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Updated on Jun 29, 2010
This is an entry to TeenVOGUE Wardrobe Remix sponsored by TeenVOGUE.
black Forever 21 accessories - green customized by me vest - beige H&M hat - bla
Black-forever-21-accessories-green-customized-by-me-vest-beige-h-m-hat-bla Black-forever-21-accessories-green-customized-by-me-vest-beige-h-m-hat-bla Black-forever-21-accessories-green-customized-by-me-vest-beige-h-m-hat-bla
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kagg 's Thoughts:

1. well this was the look i started with for my 3 time remix.

For this I wanted to be casual to show the versatility of harem pants, but I still wanted to show my style and not dress it down too much. I added a stripped shirt , a sweater vest, that i “customized” when I got tired of and all to ordinary sweater, and my vans because nothing says casual and nonchalant like skater shoes. To dress it up, I added my accessories which i feel can completely change the look of an outfit. Here it was my playful button bracelet that I made, a big dramatic flower pin that I fell in love with, a black ring necklace, and my straw hat.

2. …and then it became this

For this I wanted to be casual but I also wanted to step it up from my last look and be sophisticated. I don’t know why, but when finding something to pair my denim shirt with, I always drift towards this off the shoulder shirt. This time it worked out for me and the look that I was going for because the off the shoulder was the sophisticated and the denim was the casual. Accessories accessories, this time they were my chandelier earrings, a simple-buckled & thin belt, my bow necklace, and my large silk bow headband. With the addition of the bows it was a cross between sophistication with a playful and child-like touch that leveled out the feel of this outfit. My favorite part of it all were my shoes that i am in love with. the print and the color are great but the best part of it is the heel (not shown) which descends like a staircase literally; there are six notches of the heel that go in a little more and get smaller as they reach the base. For this I would have to say that a amazing pair of shoes can really make an outfit something special.

3. …and then i did this.

For this i wanted to change direction and go all out. As well as being addicted to fashion, I’m also very much into art and I look at fashion as just another branch of art, therefore I like my outfits to have visual interest; In art terms, a focal pint: something that catches the eye. for this outfit i chose one of my favorite dresses with a colorful, almost neon, peacock feather print. I then built the rest of the outfit around the coupling of the dress and the harem pants. I added a blazer to make it look a little more put together (and because i love blazers), the ruffled mary jane-like heels to match the ruffles on the neckline of the dress, my chain link bracelet, and I added fuchsia accessories like my belt and the flower pin that I made to pull out the reddish color in the middle of the feathers. In the case of this outfit I would say bring emphasis to the thing that has the least impact at first.

all in all
1. direction
2. accessories
3. shoes
4. visual interest/focal point
5. create an impact

Comments (13)

bkgurl36 on May 10
this look is so cute
czarinasj on August 23
nice harem
atotalgem on July 06
Pretty :D
Bennie52491 on July 02
coldlight on July 02
nice remix :)
deathbyplatforms on July 01
cool outfits!
heymichellex3 on July 01
i want your hat!
DanniMarie on June 30
love the shorts!
mare_santos on June 30
this is soo cool and relaxed love it !!!
Geek_A_Loid on June 30
i love the harem pants, im on a mission to get a pair! LOVe!
KenyaMeon on June 30
definately a new/good look with the harem pants! love it!
joannaladrido on June 30
gorgeous outfits!
quirkyexplosion on June 29
FIERCE OUTFITS. I like how you've styled them in ways where you can tell you've added your own personal touch. (If that even makes sense...) And I definitely agree - FASHION IS ART.
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