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Updated on Jul 14, 2010
This is an entry to TeenVOGUE Wardrobe Remix sponsored by TeenVOGUE.
white lace Forever 21 dress - purple Marshalls shoes - black sheer H&M shirt
Black-h-m-shirt-black-unknown-brand-shorts-green-hue-tights-white-forever- Black-h-m-shirt-black-unknown-brand-shorts-green-hue-tights-white-forever- Black-h-m-shirt-black-unknown-brand-shorts-green-hue-tights-white-forever-
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irisanddaniel 's Thoughts:

Hey everyone! Sorry we didn’t post for three days but the picture we took for Monday’s upload was low quality and it was difficult to see our clothes but we’re back and here’s our entry to Teen Vogue Wardrobe Remix Contest! I’m not sure if we’re allowed to since there are two of us, but we wanted to go ahead and attempt it anyways because it seems like a lot of fun.

The items we chose are clothes that have shown up quite a few times on the ChicBlog already, which goes to show how versatile they are. We love to repeat clothing, but not outfits and find ways around using one piece millions of times.

Go to our blog for more pictures. WE HAVE NO STYLE

First Outfits
IRIS: My item is a cream colored lace dress from Forever 21 which I use all the time and in millions of different ways. It’s been shown on our ChicBlog twice. I styled with a thrifted dark blue lace shirt under, HUE mint green tights, a pink statement necklace from Kohls and magenta colored shoes from Marshalls. I wanted to emphasize the texture of the lace so the layering of the two lace pieces did that for me. The dark blue color takes the delicate feel of the lace away and makes the whole look more grounded and impacting. I finished it off with pinkish accessories and a brown bag because I wanted to keep a playful vibe, very characteristic of Teen Vogue, which I read religiously.

DANIEL: My piece to remix is a pair of black dress shorts I got from JCPenney. They are insanely comfortable, an important factor when choosing versatile clothing. I paired it with a black sheer shirt from H&M layered with a Urban Outfitters lace shirt underneath, Forever 21 12×12 leggings and black boots. The necklace is also from Forever 21. I wanted to do a slightly religious, gothic look that also played with textures and sheerness. The overall outfit comes off as very androgynous, a style I love.

Second Outfits
IRIS: This time, I went for a more colorful outfit. The striped shirt is thrifted, HUE pink tights, Kohls shoes, Forever 21 belt and necklace, and a butterfly from Michael’s craft store. I love the playful colors of this outfit, the shocking blues are cohesive from my butterfly to my necklace and belt and then the color changes with a pop of pink for the tights. Colorful tights are great for adding fun and a completely different look to any outfit. I used the dress as a skirt and belted the shirt to give it a peplum silhouette.

DANIEL: Shirt from Forever 21, H&M blazer, belt borrowed from Iris, magenta socks, and TUK creepers. This look is sort of a play on “business casual”/“old lady” and has a slight 90s vibe to it as well. The bold pattern of the hounds-tooth is great against tan leather and black suiting. I love pairing these shorts with a blazer to give a different connotation to a suit and it always looks great. For the second outfit, I folded the shorts to give them a completely different silhouette and look. Both of our outfits were choices of the weather, opting for simpler looks because it was so hot.

Third Outfits
IRIS: Hat & skirt thrifted, Vera Wang black tights, Urban Outfitters flats, Bag from a garage sale, thrifted jacket, necklaces from mom and swapmeet. I used the lace on this dress to add texture and pattern to another skirt. I was going to put the skirt completely on top of the dress but I wanted to keep the dress the main focus, instead of covering it. The floral under the floral lace gives a unique and cool look. I also tied the ribbon on the dress in the front to keep it from looking completely the same. The dress looks very different in the third outfit compared to the others because I kept the neutrals and light colors on top and wore black tights instead of colored ones.

DANIEL: H&M shirt, blazer, watch, necklace and bag all borrowed from Iris, Knee socks, black Doc Martens. I love the bright red color of this shirt, it’s loud but proper because of the very tailored and refined cut of it. The necklace, borrowed from Iris, is almost bolo-tie-esque which looks great against the bold red. The short bag with the chain handle looks amazing worn as a cross body bag, especially unique because it is so short.

Thanks for reading this very long entry if you made it all the way down here, haha. Don’t forget to check our blog, WE HAVE NO STYLE for more pictures.

Comments (34)

CollantsCollant on August 27
Both in tights, very nice
Texture on November 07
Great ones. Favorite here is the 1st pic. Keep up the good work.
fashionculture on March 02
citysleek on March 01
Stunning outfits! Love the different colors.
laurengc on November 03
Where did you get the butterfly? :O Love you guys. You amaze me,
Wakey on August 01
You're so brave guys! Are you lovers?
chloetrayner on July 26
love all your outfits
Bennie52491 on July 21
estefaniagaona123 on July 21
cute :)
lifestyle on July 19
Very chic outfits dear!
LapinNoir on July 18
so awesome! you both have great style! <3
awaveringheart on July 18
Such great outfits from both of you. Love how different the lace dress looks in every outfit!
psykoKilla on July 17
Those mint tights are awesome. great mix on daniel's first look.
Nehemie on July 17
thanks a lot for you cmnt :) love your fits :9
Jullian on July 16
Danie's third outfit is just perfect !! Love the doc martens with high socks !! Really cool !!
Hawaiikidd on July 16
Keep it fun and intresting like usual!
joannaladrido on July 15
love this remix! u guys are awesome!
phillipe_19 on July 15
really cool if you like black see my blog in about!
coldlight on July 15
i love this remix!!! i like daniel's first outfit and the third outfit for iris the best :)
daddysneatness on July 15
Nice pic!
yukilo on July 14
very nice nice remix!!! <3
Benji on July 14
omg you guys are so amazing its inspiring to see what you guys are wearing! very creative and always unique
junghyun on July 14
in love with the outfits... cute purple socks for daniel & pink tights for iris :)
nix on July 14
love the outfits!!
RazzleDazzleMe on July 14
I love both of your look. Both have their own unique vibe.
lissakahayon on July 14
i love everything!
Kayyy on July 14
GlossyCheshireCat on July 14
I love your tights! both pairs!
lolkat on July 14
love this.. favoriting.
toadstoolring on July 14
cute! love the dress!!
Shaniqua1071 on July 14
You both look sooo amazing in your remix looks, love love it!!!!!!
UnoCosa on July 14
perfect, perfect!!!! xx
lydia on July 14
I LOVE YOU TWO. soooooo good.
anonymours on July 14
so cute as always. you do every ting together!
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