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Updated on Jul 26, 2010
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brown shorts - beige shoes - pink top
Brown-shorts-pink-top-beige-shoes Brown-shorts-pink-top-beige-shoes Brown-shorts-pink-top-beige-shoes Brown-shorts-pink-top-beige-shoes Brown-shorts-pink-top-beige-shoes
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Annebeth 's Thoughts:

My Payless Shoe Lovers entry! Don’t forget to fave this look if you like it, I’m ever so thankful for your support!

Debut of the high waisted garden collection shorts! To some, they may look like mom-shorts. Or a diaper. But I love them and how they cover my belly button! I love how they allow me to wear crop tops or even bikini tops with them without making me feel too “exposed”. They almost seem… modest, even though they show almost every inch of my legs. I paired them with my new look crop top, another sales buy. I love the floral lace, so bright and unique! I’ve never seen this type of coloring on a lace top, with different colors dotted all over the top. I’m also wearing the bracelet I won in the giveaway of our lovely Aphrodite because the gold and the interesting shape went perfectly with the outfit and how the brown shorts have a sort of gold shimmer to them.

The top half was already eye-catching enough for me, so I wore my uber-simple nude pumps with this! These may not come to mind when one ponders on their favorite shoes, but nude pumps definitely are a must-have. They are elegant, basic but still chic, and very “you”: everyone has a different skintone, so finding the perfect nude pump is almost as hard a quest as it was for Prince Charming to find the Cinderella that could fit her dainty foot into the glass slipper! I personally prefer it if the nude doesn’t completely match your skintone, but still matches it close enough to elongate your leg. The fact that it does not match completely draws the eye to it and makes you do a second take, focusing on the trompe-l’oeuil like effect they have.

On a weirder note: have you ever dreamt about some guy you hardly know (or don’t know at all) and have that dream be about you two being completely in love, and then woken up still being in love with that guy and feeling sort of heartbroken that you don’t even know him, or he doesn’t exist or whatever? I’ve had that several times and it makes me feel guilty each time because I HAVE A BOYFRIEND I love dearly. It’s like dream-cheating without actually wanting to cheat or being able to control yourself! Weird, right? Please tell me I’m not the only one who experiences this? :-D

I’m going to see Toy Story 3D in a bit, I’m sure it will be hilarious! Enjoy your day sweethearts!


Comments (93)

