Stark Minimalist: less is more!

Updated on Oct 04, 2008
black Tyler for Adora coat - black Zara shoes - white cotton tank Tyler top
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joannaladrido 's Thoughts:

I love architectural clothes! Lately, I’ve been such an avid fan of Art Deco design and structured pieces I’ve been buying and wearing Architecture-inspired pieces in Black and White! I guess it’s the hair. But my new found love for Carolina Herrera and Oscar De La Renta is addictive!

THIS WAS THE NIGHT BEFORE GRADUATION and we just had to paint the town RED, BLACK and WHITE which was my theme with my soul sister Nina!

My obsession with the eighties has made me beg BFF to turn her radio station to Friday madness at 89.9…after telling me that it was oldies and after saying..“Exactly” with a wide grin she gave in (like she always does and turned the dial) then the song came in and we ended up singing out loud (or shouting?!) and dancing….

“IF YOU LIKE PINNNAAA COLADAS!!! And getting caught in the rain!
If you’re not into yoga, if you have half a brain
If you like makin’ love at midnight in the dunes on the cape
I’m the love that you looked for: Write to me and escape”

And even if we spent a good 30 minutes looking for parking space and P50 as tip to the very smart driver who let us park on his space… we did escape indeed!

ABE Dinner: Where Good Friends Dine since we are all good friends after all but I ditched food for A! I am, as a matter of fact, not into food… I AM INTO CHAMPAGNE! Went to FEZ after to load up but only few ended up actually LOADING UP. Everyone else ordered cupcakes.

Brainstormed Halloween Costumes! (Me as Marilyn Monroe?)

CONGRATULATIONS TO ME, MACKY and all fresh graduates of DLSU!!!! Cheers!

I’ll be bringing out the bubbly soon as I celebrate being a graduate who did not attend graduation!


As well as the present return of the 1920s flapper, Art Deco influences are also finding their way into fashion. Not tied entirely to the formal start and end of the Art Deco era, the influence begins with earlier Art Nouveau and follows right through to the glamour of 40s silver screen starlets. Look out for the geometric shapes, curved lines and exotic influences that defined the era.

The Icons and Influences:

Tamara de Lempicka 1940s Power dressing – Katherine Hepburn and Lauren Bacall The Chrysler Building Cubism

The Elements:

Sophistication Marc Jacobs A/W 2007 Glamorous dresses with geometric details Wide-leg pants Egyptian themed jewellery – scarab beetles, turquoise, coral Gold Dresses by Badgley Mischka and Ellie Saab, Spring 2008

Trend Status

Though Marc Jacobs’ 07 foray into Art Deco dressing was too demure an overall look to be picked up en mass, elements of the style are going strong and will carry through to 2008. Take particular attention to jewellery and accessories in quirky and exotic shapes; lucite and bakelite; and 30s style hats.

Style: The Minimalist Tendency

Less is more.

This style philosophy has been around for ages – but only a few have remained faithful to the maxim. This fall, however, even the usually extravagant designers employed simpler lines and more structured pieces.

For the fall-winter collection of 2008, choose basic black dresses, pared-down pants, tailored suits and stark, architectural tops.

Comments (13)

NathaliaV on August 01
bjkdAnc3r on March 19
love that really small pop of red. awesome.
societyofchic on February 09
love the shoes
_stylorectic on October 08
love the jacket especially.i feel you with the whole architecture look rad.
joannaladrido on October 08
thanks so much! i am really a fan of your style! you wear clothes so well =) cheers on structure and architectural clothes!!! love it!
evie on October 05
that coat is amazing! but of course you already knew that ;)
joannaladrido on October 05
haha thanks so much dear =) it helps that you think so as well definitely!
enticemae on October 05
that jacket is to die for! & the shoes are love!!!
joannaladrido on October 05
Thank you so much! I am beyond content with the jacket since it was very chic yet also functional at the same time =) As for the shoes, I've found my new favorite black shoes!
pigegeon on October 05
you look wonderful!! I love your shoesssss!! -hugs-
joannaladrido on October 05
Thanks so much =) It was the new hair! hahaha it totally inspired me to go structured!
DigitalLove on October 05
Completely chic :D!
joannaladrido on October 05
Thanks so much! I am deeply flattered by everyone's comments =)
inKARLcerating on October 05
grabe! impeccable style! animo! =p
joannaladrido on October 05
Thank you so much! I love the structure of stark minimalism! it's so clean! =) Totally Miranda Priestley! =) ANIMO!
candychic on October 05
that jacket is awesome! i love it!
joannaladrido on October 05
Thank you so much! =) I am glad I saw sold like hotcakes!!!
tofumama on October 05
lovvvvveeee the jacket and your shoess! totally matches! btw. i love your pf picture! :)
joannaladrido on October 05
Thank you! I fell in love with architecture in fashion! The structure totally got me! =) and thanks so much! Love your style!
blackvelvetribbon on October 04
Love it all! Especially the jacket :)
joannaladrido on October 04
Thanks so much =) The jacket was my main focus in the outfit!!!
birdy on October 04
that jacket is a work of art!
joannaladrido on October 04
Indeed it is =) i love it!!!!
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