The Breton striped top- Wardrobe Remix

Updated on Jul 14, 2010
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black lace up combat Roc boots - black Jay Jays hat
White-thrifted-top-black-roc-boots-black-target-vest-blue-second-hand-shor White-thrifted-top-black-roc-boots-black-target-vest-blue-second-hand-shor White-thrifted-top-black-roc-boots-black-target-vest-blue-second-hand-shor White-thrifted-top-black-roc-boots-black-target-vest-blue-second-hand-shor White-thrifted-top-black-roc-boots-black-target-vest-blue-second-hand-shor
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coldlight 's Thoughts:

Hey everyone! This is the first contest i’ve entered through Chictopia and I am so excited about entering that I’ve written a total essay!
If you’re a poor University (or high school) student like myself, remixing is an essential part of your wardrobe! I like buying things that are not only stylish but are versatile and can easily be matched with other pieces in my closet. To create three very different looks I decided to choose my favourite black and white striped top which I got at an op shop (that’s a thrift/charity store). A striped top is definitely a must-have for any person’s wardrobe, and the Breton stripe design is very flattering and always a classic style!

Look 1: Rocker/edgy/grunge
This is my favourite outfit of the three! Blue denim goes well with everything, especially stripes, so I wore my top tucked into some high waist denim cut-offs. To add a more rocker vibe I layered a black vest over it, and of course no grunge outfit is complete without ripped tights and some lace up combat boots. Top it all off with some heavy chains and a pork pie hat and there you have it, an outfit that would not look out of place at a music festival or a rock concert- or general lounging around and misbehaving with the boys!!

Look 2: Nautical/trendy/casual
The next look is slightly nautically inspired. It’s also a mish-mash of a whole lot of recent trends- but with my own personal twists. I tried doing the Alexander Wang side braid to match the nautical feel of the striped top and red high waist shorts. I felt that some light colours were needed to create a Spring/ Summery feel so I added a cream blazer, and also for some extra pizzazz wore white lacy socks with clog sandals- another popular trend. This outfit would be perfect for anything from lunch with the family to strolling along a pier on Summer days! (Unfortunately where I live it’s Winter and it was cold, overcast and about to rain while I was taking these photos!)

Look 3: Sweet/feminine/playing with patterns and textures
In my last outfit, I tried out something else that’s currently in vogue- mixing stripes and florals. I wore a yellow floral dress and wore the striped top over it. The striped top was quite long, so I tucked half of it up inside itself to create a sort of crop top, and put a waist belt over it to secure it. Sheer pink tights underneath floral lace tights add some colour and another layer of pattern to the outfit. I wanted to take a step further by experimenting with different materials and textures so I wore a black faux-fur stole over the top to complement the feminine elements of florals, bows and lace in the outfit. Sure, all the elements and colours may clash somewhat but that’s just the fun of dressing up! This outfit is very sweet and girly and would suit occasions like picnics, tea parties, or just hanging out with the girls.

My other remixing tips:
~ Accessories are indispensable! I am a big fan of things like belts, tights, headgear and necklaces. These are relatively cheap and can pull together the look of an outfit. The simplest details can make a huge impact and become the focus of your outfit.
~ Layers are important- you could wear your top underneath vests, over dresses, tuck it in, tie it up to create a new look.
~ Don’t be afraid to experiment- with everything! Don’t be afraid of going over the top. Sometimes unexpected or clashing patterns and colours can make a big statement.
~ If you’re having trouble thinking of what to match your item of clothing with, think of a distinct theme or style (eg rocker, kawaii, vintage) and build your outfit around that idea!
~ Most importantly, have confidence- enjoy what you wear, be comfortable in what you wear and have fun standing out from the crowd!

Whew! Thanks heaps and hope you enjoyed reading and looking at my photos!
If you’d like to see more of my writing, please check out my blog Sweethearts and Celebrations
More, detailed photos of these outfits will be appearing on my blog in the next couple of days!

PS: Dear Editors, I hope the quality of these photos is ok! I had to compress the photos in order to upload them, as my internet is going super slow. It took me so long to upload each separate photo and if I had tried to use the full quality ones it would have taken literally hours!!