Lady_tee on November 16
<3 those shorts<3
kitkat11 on March 06
sweetsultryjoycee on August 28
this is the 2nd time i visited this post.. congratulations for winning annebeth! :)
catiebeatty on August 26
Congrats dear!!
JusticePirate on August 26
yey! congratulations! we won together. those shoes are cute!
deathbyplatforms on August 26
Anne!! Congratulations! Oh im so happy for you dear!!! Woot! Shop, shop, shop for lots of beautiful shoesies, ok?
leiann on August 25
congratulations on the win! can't wait to see what you buy!
keys_2_my_karma on August 25
congrats! cute fit!
awesomevegan on August 25
MaLu80 on August 08
Nice match! :)
sweetsultryjoycee on August 01
WOW. 1st, you have such a great figure! 2nd, that floral top is LOOOOVE! :)
NaomiDee on July 31
gorgeous!! i really really love this..those shorts are awesome. x
FashionBandwagon on July 31
kmervelous on July 31
those shorts are adorable!
rockaloop on July 30
i love the outfit but the i adore the shoesss :)
SikaSika on July 30
I LOVE LOVE LOVE the outfit.... It's absolutely perfect for a day out with the girls.
miaamos on July 29
love the shorts!!!looking fab dear!!!!!
Tea_Loving_Noemie on July 28
haven't been around in a while but i'm catching up on your outfit! your capital letters and this darling outfit caught my eye so i'm leaving a comment now! firstly, the uncontrollable dream-cheating thing has happened to me quite a few times and the guilt is strong, so i am relieved i'm not the only one and i hope you are relieved too! on a second note i also got some new high waisted shorts...
Annebeth on July 29
They sound lovely and I imagine them looking gorgeous with a simple top too! these shorts don't need much, they are lovely as is. I'm glad you're back and thanks for the reply about the dreamcheating :D
Tea_Loving_Noemie on July 28
... from river island that i wore today all day and that hide my belly button but that show the whole of my leg (if it was a bit shorter, it would show my bum too!!), loving the way you styled yours!! mine are printed so i wore a block cream coloured top with it! x x x
QueenVII on July 28
Love the outfit!! the top with the shorts are great!
laurenkay on July 28
I love your blog. Especially the part about dream cheating. lol This outfit is amazing.
rebeccah84 on July 28
Those shorts are absolutely perfect!
LittleMissThrifty on July 28
I am loving those shorts! they def. do not look like a diaper haha!
ilovered on July 27
love the shorts!
Lovin_Vintage on July 27
Very chic vintage look...love it!
irieabbey on July 27
the wonders of a nude pump ... it makes legs look leaner and sexier. nice outfit!
4everUSMC on July 27
very nice
missphan on July 27
the top is sooo cute!!!
mary1901 on July 27
Aphrodite on July 27
ah......highwaist+floral+gorgeous shoes+haircut= CHIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i have some strange dreams too but u know we cant control dreams, they're all messed up/dont make sense most of the time anyway. Our brains get bored while we are asleep.=) xxx
deathbyplatforms on July 27
love the shorts and cropped top together!!!!
d3bski3 on July 27
Love the look, and no, ur not the only one who has those types of dreams..hahaha ;)
maliamazing on July 27
love the top!
fashionistaluv on July 27
very cute! it really works :)
lovestheday on July 26
i like your style, the top and shorts are nice..
nanysklozet on July 26
love the high waisted shorts!
headbandit on July 26
Chic! Love the shorts
lindaluismyname on July 26
this is such a cute outfit!!! stye-icon worthy!!
zahaGc on July 26
you should be a style icon, srly! and your legs are AMAZING <3
dustyrosevintage on July 26
this looks great on you! love that top. oh, and i'm pretty sure everyone dream cheats. it's like a romantic wet dream. ;)
Vemo on July 26
cute shorts!!
beccasaud on July 26
so cute! I love it. I love the buff colored shoes with the muted pants and bright shirt.
glamourvixen on July 26
I love this simple, carefree look on you! Fab shorts!
vanessaeast on July 26
you are soo adorable! lovely shorts!
Coconut on July 26
This is really nice, i love how you mix this shorts wit this cropped top <3
skinnylatte on July 26
Etceteravs on July 26
Hahhahahah you're not the only one! I have dreams like that too :D Yeah it feels guilty! :D Girl, sorry for not being around lately but, have you cut your hair? it is so beautiful!!! Oh and I have to say, I loved your shoes!!! Now I feel that I need them :D You look great in those natural colors and the florals!
Annebeth on July 26
I'm glad you're back! :D and yes, I did get a haircut, my hair had grown into a mullet so something had to be done! :D thank you darling!!
Etceteravs on July 26
by the way, faved ;)
cphillis07 on July 26
Those shorts are awesome.
AmeliaKnoche on July 26
great picture! i really like your shorts :)
sarahjessica on July 26
loving the proportions of this outfit. so pretty.
omyheart on July 26
this is so cute! love the colorful crop top and the high waisted shorts!! the nude pumps really pull it together without competing - perfect!
SimplyHope on July 26
Love Love Love this outfit!
SarahJaneR on July 26
love the shorts and top, great shoes as well, classic and neutral, perfect for all seasons! I have had dreams about getting married lately, but it's definitely not the guy I am talking to know, it's actually an ex who I shared my longest and most emotional relationship. I think my dream is more of me not letting go than it meaning he's "the one" :/ Great post!
