ninety-six: fashion is subjective

Updated on Jul 05, 2010
blue Forever 21 dress - gray Forever 21 belt - gray Jessica Simpson shoes
Blue-forever-21-dress-gray-forever-21-belt-purple-jessica-simpson-shoes Blue-forever-21-dress-gray-forever-21-belt-purple-jessica-simpson-shoes Blue-forever-21-dress-gray-forever-21-belt-purple-jessica-simpson-shoes
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trinnah 's Thoughts:

Fashion is subjective.

Fashion is mostly based on opinion and a person’s taste when it comes to what to wear. Like other things in life, people have different opinions and taste, which allows fashion to have different interpretations. I am not an expert when it comes to fashion. I don’t claim to have advice for people nor do I try to critique someone’s look based on what I think I know.

I shouldn’t let words bother me because I know that not everybody will have the same opinion as me. I just get disappointed when some people are so blunt, so hurtful in their thoughts that they choose not to see how it would affect other people.

A member of my family always tells me that I’m big. I’m often compared to the other Filipinas in my community and how small they all are. Every aspect of my wardrobe is usually nitpicked. It’s always “you shouldn’t wear that, it makes your thighs look big” or “you shouldn’t wear that it makes you look pregnant.”

It’s frustrating.

Then I see a comment in the forum belittling one of my style icons. A comment said that girls with big butts shouldn’t wear short shorts & her thighs are huge.

Whoa! That’s pretty much a description of me. It’s pretty much an insult towards me even though it wasn’t mean to be that way.

There are different body types. Period.

Not everybody is skinny. Not everybody is average. Not everybody is fat.

The challenge is to make yourself look presentable and to have your personality shine through your outfits — no matter what size you are.

I am sorry that I have a big butt, but I still would like to wear shorts.
I don’t see why I shouldn’t when my butt cheeks aren’t hanging out.

I am sorry that I have big thighs, but I still would like to wear body con & pencil skirts.
I don’t see why I shouldn’t as long as it contours to my body, is the right size & fit, and doesn’t make excess skin and tissue stick out.

I am sorry that I don’t have a six pack, but I still would like to wear tight pieces.
I don’t see why I shouldn’t as long as I don’t have a “muffin top.”

I am sorry that I don’t look like you or fit into your image of what a fashionable person should look like, but I still would to wear what I want to wear and not what society or anybody else dictates that I should wear because I’m not the size you expect me to be.
I don’t see why I shouldn’t as long as I’m true to myself.

Actually, I take it back.

I’m not sorry.
Because I will always like fashion and dress the way I dress whether I’m a size 0, 10, or 20.

Because as long as I’m comfortable with who I am and what I look like, the confidence that I feel when I’m dressed in my clothes is all that matters, not what critics think. :)

Comments (62)

