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Updated on Jun 23, 2010
pink Oasis blouse
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BadTasteToast 's Thoughts:

Hi guys!

Well, here is my problem:

The issue is, that my legs are not the prettiest, but well, that’s okay. A bigger problem is my congenital blemish.

As you might have noticed I have these red stains on my right leg, a thing which is called lymphoid haematoma. It (normally) doesn’t hurt, it’s just there and looks strange, but unfortunately some parts of it have been inflamed since last summer. So it hurts a bit and I have to put cream and powder and band-aid on it.

Furthermore I can’t really shave the area around the inflamed spots (irritated skin), so my summer legs would look pretty stupid with hairy circles allover. It sounds ridiculous, I know :D but I really don’t know if I should go for “I don’t give a damn!” or if I’ll have to wear tights to conceal my problem legs.

What do you think? I mean would you eye me suspiciously with my pale red-stained band-aid blotched legs? Or wouldn’t you even notice (haha, good one)?
I’m not a person that leads life after the opinion of others, but I’m curious about other people’s comments about this topic, so I thought I could ask you guys :)

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Happy Wednesday!

Comments (39)

katay on July 28
nice outfit, I love this :D
walkthelaine on July 17
beautiful outfit !
Kikki on July 09
swtqtjen56 on July 07
i like the billowy skirt!
IL_woman on July 01
the outfit is really great! and i am sorry about your legs, but you should do what you want! :)
alba_carrillo on June 28
This outfit looks great! I have some issues with my legs too,I have skinny legs and all the people is always laghing at them and sayin with "lame" everytime I use skirts:aww your skinny legs,you look like a flamingo.. LOL I also have scars,and they're terribly pale I was so angry about my legs for a long time after I realized that thank god I have my two legs, n i dont give a F of what people say.
mare_santos on June 25
SPF0305 on June 25
This whole look is really cool.
bohemianhamster on June 24
nay_myquel on June 24
BadTasteToast on June 24
Oh wow, thank you all so much for your nice comments! I hadn't thought that so many of you would answer my question :) I'm still indecisive about the legs issue, but as long as it's not too hot I go for tights and hope the inflamed spots will heal very soon :)
cocoandvera on June 24
Such a pretty look. I love your blouse and your blue shoes!
omgitsmaruh on June 24
Geek_A_Loid on June 24
Style_Journey on June 23
that's so girly and romantic with a toch of rocker on your belt, dear!! perfect gray skirt and lovely floral vibe on your top! those shoes are so cute too ;) xx
kavzme on June 23
very cute ;-)
kavzme on June 23
and oh about your legs....just give a what you think you want to...!! ;-)
joannaladrido on June 23
such a cute look! im so sad to hear about your condition but i definitely would not eye you suspiciously...i get rashes and bruises all over my legs all the time and i try to walk the walk in minis despite it! rock it girl!
KatieBurry on June 23
Lovely outfit! I love the color scene and the blouse! <3 <3
ukiuki88 on June 23
personally i wouldn't notice anything that was wrong if you carried yourself with confidence, i used to have a scar on my left shin because i scrapped myself when i was young, and i was self-conscious of showing my legs too, but nobody really looks at you in the street with a criticizing eye, and they shouldn't anyways. great outfit btw! chic~
lindaluismyname on June 23
I love your top!! You look soooo cute!
zahra on June 23
lovely skirt
lissakahayon on June 23
love the royal blue shoes! so cute!
anonymours on June 23
how cute :)
love this so cute
Bernadeth on June 23
Hey..I also have the same problem..I got hundreds of insect bites when I went to visit my country..and they're really visible all over my legs!at first I used to hide them and just wear jeans or tights..but hey you only live I decided to just wear my skirts/shorts and try not to care.=) and plus you're beautiful.=)
Annebeth on June 23
If I were you, I just would not give a damn :) life's too short to worry about trivial things like that and summer is too hot for tights!
GlossyCheshireCat on June 23
Oh, du bist ja Deutsche. :D Kannst du die größeren Parts nicht einfach mit mildem Make-up überschminken oder würde das deine Haut zusätzlich erregen? Ansonsten würde ich sagen, dass du nicht auf das schöne Gefühl von ungebremsten Sonnenstrahlen auf deine Haut verzichten solltest! Notfall: Kleb ein HelloKitty-Pflaster drauf :-D Das wirkt stylish zugleich ;-)
GlossyCheshireCat on June 23
Love the top-part!! =)
MarieMarieMarie on June 23
I say: Don't give a damn...but that is probably easier said than done. Anyways, I think that most people are too busy worrying about their own problems to notice other people's flaws. I get big red blotches on my legs too in the sun and am kinda self conscious about them- but I want to wear skirts and shorts- so I just remind myself that no one is really examining me that closely.
MarieMarieMarie on June 23
And honestly, I think your legs look great in the photos you post on Chictopia- and I don't notice any of the red spots =)
ActDRESSUP on June 23
heart the color palette. :)
StyleFrost on June 23
Love the colour of that skirt, lovely look!
nealy817 on June 23
oh i love this!
schanine on June 23
das ist ja ein schicker rock. ich habe gerade deine letzten fotos durchgeklickt und mir sind keine flecken/haare ins auge gehüpft. aber wenn du dich nicht wohl fühlst, könnte ich dir eine strumpfhose von kunert empfehlen, die mit kühlenden fasern hergestellt werden. ich war begeistert, als ich sie ausprobiert habe.
BadTasteToast on June 23
Super, das klingt gut, die kenne ich noch nicht! Danke für Rat und Kommentar meine Liebe :)
EvaLavender on June 23
Such a cute outfit!
SarahJaneR on June 23
love the belt and shoes, great skirt and cardigan as well. It't not noticable on my pictures but i have random bruises on my legs from years of accident prone incidences. Scar removal things take too long to make them go away, so I just embrace them. I say wear the bandages, because you could make someone else feel confident in their flaws/issues as well.
PeachyPanda on June 23
Every summer I get the nastiest mosquito bites that turn into hideously ugly scars on my leg. So even though I love dreses/skirts I don't wear them often in the summer time. So I kind of know how you feel. Personally, wear the bandages, I don't think anyone would mind or if they do, so what? You can always wear bandages with cute designs as well
deannasays on June 23
Hey! I agree with what some other people have said, take a test. Maybe go outside without tights and see how you feel? I think you should go for it, do whatever makes youi feel comfortable. