Updated on Aug 09, 2010
This is an entry to I (he)ART Chictopia sponsored by Chictopia.
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irisanddaniel 's Thoughts:

Hey everybody! :)

Here is my entry for the I HEART CHICTOPIA contest that is going on right now. I love this contest because I’ve always thought about customizing my Chictopia badges, haha as nerdy as that sounds. I wasn’t sure what to do for my entry, I was thinking about going more ornate and “creative” but I really wanted the new Chictopia badges to be something that were cohesive with the style and design of the site, as well as being professional and simple enough to go with everybody’s blogs.

We decided to just have one entry for it, so I (Daniel) made our entry for this contest. It was so fun and if you haven’t entered yet, you should! :D

Favorite Badge
Add me as a favorite, with it’s new responsibility with the frontpage.. I really wanted to make it something clean and streamlined, yet colorful and fun so that it was noticeable for people to see and therefore, easy to find and click. Although Chictopia has a new logo, I still wanted to hearken back to the old one by using the purple color prominently on the right side of this badge. I wanted to make sure that the badge reflected the new Chictopia frontpage favorites policy as well, so that was a main detail of the design. I wanted to keep this badge fun and joyful, so the bold colored shapes were definitely a motif I wanted to be a major part of the look.

Style Gallery Badge
The Style Gallery badge is one that will appear on everybody’s blogs, so I wanted it to be neutral enough to go with many design styles, so I kept it just black and white. Most fashion blogs have a white and black design anyways, so this fits in quite well with that aesthetic. I decided that, although I prefer the streamlined look of the all black and white Style Gallery Badge, I had to add in a background for interest. I went with a New York building with fire escape because it’s classic, urban, city related, and fashion related all at the same time. I wanted to implement the use of Chictopia’s slogans while using my own made up ones because the Style Gallery badge is a way to promote Chictopia as well as your profile to those who may have not seen it before. A catchy slogan can attract people to Chictopia’s amazing content.

Design I chose to go with designs that were strong and simple, statement making but not distracting. I feel that this look really embodies Chictopia as a whole because we are a community of statement makers with fashion, but we are still classic, cool, and of course, chic. The font I used on this is called “Gotham” if anyone wants to know, it is the font used for the CHANEL logo, so I thought it would be fitting to pay homage to one of fashion’s most iconic design houses in a subtle yet familiar way.

Comments (6)

Aphrodite on August 15
great work!!!!!!! you're very creative!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it'ssimple and clean! i like it!
anonymours on August 13
found this very awesome!
missmatchgirrrl on August 10
Very classic looking badge! Great job!
irisanddaniel on August 13
thank you! :D
franloiacono on August 10
Such a good job Daniel!! I adore the ADD ME AS A FAVE badge!! I'm working on my entry too ;D
irisanddaniel on August 10
Thank you so much! :D I can't wait to see yours!
pandaphilia on August 09
this is really clean and futuristic looking
irisanddaniel on August 10
tanyabell on August 09
i love the "favorite" part this....really cool!
irisanddaniel on August 09
thanks so much! :)
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