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Updated on Jun 29, 2010
blue skirt - brown shoes - brown bag - gray earrings - red top - gold bracelet
Gray-earrings-red-top-blue-skirt-brown-shoes-brown-purse-gold-bracelet Gray-earrings-red-top-blue-skirt-brown-shoes-brown-purse-gold-bracelet Gray-earrings-red-top-blue-skirt-brown-shoes-brown-purse-gold-bracelet
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angiekje 's Thoughts:

Today I have such a headache :) even taking pictures was almost to much to ask :p so I am pretty happy that they turned out fine. Didn’t really get any reaction on the outfit, except for one of the male colleagues who noticed that my legs look better than…. the legs of Hugo (another male colleage, born in 1957) so I said… oh really? that’s probably only because I am thirthy years younger…. (not mentioning AND I AM A WOMAN :p because you don’t want to get those guys started)

As you can see the skirt has a special cut to it, it’s going in a bow and has two zippers at the back, revealing some leg, but it’s subtle so it’s not too much. I combined it with a 70s quite flowy top.

Maybe the people who saw me during walking my dog thought… hmm she’s not really dressed to walk beside the Nete (river)… but they didn’t speak it out loud anyway so that doesn’t count :) it did gave me some good shots… BUT I think that’s where my headache is coming from aswell…

As for Jolie, she swam to chase some ducks… and ended up on the other side of the river… again :) only this time I managed to get her back on the right side.

As for those who voted yes on the last poll, here follows the translation of the test:


Which colour type are you? During windowshopping you thought that blue top looked fantastic, but if you try it on it’s not that gorgeous? Chances are that you’re not a winter type and therefore blue is not your best colour. Do the test and discover which season type you are! There are four colour types, based on the seasons. To stipulate which type you are, it is especially important to look at your skin colour, your natural haircolour and the colour of your eyes. They determine whether you are a cold type (winter and spring) or a warm type (autumn and summer). Answer following questions and note the character which stands before the answer. After the test you count how many times you answered each character and this will point out your type:

1. How can you describe your skin colour best? :

a. light ivory to tanned with a golden undertone. b. fair with a pink undertone c. tanned possibly with freckles c. light beige to beige with a clearly warm undertone d. olive-coloured tan d. porcelain to pink

2. What is you natural its colour? Possibly think of your haircolour which you had when you where a child:

a. gold-fair, honey-fair, caramel or soft copper b. light or medium brown b. ash-blond c. dark hair with golden highlights c. red to chestnut brown or red d. dark brown to black (without golden or red appearance)

3. Which colour are your eyes?:

a. clear blue, soft green, soft brown or gray-green b. hazel b. gray blue c. clear green or turquoise c. amber d. dark brown or black brown d. Steel blue

4. Which description matches your glance?:

a. you have a clear, open glance b. you have soft glance and somewhat dreamy c. your glance is warm and inviting d. you have speaking eyes and have a very rasping glance

5. How does your skin react to the sun?:

a. burns rapidly, but tans nicely and keeps the colour long b. you become tanned very easily and quickly. c. you do not tan easy and burn rapidly d. you tan easily and dark

6. Which of colours mentioned below look best on you?:

a. peach b. blue grey c. aubergine d. clear white


You mostly answered A: you are a spring type. A spring type asks for warm colours such as golden yellow, peach, apricot, warm red, but also lavender blue or ivory. The recent development to pastel colours of coming season is great for you. Also well to know: almost all colours of green look beautiful on you. And that’s a very high fashion colour at the moment, so you are in luck. You should be subtle with make-up, flashy colours make you look strict. Here again: pastel colours are a good idea. You should choose foundation with a golden undertone. Golden jewelery suit your skin best.
Colours that will suit you: Ivory, cream, camel, vanilla, gold, peach, salmon, coral, tomato red, olive green, lavender blue, aubergine.
No-go’ s: ice blue, black, unless combined with pastel colours.

