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Updated on Jul 30, 2010
blue thrifted dress - beige thrifted belt - gold thrifted earrings - blue Old Na
Blue-thrifted-dress-beige-thrifted-belt-gold-thrifted-earrings-blue-old-na Blue-thrifted-dress-beige-thrifted-belt-gold-thrifted-earrings-blue-old-na
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nealy817 's thoughts:

Sleepyhead-Passion Pit

Happy Friday everyone! Any awesome plans for the weekend? Not me, I’m working :( But at least I got to go out with great friends last night and I had an absolutely fantastic time!
So everything in this outfit is thrifted except my shoes, pretty fantastic as well. However, most AMAZING NEWS EVER?!?! Here it goes: We have two Goodwill’s in my town but I usually just go to one because its close to school, work, and I usually find good stuff there and nothing at the other. But today, for some random reason, I decided to go to the other just to browse. So I find these AMAZING black riding boots and I’ve been looking for another pair for a while (you can never have too many boots!). These boots were my size, perfect condition, genuine leather, and were just the casual boot I’d been looking for and they were $6.99 so I was like, “Hell yes, you’re mine.” I take them to the counter and the guy goes “Oh, it’s your lucky day! The sticker on these boots is the color of the day so they’re actually only 99 CENTS”

Insert me hyperventilating here

UHHHHHHHHHH-MAZING. I almost cried tears of joy and kissed the man! So i was so super excited I had to call both my parents, my boyfriend, my best friend, then another friend and brag to them about how amazing of a shopper I am hahaha I know, I’m kind of nerdy like that :)


lydeeloo on August 30
have you heard the ellie gouding cover of sleepyhead? it is really good! and what an awesome good will find- cant wait to see the boots haha! love the blue dress xoxo
folle_femme on August 03
Lovin' your dress..what an amazing shade of blue!
seun_olarewaju on August 02
i love the bright blue color of the dress, my favorite part is the print at the top!
Aphrodite on August 01
blue love!!!!!!!!! great dress and shoes and love the hair!! chic!!
Shaniqua1071 on July 31
I soo love your oufit it's so pretty and chic, this dress looks amazing on you!!!!
angiekje on July 31
again: you look gorgeous!! love this dress, love that colour, great shoes too!! fave! 99 cents :o is that even possible :p and I thought I had the sale of the year with my € 7 boots :p congrats!!
Cariissa on July 31
very cute!
LyannePeri on July 31
love the dress! :) chic voted!
S_agapoxxx on July 30
Beautiful dress 0 the colour looks amazing on you :)
lindaluismyname on July 30
super cute! I love your hairdo as well! chic!
Hawaiikidd on July 30
I Love That songg!! omg, you are freaking beautiful<3 Beautifulllll dress!
BirchandMahogany on July 30
Your shoes are the cutest little things; the patent blue is adorable, and goes oh-so-perfectly with the dress. Which, by the way, is totally darling with its little flower detailing. Oh, and congrats on the boots! Totally jealous and impressed.
honeycrunch on July 30
i love the color of your dress!! hahah that's so lucky about your boots!
omyheart on July 30
that dress is such a gorgeous color! it looks beautiful on you! and that's amazing about the boots!! haha, so awesome when things like that happen!
Laura86 on July 30
gorgeous dress! I love the color!
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