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Updated on Oct 05, 2008
black Archeology shoes - purple Zara dress - black Boracay Station 2 earrings
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joannaladrido 's Thoughts:

I chose this dress to a mall, Sunday mass, dinner and movie date with my boy and my mum urged me to go flowy and casual since it is after all the day of rest. And so, I took a breather from the glitter and the classic glamour of Structured and Architectural pieces and went to the complete opposite of the style chart.

The dress is pretty tricky and I was unsure of whether or not to get it when I was shopping last month since the off shoulder flowy dress seemed all so foreign to me. But I decided to have a bit fun. The dress after all is easy, breezy, beautiful!

I chose the dress because I really love the berry hues: It has tones of cherry red, grape, mustard yellow, black, dark purple, aquamarine, lilac and brown, a color palette which blended so wonderfully that I really love and found on almost all the racks of Mango and Zara boutiques this season. Berry is after all the most luscious shade of the season.

The print of the dress was so endearing and I love how luxurious it made bohemian seem with the lovely floral pattern in contrasting colors. The Black hem detail was an added bonus. The thick purple bangle was something I found in this cute store for P50 or a dollar when converted.

And while I got this dress from Zara- I do own and wear a lot of clothes I got from her collection 25 years -30 years back.

My dad can’t believe I shop vintage and quaint stores or wear some stuff I make over myself from my mom’s old trunk. I love my mom for teaching me how to transform, tweak and style skirts to dresses and vice versa and for telling me that the best accessories you will ever wear are the ones that have a legacy handed down to you. I may be a label hound when the occasion calls for it, which is most of the time, but I always loved to update my mom’s old stuff with modern pieces from my own.

And I still believe that the best accessories are those found in exotic destinations like in an island paradise while vacationing, the tiangge (which is unique to the Philippines) and my personal favorite… antique furniture stores which have a section that sell a wide array of heirloom pieces from the 1800s-present.

I’m happy I took her advice and went free-spirit this day. Mothers indeed always know best!

What is it?

It’s a luxury take on a bohemian look. Part peasant, part Cossack, part sex goddess rock chic. And it’s here for the colder months of 2008/2009 largely thanks to an outstanding collection by Frida Giannini for Gucci’s Fall (Autumn) / Winter 2008/2009 women’s collection and men’s collection.

Of course, 2009’s Bohemian Luxury fashion trend has been a long time coming. With its most recent origins in the boho trend, it’s strong gypsy and folk overtones mean that it might be the perfect personification of the foho trend.

That would be selling it short though.

While it is folk-inspired, and it is bohemian, it is also so much more. It has its roots in traditional folk elements particularly Russian ones but it fuses in luxury elements and rock-chic attitude.

From: fashionising.com

Comments (13)

NathaliaV on August 01
bjkdAnc3r on March 19
gorgeous. very boho (:
Pink_Champagne on October 08
i really love that dress!
joannaladrido on October 08
thank you so much =)
AmandaMichele on October 07
I love the whole look, very luxe bohemian, i wish the dress was 2 inches shorter, you are tiny and its eating your pretty frame!
joannaladrido on October 07
i knoooow =) hahaha i wish this as well =)
ninjaneko on October 06
i love the dress. it looks so comfortable :)
joannaladrido on October 06
thanks so much and indeed it is =)
pigegeon on October 05
I love the dresss!!! It's really pretty babe! =)
joannaladrido on October 05
thanks so much gorgeous =) a belt was very much needed to accessorize and shape though =) haha
shmicole on October 05
i love the dress! but i think a belt to cinch your waist would do the trick. I really lurve your clothes!
joannaladrido on October 05
thanks! i know! i totally realized that too late =) haha thank you so much =)
eve on October 05
I don't know why i don't like your dress..Too colorfull and i think you don't have wear that bangles... And i think you dress long enough so in the pic you look shorter than you are :( but i love your shoes
joannaladrido on October 05
I think its cause this was the first time I tried something that just flowed and was shapeless :) the dress had a colorful print that featured the season's ubiquitous color palette...I think it did not cling to my body like structured pieces do since it emphasized my shoulders rather than shape ;) I love the feedback though and appreciate it.Thanks dear! Just wanted to take a breather frm structure
jessy_H on October 05
oh i love it! you never fail with your style:) i think (only my opinion) it'll look smashin better if you put a belt to shape your body :)
joannaladrido on October 05
thanks! definitely! =)
jessy_H on October 05
you should. anyway. it's always best to try out and experiment with the clothes first :) try diff things to do with it. then at the end, i think you'll find the best solution to spice it up :) you just gotta get to know the dress ;) they are always tricky. I have a hard time too with mine :)
joannaladrido on October 05
I actually tried that but decided against it since it cut the flowiness of the dress :) hahaha i shouldve kept the belt idea! thanks for the suggestion though I think I'll try it with a belt the next time to shape :) we do think alike hahaha the dress was tricky since I got afraid of structuring it up with a belt... I thought I might ruin the flowiness of the boho look :) good suggestion dear :)
KyrasThreads on October 05
HEEELOOO! lovely dress you are gorgeous!
joannaladrido on October 05
thanks ;) come to think of it the dress does seem too flowy hahaha
moa_bash on October 05
i love the colors, awesome!
joannaladrido on October 05
Thanks so much =)
Ciara on October 05
wow wow wow that dress is amazing....
joannaladrido on October 05
thank you so much =)
glamourstains on October 05
Aw this is gorgeous. Those shoes are seriously to die for.
joannaladrido on October 05
thanks so much =)
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