awesomevegan on August 23
I love what you wrote! You are very pretty and I love that there are girls here on chictopia (myself included) that AREN'T stick thin that share outfits too. I love that the emphasis on fashion is expanding to include women and men of all shapes and sizes. It is about feeling amazing and confident no matter what your size, shape, color or gender. :)
my_name_is_zoe on August 19
Wow I love the dress and those shoes are amazing!!!
pycheun on August 14
omg this outfit rocks! and I agree with and support your post 100%!
trinnah on August 06
I just wanted to thank everybody that commented and even those that wrote an entry about this! Thank you so much. You guys continue to be my inspiration! :)
StyleFrost on July 26
Love those grey boots!
Hafaguddei on July 25
Hi Trinnah! I've missed your posts. I love this dress, and how you've accented it with a grey belt and boots. Don't stop being your fashionable self! <3
Trendyg on July 23
great dress love the colors it has!
Cariissa on July 22
cute dress!
lydeeloo on July 20
great shoes- as always! and love the dress, i love the colors it has. and i like your blog, a lot. inspiring <3333 You always look incredible!!
teeffany on July 17
ooohh i looove the way the belt cinches in at your waist. you look lovely!
kavzme on July 17
Trinnah...i'll tell you this...forgive them all coz they know not what fashion really can only feel sorry for the lowly creatures who only know how to criticize....!! i see me in always you girl !!
honeycrunch on July 12
you look great & you always have & you always will. i love what you said in your post & i really admire you for your confidence
nealy817 on July 12
this dress is gorgeous on you!
ShopTOLive on July 12
I love how you accessorized with gray! That's such a great idea! It looks so chic!
patriss on July 11
i like your dress great mix of color, that shoes are gorgeous...chic!!!!
alescna on July 10
awesome shoes and the dress looks fab on you!!!
Nyine on July 09
I understand completely, but the thing is, you should love who you are, besides you always dress great!!!
charchelle27 on July 08
sexy shoes and lovely dress :)
sininanimikay on July 08
i can totally relate because i've been told many times too that i look pregnant. such hurtful comments coming from people who don't even know how to make themselves look presentable. (oops!)
trinnah on August 06
Oh I know what you mean. When I went home to the Philippines, I had a guy give up his seat on the bus because he felt guilty having a pregnant girl (me) standing. Wow. I milked it and sat down, but wow. It was such a slap in the face.
zeezai on July 07
I Love that dress on you! Pretty shoes as always! ;)
naunet on July 07
Such a great dress!! Love the colours and fab boots. Chic.
ilovekrissy on July 07
ooooh i love everything here! esp the shoes!!!!! Wow I truly admire you! what's important is you do know how to carry your clothes and your confident! remember whatever your size is your beautiful inside out! stay chic trinnah:)
lindaluismyname on July 06
I think you look amazing in this dress! People would always be mean because people are ignorant. As long as you have the confidence, you'll continue to shine!:)
districtofchic on July 06
Keep being adventurous and know that people do appreciate it. And people who say stuff like that are just jealous they don't have the guts to try it themselves. You look fabulous.
alyssaaa on July 06
love this entry. you are 100% true and i agree 100%.
KristaniA on July 06
Great post!I love all the statements you made. I'm also considered "big" in my Indonesian community. Oh well, sssooorrryy if I had a growth spurt when I was a kid and if I had a bigger appetite than most girls :p Now the outfit: you definitely know how to dress yourself. This is very sexy and flattering without revealing too much skin. And the boots are AAHHMAZZINGG! Stay chic, trinnah :)
trinnah on August 06
Thank you! That means so much coming from you. Your looks always inspire me. It's crazy how some Asian countries consider a non xs/xxs "big", isn't it?
rhoucheille on July 06
i can definitely relate to every word you said. i know how it feels, and i really do admire you. im very vocal about "you-being-my-style-icon" and how i admire you for being able to manage your sense of fashion. i get enough courage from you and be me. Be comfortable to what i am. just ignore your detractors, they exist to distract and annoy you in every way possible. stay pretty!
trinnah on August 06
Thank you very, very much for your kind words. :)
omg your entry is so sad...that's horrible that a person coud say that...not everyone is a skinny mini not everyone's body is built that way and no offense to skinny girls but back in marilyn monroes time being curvy was beautiful and sexy...keep rockin those curves girl!! you look beautiful as you are and who cares if youre not the "right" size for your nationality!!
trinnah on August 06
Thank you. :) I think I responded on your entry, but thank you so much. :)
anhesty on July 06
great dress! love the shoes too!
janalovespooh on July 06
you go girl :D nice your dress :D
kayannparra on July 05
wow. i agreed in everything that you said. fashion is a means of self expression, so nobody should tell us what we want and we need to wear. i wish i'm as gutsy as you are. you look amazing and you know your fashion very well. =)
trinnah on August 06
Thank you. I think over the years, with the way my body's changed, I've just learned what works on me. Haha!
Style_Journey on July 05
great dress, dear! l so looove those colors mix and your shoes are awesome as always! you have the cutest shoes, dear :)) chic voted for sure xx <3
LanvinLadLover on July 05
