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Updated on Aug 10, 2010
white Forever21 dress - blue UO top - black UO shoes - red Walmart socks - beige
White-forever21-dress-blue-uo-top-black-uo-shoes-red-walmart-socks-beige White-forever21-dress-blue-uo-top-black-uo-shoes-red-walmart-socks-beige White-forever21-dress-blue-uo-top-black-uo-shoes-red-walmart-socks-beige White-forever21-dress-blue-uo-top-black-uo-shoes-red-walmart-socks-beige
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magpie13 's Thoughts:

Lately, I’ve been thinking so much about “love”.

And guess what I’ve decided?

I have no idea what love is. I know what it looks like when I see my parents, when I read the love letters between my grandparents, and in the books I savour. I know it can’t be measured and I know it can’t be understood by anyone else who isn’t “in” love.

Is it the couple on the street who are 22 and holding hands in the sunshine? Is it the little girl and boy on the playground that chase eachother in circles? Is it one of my good friends who finally worked up the courage to ask how the boy he (yes, HE) has been crushing on? Is it only for the 90 year olds who have survived for years and years through every downfall? Is it only for the married and committed? Is it only for those who have experienced tragedy and hardships together?

OR is it in fact a moment? Can it be a moment? A moment that takes your breath away and gives it back in the same instant that makes you feel completely and absolutely alive? Is it a moment that you feel more yourself than you ever have in your entire life and like there isn’t a place in the world that could amount to where you’re standing?

Is it feeling fantastically inspired and like with that one person by your side, nothing is impossible. The rest of the world becomes less of a mountain to climb and more of a playground to enjoy and smile.

Can love be young? Young and naiive?

What do you think? Because I am clueless.

Comments (35)

regina_ambartyas on August 30
dress with belt!! cute :)
KaylaMeow on August 12
cute dress
joannaladrido on August 12
love the red socks!!!!!
MurasakiNeko on August 12
Adorable! The dress is so sweet, the hat is playful, and the red socks add some edge. Very fun, unique look! I think love is all of those things you have listed; love is really quite simple and easy. The trouble is, not all love is meant to last for a lifetime. In which case, enjoy it, but when it's meant to pass, you must let it.
stylinchicka on August 11
love the outfit!
SonjaG on August 11
what a sweet dress! low how you paired it with the top!
moniczka_fashionista on August 11
this is so cute!!!!!!!
honeycrunch on August 11
gorgeous dress! i love the top underneath too :) cute look! & i really enjoyed reading your post
_SERENITY_ on August 11
ADORABLE outfit, dear!! gorgeous retro chic vibe on your dress and l so loooooove that crazy red pop of color on your socks! super cute shoes and hat too!! chic voted <33 xx
iamkaren on August 10
so cute!!! the socks adorable!!!!
TamQuoia on August 10
this is darling, i love the socks:) -Tammy
Alex_Elizabeth on August 10
I absolutely adore this look. The dress is my favorite part, but the socks! the hat! Love it.
WeMoveVintage on August 10
That dress is looks amazing on you! Great look!
Little_Island on August 10
Love your dress & hat! You look very cute! I think Love is simply everything that's makes you happy (in a healthy way), beautiful & unique!! Like family,friends, music, art, fashion or life!!! <3
theclassicsilhouette on August 10
this is so cute! i love the dress!
DevoreLeBeauMonstre on August 10
I'm not sure what love is, but I do know that I'm in love with your dress. & those socks are the absolute perfect pop of color!
lissakahayon on August 10
super cute socks!!
anonymours on August 10
super cute dress :)
auddrey on August 10
so cute!
SimplyHope on August 10
Ahhhdorable as always! The dress is too cute!
flutterbyjulia on August 10
Gorgeous outfit, love how you've layed it :) Love is a complex thing that can be different in a multitude of ways.... Very thoughtful post, I enjoyed reading it
Annebeth on August 10
this is adorable, love you with a hat and those socks are so fun!
Rainnekissed on August 10
Great outfit, those socks are immense!
Betty_Buttons on August 10
P.S love can be everything you want and everything you dont, it doesnt have to be one special moment or person. Love is.....and i guess you finish the sentence when you find it. I like the idea of the 90 year olds who have stood the test of time, thats what i want anyway. Or love could be the most beautiful pair of shoes haha :D
Betty_Buttons on August 10
cute dress :D
charchelle27 on August 10
u look so adorable :)
kavzme on August 10
sweet .....very cute dress and even cuter is your description of love....love it !!
Odette11 on August 10
so cute (:
thehautepursuit on August 10
I love how you paired the shoes with bright red socks! it really takes the outfit to the next level :) xoxo V
AmyIsham on August 10
That dress is so pretty, love your little red socks too. x
libys11 on August 10
so so so cute!!! wear that dress more often, dear! :D
cityofbugs on August 10
this is unbelievably cute! loved reading this post
xolexi7 on August 10
love love love this!!! love the red sock with those shoes! adorable :)
Catherinee on August 10
ah, I love the way you're wearing that top under your dress - I'm definitely going to have to try something like that! and I think that love is possible whenever, where ever... I just don't know for sure because I've certainly not found it yet!
angiekje on August 10
love every piece!! this is soo cute!!
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