aren't in the style gallery :D which is pretty funny because the first of three outfits has 113 votes (or more, not sure)
angiekje on August 23
check out your collection of favorite pictures... Monizka!! you're too kind!! I love you!!
angiekje on August 18
just wanted to say: chictopia isn't the same without you :) I'm missing your comments everywhere :) miss your pressence (comments on everyone, usually you were commenting about the same time I was, that's why I often commented right after you) ANYHOW very selfish of me so I hope you keep on enjoying your time with your fiancé :)
angiekje on August 15
the second one, has nothing wrong with it as far as I can tell... never made it :) the third one got in yesterday, chictopia tweeted about my outfit on twitter (first time I noticed, don't know how that works) and it got removed after all :) oh I just see the pictures in your favorites: the green dress was the third one I meant (forgot about the black dress, that didn't get in probably because the picture isn't that great) the skirt + blue blazer is the second one and the black/wetlook leggings is the first one I talked about :) did saw you in there, the one where you're sitting --> see it right there :)
cityofbugs on August 15
you look so sweet dear, i love this colour combination on you! and the style gallery is STUPID haha :)
youmakemyday on August 15
fajne leggings i top:) wygladasz swietnie ! Pozdrawiam cieplo :* buziaczki
charchelle27 on August 14
super cute color combination girl :)
mandigarcia on August 14
awesome colors!!!
KenyaMeon on August 14
gorgeous colors & rings!
iVdw on August 14
always ! cute headband :)
Twig on August 14
cute doll face!!! :)
solybBy on August 14
you look so cute, i hope your having fun with your boothang
carizzachua on August 14
nice combo!
iamkaren on August 14
love the blue and green!!!:) ur so lovely!! beautifel smile:)
iamkaren on August 14
ooops... Beautiful!!!!
AgirlnamedNydia on August 14
Yeah* I miss reading your posts!! =) Love the rings & the blue and green looks great on you*
my_name_is_zoe on August 14
Awwww you are so sweet thank you so much. Btw love this blue on you!
crystaldots on August 14
I like the au natural look. And it's funny how you put this under "boys night out" haha.
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