Screw those skinny b***** who only eat tic-tacs for breakfast and snorting kool-aid for dinner. Fashion is all about confidence! dont let those hoodrats take you down! anyways, enough of the diva in me, LOVE THE DRESS! <3
trinnah on August 06
Hahaha! I love this comment! You are too fierce!
kalane on July 05
amen to that. people will always have something to say and i know it's cliché, i know, but the only person that matters is you.
Reanne on July 05
Your shoe is gorgeous.. As usual :p Love the dress too..
crystaldots on July 05
liking the colourblock
sweetk1sse5 on July 05
I absolutely agree with everything you said. Don't let those narrow minded people get to you. Everyone is beautiful in their own way and people who are out to hurt other people's feelings are only insecure about themselves. By the way, love the outfit, I love how the belt matches the colour of your killer heels. Very chic!!!
trinnah on August 06
Thank you. :)
Annebeth on July 05
oh wow those booties are HOT!!! don't worry about what people feel you should wear. You look hot. Most guys actually prefer a girl who has some softness to her shape and let me tell you, you are by no means fat. I also hate it when people nag about Jessica Simpson's "weight gain". She is hotter now than she used to be and she is by no means fat. She isn't even chubby. Just not "skinny".
trinnah on August 06
Thank you! :) I mean I completely understand the health issue when someone is overweight, but people are just horrible with words sometimes and it really hits. And I agree, I think Jessica looks great!
Annebeth on July 05
and the only reason people feel like skinny people look better in certain looks, is because they are more used to seeing skinny people wearing those looks. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.
AmyIsham on July 05
Love your boots. x
folle_femme on July 05
Very nice dress!
angiekje on July 05
that dress is amazing!! I LOVE how you wear everything all the time, you have a lot of style and it shows that you are confident!!
UnForGettable323 on July 05
cute :) love the shoes and the belt :D
dorotron on July 05
awesome dress and boots!
Heathafeatha on July 05
love the boots
joannaladrido on July 05
lovely suede boots!
BadTasteToast on July 05
cool dress, so 80s :)
BadTasteToast on July 05
cool dress, so 80s :)
Laura86 on July 05
this is such a beautiful dress! It looks so nice on you. I think you know exactly what kind of clothes to wear.
libys11 on July 05
another wonderful addition to your growing shoe collection? wow! :D and i definitely agree with what you had to say in this post. some people are just plain haters. i say continue wearing what you love and feel beautiful in! :D
trinnah on August 06
I have a shopping ban on myself for the month of August, so no more additions to the shoe collection. LOL. And it sucks cause I saw these Rachel Roy shoes that I really wanted to get but couldn't. Haha! Thanks for the kind words Sybil. :)
gwynethbg on July 05
lovr ur top its just lovely :)
GlammcouturE on July 05
this is great! I loved reading it! I, too, am not one of those skinny or even average girls. I have big thighs too, but that doesn't mean I can't be into fashion either. You definitely put into perspective. Great job! and your outfit is so cute! :)
trinnah on August 06
Thank you!
lackofheight on July 05
i love the shape of this dress on you!
Freesiablog on July 05
gorgeous DRESS!!!! love the shape and the color!!!!! great boots and belt!!!! you look beautiful!!!!
junghyun on July 05
nice write up :) you are such an inspiration.. i agree with you.. fashion is not all about the size it's how you carry yourself & the confidence it brings everytime you are wearing something that you feel you are sexy... ^_^ cheers :)
trinnah on August 06
Thank you. :)
audreyj on July 05
I think you're gorgeous, and what you wrote is so inspiring. It's definetly so truth, fashion is not all about the size, i hate when magazines make editorials telling "that real womens with curves are the correct thing" but they still put super duper skinny girls in their covers, who understands'em? You're fashion dear ;)
trinnah on August 06
Thank you. I definitely agree with what you said. Sometimes fashion magazines are so contradictory it's scary. I did love that one magazine that put out a plus size model and a regular sized model wearing the same outfits and how they both looked good in it.
Bubu on July 05
oh, this is so beautiful!
hellojanina on July 05
your top's cute!
sweetcandylove on July 05
those booties are fab!!!
Aphrodite on July 05
one of ur best look!!!!! i love ur top and god those shoes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
you look so great! I love this! Great post as well. :)
AWESOME boots!! love ur dress too!! ALL ur posts are lovely and you defo wear stuff that flatters ur shape! I agree with everything you said, big, small, short or tall fashion is for everyone. thats why its so much fun!
trinnah on August 06
Thank you so much! I love how everybody wears the same piece differently to accentuate what they have. That's what fashion is to me, the different interpretation by people. :)
cityofbugs on July 05
i love the colours of this dress, and it really works with the grey belt and boots! you should wear whatever you want, you always look great in your posts and all your clothes seem to flatter you... your gorgeous! x and i will be catching up with your posts later today! x
trinnah on August 06
I know it's a late reply, but thank you so much for everything! I really appreciate all your kind words. It means a lot coming from a fashionista like you. I love your outfits! :)
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