Honey_little_sunny on July 26
you look super pretty on these shorts!! :)
Laura86 on July 26
you look gorgeous!
franloiacono on July 26
Those shorts look great on you :D
Shaniqua1071 on July 26
I love your outfit it's soo cute the floral top, shorts and shoes look soo perfect together, and totally chic...it's so werid that you talked about the dream cheat situation i had one last night and I have a bf that love so much, it's soo werid, anyway you look amazing!!!!!!
ludvina on July 26
that short is fab!
styleitsasha on July 26
Those shorts were made for your beautiful legs! Just gorgeous! Also as bracelet freak I must confess I adore your bracelet. Amazing!
IslandChic77 on July 26
oh n favedddd
IslandChic77 on July 26
this rocks u look amazing in it:)
hallecat on July 26
I have had dreams like thta before you are definitely not the only one. also I love your outfit and you are gorgeous.
love everything about this outfit and gorgeous shoes! and you`re not the only one:) I have kind of these dreams too(I`m married:) oh and my daughter is craaaazy about Toy story now!
mell on July 26
i love your shorts!! i'm also in the process of finding my perfect nude pumps :) and yes, i had that dream for several times, with the same feeling as yours. in some dreams we even seducing each other! :O
StyleFrost on July 26
Love those shorts and lovely top!
SonjaG on July 26
love the pairing! the top is fantastic!
ruussh on July 26
the colours and details are just perfect on you! (:
WallflowerVintage on July 26
Beautiful! btw "dream cheating" is a wonderful way to add spice to you and your bfs relationship. Just don't let him know - there's nothing worse than jealousy over a fictitious man. Enjoy!
Annebeth on July 26
Don't worry, I won't tell him :D if the dream is about somebody completely made up he won't mind, but I bet he'd hate it if it's someone we vaguely know! :D thanks!
Pink_Champagne on July 26
what a sweet retro look!
xoxopaige on July 26
love it! so summer-y :o)
charchelle27 on July 26
i love your shorts, top and beige shoes! summer love :)
tiggerr044 on July 26
cute! love your shoes!
gwynethbg on July 26
gorgeous! i love the floral top with the high waisted big shorts! :)
UndergroundSky on July 26
Adorable outfit from your colorful top to those fabulous shoes. Its simple and sweet, chic vote for sure:)
mokatresors on July 26
oooo you totally rocked the high waisted garden shorts!! erm,, yes i know.... dream cheating can feel real bad!! as long as it stays a non-reality, i suppose we're cool! hehe :))
the_ed on July 26
Those look like high-waisted shorts that I can wear without looking out-of proportion. They're from H&M, right? I also love your shoes! Even though they're simple, they add a touch of class to the shorts. :D
Annebeth on July 26
they are H&M! I feel like they make my legs look so long :D love them!
i love it!!! you look adorable and i want a pair of those shorts i love anything high waisted
Diamonddigger on July 26
i really love this look, babe! x
vernenciso on July 26
cute top!!
lissakahayon on July 26
love the shorts and the colors of ur top!!
sazzychiq on July 26
oooh that top is adorable!
arden on July 26
I love those shorts :D
ilovekrissy on July 26
i love the nude shoes and the shorts!!!!!! i've been looking for shorts like that and also pants w/ the same style...love that it is high waist w/c can practically cover the tummy!!!!!! hehe:)
ainikki on July 26
alescna on July 26
great look! the shorts look fab on you!
Duygu on July 26
gorgeous! I love it. <3
HollyAshley on July 26
love this you look so chic and pretty!
deannasays on July 26
I love your shorts, they have such a lovely shape, and the floral top you paired them with looks great!
i love this!! cute :)
cityofbugs on July 26
i love this! i saw both the top in new look and the shorts in h&m, but didnt have any money to spend both times which was a real bummer! they look so good though, the shorts are very flattering. I so know what you mean about the dream thing too! and I want to see toy story, I watched the second one last night so i could recap- let us know what it's like!
Annebeth on July 26
I bought them both in the sales, the top only cost me 5 euro and the shorts 10: you've got to love the sales! :D And definitely go watch it, Toy Story is great! very funny, very exciting and very moving. I had tears in my eyes more than once!
butterflycupcakes on July 26
cute shorts, I like them with that top.
angiekje on July 26
supercute!! love the top and I want shorts like those (been looking for over a month now, for the perfect pair) love the nude shoes too!! And I agree with the must-have comment, as I was also planning on using nudes for the shoe lover contest, but ended up going for black boots-like shoes instead YES I have dreams like that :o I usually don't know the person and when I wake up I'm sad I don't
Annebeth on July 26
:D thank you! And I still remember a dream I had when I was 14 or something about some guy who was like "the one" and I knew he was the only one who was so completely right for me, even though I don't believe in one "one", but I still remember the dream :D
goddesss on July 26
oh i love ur shorts
AmyIsham on July 26
Love the pairing of a crop top, with high-waisted shorts. Great, almost nude, tone of the shoes too. Looking lovely. x
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