You mostly answered B (= SAME AS ME): you are a summer type. It sounds a little bit contradictory, but a summer type looks her best with cold colours. Warm colouring as orange or yellow does nothing for you. You should concentrate on different shades of blue, which makes you stand out. Also soft pink, beige, plum and lilac are great colours for you. Rather go for differents shades of the same colours instead of using a lot of contrasts. As a summer type you are also in luck to get away with nude-coloured clothing. Because you are a cold type, your jewels should be silver.
Colours that will suit you: bright blue, king blue, pink, dark grey, fuchsia, plum.
No-go’ s: orange and yellow.

You mostly answered C: you are an autumn type. The autumn type looks great with… autumn colours. Mustard, khaki, aubergine, green, pine tree green, golden yellow: it all looks good on you, as long as it has a warm undertone. White is not your thing, ivory is a better choice. Natural materials such as leather, wood and nitted wool give you extra charisma. Neutral colours such as chocolate brown or dark green immediately boosts your skin tone. Who wants to go more colourfull can choose for deep purple, terra cotta or rusty brown. Choose for brown mascara, rather than black, do the same with your eyeliner. Because you are a warm type golden jewelery suits you best.
Colours that will suit you: moss green, aubergine, mustard yellow, raspberry red, butter yellow, warm beige.
No-go’ s: bright pink, bright green… all flasy colours.

You mostly answered D: you are a winter type. You look most beautiful with – what else… – cold, bright colours. Winter types generally revive with colours such as turquoise and icy blue. You can work candy cane colours such as fuchsia, lemon yellow or grass green, they can spicen up your look! Also bright contrasts suit you very well. A dress with a bold pattern with lot’s of contrasts in the correct colours give you a real powerlook. Combine this with silver jewelery.
Colours that will suit you: white, steel blue, bright yellow, deep red, soft pink, light gray.
No-go’ s: warm brown and pastel colours.

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Comments (28)

amorphous_face on March 07
So pretty. I really like the top and the background is pretty.
knicoleg on July 06
Your photography and styling are both brilliant. You've got that eve-of-our-freedom soft glowing lighting down to a T. Do you photoshop?
so charming! you look brilliant as usual! nd I thought it`s only me whos having a terrible headache these days and nobody can understand me, as my hubby says head is a bone how can it be in ache?...
angiekje on July 03
:) hehe it's probably because we both have something else in there besides just bone and pain ;)
amazingrace245 on July 02
the skirts really interesting and the shoes are so cute!
meganroses on July 02
cool skirt and i love the print of your top!!
trinnah on June 30
Great top! I love the print!
districtofchic on June 30
Beautiful photos. I love the print top with the denim, too!
psykoKilla on June 30
Pretty. Nice pics.
maneandchic on June 30
joannaladrido on June 30
Pink_Champagne on June 30
great skirt!
RosiTonaco on June 30
I love it!
chubbylumpkin on June 30
You look amazing!
Mongrel on June 30
Love the cut of the skirt. Halterneck is lovely and feminine too. x
starkiss on June 30
goldencor on June 29
Cute top!
Hungrylikethewolff on June 29
love this
Style_Journey on June 29
cute way to wear that denim skirt and l looove those colors on your top!! adorable background too ;)
chloebej on June 29
you look wonderful!
lissakahayon on June 29
love the top!!!
lilyob1989 on June 29
Adore the floral top, so beautiful on you!x
love that second photo!
absolutely love this!!!
naunet on June 29
Love this look! Beautiful top and bag- wonderful photos also!
folle_femme on June 29
Great photos, the skirt is beautiful, love the cut! Another great outfit if you ask me!! Sorry for the headache, I have one for two days, going thru a really hard period!..and come on..what compliment is that?(from your co-worker)
angiekje on June 29
I know ;) how's your headache? Mine's gone now but I couldn't sleep any longer (it's only 6.30 am, usually I get up in half an hour or an hour... autch!! :)
AmyIsham on June 29
Pretty pics; love the top. x
Aphrodite on June 29
you really take beautiful photos! i wish i can go somewhere like this one!!! and great look! your top is really pretty! and yes, love the purse! and dont lose Jolie!=) stay chic!
ninnda on June 29
Boho chic! love it
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