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Updated on Jul 16, 2010
This is an entry to TeenVOGUE Wardrobe Remix sponsored by TeenVOGUE.
white storetscom cardigan - white Ross purse
White-storetscom-cardigan-white-ross-purse White-storetscom-cardigan-white-ross-purse White-storetscom-cardigan-white-ross-purse
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HollyAshley 's Thoughts:

I absolutley love Teen Vogue, it’s the one magazine I actually look forward to every single month; it’s fun, fresh, creative, and inspiring. To be able to even have the chance to be in it is completely thrilling and almost too good to be true it seems. This was such a great challenge, too. It made me realize how many ways I can really wear anything in my wardrobe. I wish we were allowed to have more than just 3 ways to wear our favorite piece, that’s how creative I felt!
So the piece I picked is my lovely new stud cardigan from storets.com. It’s unlike any cardi I’ve seen, and I’m a bit of a cardigan addict, always have been, so buying this one was well worth it because it’s quite unique. The fit is fabulous, and the quality is outstanding.
Here are the 3 ways I chose to wear it:

1. Here I simply wear it for it’s obvious purpose: a cardigan. Since I wanted it to stand out, I opted for some black in a lot of the remainder of my outfit, with a white purse to help stress the white color. It’s simple, yet fun and comfy to wear. I wore my new American Apparel dress underneath, making it look like a shirt with high-waisted shorts from Forever21. My lace boots are also from Forever 21. The main tip I have for this look is making sure that in a simpler outfit, you let your fave piece your’e trying to showcase stand out color-wise; the colors you choose in an outfit and how you make them work is always a large portion of one’s outfit.

2. My second outfit includes one of my favorite skirts from Forever21. I wanted this look to be a bit more minimalistic, so instead of using my cardi as a cardi, I turned into what looks like a blouse. My boots are from asos.com, and are amazing. You can’t tell, but they have the cutest little brass studs in the front, matching my cardi. The buttons on the skirt are also kind of like studs, so I guess I have a theme going here, which brings me to my next tip: understand what you’re trying to go for in an outfit; is it flirty? Romantic? Rocker chic? Whatver it is, there should definitely be an overall theme or look to it, so people are more easily drawn to it because it’s so well put-together.

3. My third, and of course, last outfit of the Wardrobe Remix is pretty different from the rest. I accessorized a lot more, using a bow headband, rings+ a watch, dangling earrings, a skull necklace, and lace-up boots. I wanted to do something interesting with my beautiful cardi, so I tied it in the front for a more laid-back feel. The electric blue shirt gave the whole look a refreshing pop of color I think, with my bag, skirt, and heels being gray-ish tones to let the cardi stand out alongside my shirt. This whole look involves cool colors, which is why I grabbed for my silver accessories this time. So my tip now would have to be to try to mix things up with your favorite pieces; use it with bold colors, transform it’s shape, or go all out with your accessories. The sky is the limit and fashion allows us to believe in ourselves through feeling confident with a great outfit, or even just a great pair of shoes, or, in my case, a favorite stud cardi.
I would like to take this opprotunity to say that fashion isn’t about being better than everyone else or being stuck-up as it is so commonly and unjustly perceived; rather, it is a beautiful, inspiring, fun, always-changing form of art for people like me to express themselves and feel great. When I wake up in the morning, no matter what I have planned that day, I can feel happy and excited knowing I can get dressed in beautiful clothing. I don’t imagine it as “looking better than people”, I imagine it as how it makes me feel. It makes me feel confident, especially even if I am having a hard day with my body image because I can remember I’m wearing some of my favorite clothing, so my worries disappear. Chictopia is therefore the best site I have found that allows the fashion-obessed to come together to post, discuss, and share outifts that we wear everyday from all over the world, which is beyond inspiring. It’s a place I can come to each morning where the same topic is on everyone’s mind: fashion. And we should all understand that there are different styles and body shapes, so it’s no place to judge, but to inspire and be inspired, and that fashion is much more than it looks. It’s creative and unlike anything else.
Even if I don’t place in this amazing competition, I’ve had so much fun playing around with my different looks and writing a bit of how I feel on the subject of Fashion. So thank you, Teen Vogue and Chictopia, for allowing fashion-lovers like me to take part in this.

xoxo Holly


Comments (22)

kayemoniquesgonzales on August 13
very pretty!
carizzachua on July 30
so lovely cardigan!
gerrry on July 26
wow! all three outfits are great! my fav one is outfit 1, i do like how you made the cardi a tie up cardi! very cute!
artemisreuter on July 23
so fun..
toadstoolring on July 22
love how different the cardi looks in every picture :)
danegrae on July 20
so chic
WickedPlumVintage on July 18
fabulous cardi!!
love_aesthetics on July 18
nice nice blazer!
YvoS on July 18
great look, girl. Wish you luck with Teen Vogue competition.
AmeliaJackson29 on July 17
I love all the looks, especially the first. Cool shorts! :)
lissakahayon on July 17
cute cardigan!!!
anonymours on July 17
cute outfits!!
lexathedino on July 17
love every outfiittttt
Etceteravs on July 17
Oh wow wonderful jacket and bag... and I loved the rest of the combinations too!
MAUDEcoeurensucre on July 17
SOOOO PRETTY!! I especially LOVE the first outfit!! :D
angiekje on July 17
YOU'RE SOO GORGEOUS :p absolutely love these three looks, faving :)
leona_rawr on July 17
teeffany on July 17
adorable! perfeectt cardigan love the ways you wore it :)
very pretty my dear!!
emilyviveur on July 16
beautiful and simple look!
lindaluismyname on July 16
I LOVE all three looks!!!! great job!
HollyAshley on July 17
thank you so much! <3
Loving this! Very cool how you kept everything summer-friendly <3
HollyAshley on July 18
Thanks dear! :)
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