Comments (61)

amorphous_face on March 06
You look hip and cool here. I like your hat.
fashiondotty on October 05
Great accompanying article. And that breton top was a super thrift find!
SHANDRINA on September 25
I voted too! This is so cute! The colours- perfect!
alinaceusan on August 26
voted! love it on black+blue more! faved!
nomadtheeskimo on August 24
I love this combo of black, white and... jean! Haha. Edgy and cute!
woocie on August 23
so adorable. i love all your match ups :)
Sonsira on August 14
there's noway id be able to pull of those shorts! but u rock them!! yay!)
angedowling on August 14
ahh lovee the second outfit!
starryeyed on August 08
i love alllll of these outfits, but i must say look 1 is my fave :) CHIC!! .. im faving this too
feleclectic on August 08
very cool outfit!
Hawaiikidd on August 07
All these looks are amazing. I wish you won. seriously. VERY VERY chic. <3
Aphrodite on August 01
love all teh looks!!! you have great style!!!! chic chic chic chic chic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
miaamos on August 01
love all the outfits!!!!!!very lovely!!!
SonjaG on July 30
love all the looks, so fun!
EdgyIngenue on July 29
I love the ripped tights in your rocker look!
elmajoy on July 27
great outfits &very thoughtful remixes :)
urbanista911 on July 26
very cute look :)
gad79744 on July 24
vintage chic
vogueismylove on July 23
love the high waist shorts!
crystaldots on July 22
oooo lala. loving lal the styles. very vintage inspired.
Cassie_Muse on July 22
All your outfits are sooo cute, especially i love the one with the skirt **
woocie on July 22
i loooove all your combos :) ! good luck!
cityofbugs on July 22
all these looks are great, i especially love the one with the red shorts... that blazer is perfect!
NanaHoshino on July 22
great remix! :)
Style_Journey on July 22
love the stripes and vest put together! l'm just crazy about your high waisted red shorts, amazing pair, girl!! the last 2 outfits are totaly gorgeous!!! <333333 chic voted for sure
chloetrayner on July 21
love yourremix!
Bennie52491 on July 21
Cariissa on July 21
This is very cute!
piecesandcolors on July 18
a striped shirt is a definite wardrobe essential. I love how you play with accessories to make ur outfits interesting!
_miss_melanie on July 18
very cool looks, love the 2nd one =)
awaveringheart on July 18
Great mix! Love the one with the red shorts the most.
angiekje on July 16
love this, faving you look amazing!!
Domqa on July 16
love all of your remix looks! so amazing! best of luck! <3
teeffany on July 16
oh love everything! the distressed stockings are my fave ;)
joannaladrido on July 15
great remix on that breton top!
SimplyHope on July 15
Lovin this remix! So CHIC:)
charchelle27 on July 15
cute outfits dear! i love the first picture :)
phillipe_19 on July 15
really cool if you like black see my blog in about!
say_this_one on July 15
I really like this outfit! you look faB!
lilmeg on July 15
You are the cutest! I love this remix! <3
Haliman_Singgih on July 14
awesome look!! love those stripes + vest + hat.. chic!
love the shorts and boots!
notwithoutincident on July 14
wow, i LOVE those tights in look 3! :D
Chio on July 14
you rock! I love your remix :)
Minisharpiee on July 14
This is the best ive seen so far !!
Monica011 on July 14
lissakahayon on July 14
love the remix!!! fab styling!
maverickdiva1 on July 14
love the remix!
HeadtoToes on July 14
i love all of your looks. especially the one with the skirt.
chely_bean on July 14
loveeee it!
BadTasteToast on July 14
awesome grunge look! the shirt and shorts and ripped tights are so cool!
toadstoolring on July 14
love these, especially the mixing patterns in the last look!
maliciousmallory on July 14
Cool! I love the second look, with the red shorts
anonymours on July 14
good luck! you look awesome
SarahJaneR on July 14
I love your remixing post! I specially love the grunge look, as I've been into that style lately lol
Kittany on July 14
Nice! I think my favorite is the first look. The vest and hat are really cute, and I love that necklace.
tanyabell on July 14
i love this so much!! everyone one is so cute and unique i esp love all the colors and textures of the 3rd one! great job!!!!
gixxy on July 14
cute looks!
Jolenevuong on July 14
franloiacono on July 14
Wow...I love the looks, each one!! I think you did a great remix...I remix a lot too lol My fave one is the second one....Hope you can win :D You deserve it for sure :D
mary1901 on July 14
i am in love with ur tights and if ull be my fan ill b urs
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