Leather, Lace, Metal And Wood: Jeffrey My Way.

Updated on Aug 01, 2010
This is an entry to Jeffrey Campbell My Way sponsored by Akira & Jeffrey Campbell.
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CorinaFischer 's Thoughts:

This shoe is designed quite literally as I view myself. There’s leather, a little wild, but not in a stereotypical way, hence the blue. Then, there’s the opposite, lace. Soft, feminine and delicate, but belted by another opposite, metal staples. The staples hold the lace in an embrace like a cage, or rather a ribcage that keeps it (The lace, signifying true feelings) safe and attached to the shoe (not to be shared) Then there’s the wooden heel, a solid pedestal of beliefs that everything else depends on, but that can still be changed in subtle or not depending on what you do to it (Meaning events and discoveries that change they way I think and live)

This shoe also matches my style because like it, my style reflects my personality. Hard with unexpected softer touches, only slightly following trends and being rather unique.

I would wear these shoes like I do all my others, with everything and everywhere and anytime. A short but fluttering white dress in summer with a silver chain necklace, the blue in the shoe making them stand out. In fall a (again) short black high waisted skirt, white socks and long sleeved dark blue top with a belt. Winter brings skinny jeans and a frilly blouse with silver earrings and once spring rolls around a white skirt and purple tee with the same belt from fall. Each season the blue leather catches eyes and they are in awe by my contradicting but fitting Jeffrey Campbell’s that seem to fit into every category: romantic, daring, sexy, and sweet.

Supporting photos: Inspirations other them my own personality(because a picture of that would be REALLY big.)

Photo #1. Myself, evidently. As well as my lace top.
Photo #2. Lady Gaga’s 2009 VMA acceptance outfit. I adore her as well as anything she wears. She has also influenced the “me as a person” part of inspiration for this shoe design. She is so wonderful and inspirational and has helped free me from being who others want me to be <3

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TheOutfitMaker on August 04
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ktoledo2 on August 03
tiggerr044 on August 02
great design
anonymours on August 02
love the color
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