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Updated on Jul 03, 2010
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blue vintage skirt
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quirkyexplosion 's Thoughts:

Warning: I decided it would be fun to write a, you know, novel in this spot… Pfft, yeah I’m cool.

REMIX. That is DEFINITELY one of the BEST WORDS EVER. Maybe it’s just me, but there’s so much about that word that makes me ecstatic! I mean, upon hearing the word, I have all of these fantastic visions: 1) an incredibly rad 90s mix tape (strictly tape, not CDs. And strictly 90s, not today.) 2) A day of mixing and matching wardrobe pieces to create fabulous looks. And, while both are pretty amazing visions to be associated with the word remix, today I’m going to share the latter – the amazing outfits that come about when “remixing” a wardrobe!

The item that I’ve chosen to remix is my fantastic long, vintage floral skirt that I got for the mere price of $5. With an elastic waistband, this is perhaps THE most versatile piece in my closet. (I actually completely dorked out and found a matching blue one. So I bought it. Come on, you’ll see why it’s cool!) This is as, with proper styling, accessories and creativity, it not only changes to fit a style, event, or mood, but it changes its SHAPE all together, allowing it to easily transcend throughout just one week!

I know that there’s some fashion rule or another about how YOU MUST NOT WEAR THE SAME THING IN A WEEK. But, hey, as I always say: these silly rules are MEANT to be broken (ready to be a rebel?). And, with the versatility of the skirt, it could easily be worn throughout the week without a hitch. Don’t worry, I’ll walk you through your schedule…

(Disclaimer: cheesy alliterations CAN be altered.)

Outfit 1: Working Wednesdays
(Skirt – Vintage, Vest – Peru, Tights – H&M, Shoes – John Fleuvog, Blouse – Winners, Accessories – Assorted)
Sure, you survived Monday and Tuesday. But those were LONG days and, somehow, you’re still only half way through the week! In the mood to mope around? NO. Induce some much-needed fun into the week by sprucing up that work wardrobe. Keep your work attire appropriate with black accessories and wearing your favourite long skirt as it is: a long skirt. But, inject that energy and excitement that you oh so long for with a fun vest, bright tights, layers of jewelry and belts, and a bright shirt. And, hey, since you look SO fantastic, maybe you’ll break out of your midweek moodiness and treat yourself for a dinner or a show. It may be the middle of the week and it may be a long skirt, but it’s anything but dowdy!
Tip: Easily adjust the waistline by rolling it up a few times to fit your body shape. Double belting it ensures it stays – and it’s unique looking!

Outfit 2: Fun Friday
(Skirt worn as a top – Vintage, Black Skirt – Homemade, Tights – H&M, Shoes – Nine West, Purse – Thrifted, Accessories – Assorted)
And it worked (ha-ha, pun? aw yeah.)! The week has passed by – hopefully in style – and it’s time to toast to the weekend. Whether you’re out partying with friends or hanging out at home (hey, either works!), it’s a guarantee that you’ll have lots of fun in this ensemble. (Maybe I’m a total dork, but putting it together is plenty of fun in itself! …Okay, yes, I’m a total dork. But still…) Roll the waistband of the skirt a few times and hoist it up – put one side over your shoulder and one under your armpit. You can safety pin it into place or, even better, secure it with a big, bold, and bright belt! Now, with this new, chic, one-shoulder dress, all you have to do is accessorize! Maybe bright tights, a full skirt, clonkin’ heels, and a hairpiece will do the trick. Whatever the case, remember: it’s fashion and it’s Friday – the two put together only means one thing… HAVE FUN.
Tip: Play with different necklines to make this dress even more versatile.

Outfit 3: Simple Sundays
_(Skirt worn as a dress – Vintage, Denim Jacket – Thrifted, Shoes – Thrifted Keds, Bag – Thrifted, Hat – F21, Accessories – Assorted)
Somehow this once so long and boring week has WHIZZED by! (Should we thank that long skirt?) While Sundays are reserved as the “lazy day” (amen!), you don’t need to spend the day in lazy sweats. Wear that long skirt as a simple strapless dress: hoist the waistline under your armpits and secure it in place with a belt under your bust. Throw on some of your favourite worn-in accessories (hello oversized denim jacket and old Keds!) to keep comfortable. And, while you’re throwing on accessories, you might as well rock some fun pieces to continue looking chic… perhaps a bright red sun hat and purple socks! Looking good can compensate for a lazy day of lounging in the house. :)
Tip: Throwing off those “comfortable accessories” easily transcends this outfit into night.

Now, with this three different looks, no one will give you a hard time about wearing that same skirt three times in the same week! (And, hey, you’re not even wearing it AS a skirt half the time! Oh, SNAP.)

Final Tips
- Wear clothes how you WANT to wear them, not how you THINK you should wear them
- Channel your inner child and play dress up. The possibilities are ENDLESS when you keep an open mind and have fun!
- Accessories can make an outfit, so use them to your advantage! If you’re feeling for something fun, wear wedges. But if you’re in the mood for a relaxed look, break out those mom sneakers.
- Use your accessories to not only change the mood and style of the garment, but also the actual SHAPE of the garment. Manipulating the shape – maybe a skirt to a dress – is a guarantee that you won’t be looking like a fashion victim!
- Finally, like anything in fashion, make sure you have FUN! With confidence and energy, you can pull of any look.

I had so much fun (fo realzzz!) creating these looks and I hope you enjoyed viewing them! In the words of ART ATTACK, “Try it yourself!”


Comments (30)

katiewong on December 11
coffeeandacardigan on October 31
Yes on color! Love it.
ako on September 04
FAB ! x
thesmartdresser on August 27
oh & my fav look is the second!!
thesmartdresser on August 27
pretty skirt love how you mixed it with the mystard yellow leggings!
getlikesonya on August 09
FREIA on August 03
So pretty :)
goodyguji on July 18
love love love >_< love all the things! color of stoking is so perfect with other things and i definitely LOVE your shoes XD and skirt and the vest are soooooo my wishlists!
danegrae on July 17
love the skirt
AjendaJohnson on July 08
Great job! Very creative looks and each look so different!
mademoiselleruta on July 07
So I love this. A lot. Especially the one where you wear it as a top. I was doing that with a bunch of my skirts the other day and yeah best thing ever.
threefourfive on July 05
this is PERFECTION. best remix, by far :)
quirkyexplosion on July 06
Friend_in_Fashion on July 05
So creative - <3 xx
quirkyexplosion on July 04
Thanks everyone! :)
coldlight on July 03
i LOVE this!! so creative, definitely one of the best remixes i've seen :)
ilovekrissy on July 03
wow love the colors!
lissakahayon on July 03
wonderful use of colors!!!!
leahl11 on July 03
very creative!!
azelia on July 03
loved all the remixes!!!thay're fun colorful and so chic!!!
JayTee on July 03
love each of your remixes! the one with the yellow bow belt is my favorite
love it.
ete on July 03
love your style!
StephanieNajera on July 03
I love the on the spot novel haha. And your outfits are so fun and quirky, i love it! The colors are perfection!
hadelicious on July 03
oh my the colours, love the remixing!
kavzme on July 03
wow ! this is exactly what i think is a total've just nailed it !
MakeupxSparkles on July 03
joannaladrido on July 03
this is a cute quirky wardrobe remix! i love it so much! you rock this so well! love it!
yukilo on July 03
love your color combo! and i really love all the looks!!! <3
dannyjip on July 03
Adorable u fashion chic !
deathbyplatforms on July 03
you look so adorable!!!! you did well in styling that skirt!!!! it looked different in every outfit!
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