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Updated on Jul 07, 2010
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blue vintage dress - orange necklace - pink swimwear
Blue-vintage-dress-orange-necklace-pink-victorias-secret-swimwear-scarf- Blue-vintage-dress-orange-necklace-pink-victorias-secret-swimwear-scarf- Blue-vintage-dress-orange-necklace-pink-victorias-secret-swimwear-scarf- Blue-vintage-dress-orange-necklace-pink-swimwear
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AjendaJohnson 's Thoughts:

When the wardrobe remix challenge was forwarded to me I couldn’t have been more excited, but what one item would I choose to showcase three different ways? A jean shirt? A skirt? My favorite pair of 60’s inspired shorts? All seemed too easy. I needed a serious fashion challenge. A fashion adventure. So, with this carpe diem style mindset, I made my decision.

I chose a completely beaded vintage cocktail dress that I bought for $29 on a random shopping trip. To add to my own personal style challenge, I selected pieces for each outfit only from those items found in the single suitcase I packed for my family’s vacation from Oklahoma to California. Each item worn was found in my suitcase, purchased while on vacation or borrowed from my sister. Now that’s a challenge.

Now my suggestions:

1. Think outside the box.
Don’t be afraid to try something different. Look past the beaded cocktail dress and see the possibilities. For those who may feel this a bit too daring, please note I did in fact wear this dress for all of these activities; a trip to the beach, perusing through a used bookstore in Santa Barbara and on a girls’ night out with my sister!

2. Find inspiration from magazines, blogs, movies, books and people on the street.
The world around you is your perfect inspiration head quarters. The idea to try wearing my cocktail dress backwards for my beach look actually came from my blog reading (The Uniform Project: learn about it www.theuniformproject.com if you haven’t yet).

3. Fashion is art. And art is meant to be shared.
It never hurts to know someone who shares your passion for fashion… or your size! Perhaps a sister, a group of your best friends or your mom may be interested in sharing their favorite fashion finds.

4. You are not limited by your closet, but by your own creativity.
You don’t have to break the bank on designer labels to make a great look. If you are going to drop big bucks on a limited budget, spend on classic, lifetime pieces (my Ray-Ban sunglasses were a fabulous big ticket item) and go cheaper on your trendy items (Forever 21 of course). But never feel limited if you can’t drop a couple hundred dollars on a purse or a pair of shoes. Style is what we make it. Let’s make it creative!

5. Vintage is always in.
From the perfect LBD to that funky 80’s sweater you found in your mom’s closet, vintage is timeless.

For more fashion adventures visit my blog at http://thetwiggy.blogspot.com/

Comments (2)

thesmartdresser on August 27
i love the last two styling_very well put together!
itsjustaly on July 08
wow! great job! you look amazing and I love all the stylings!
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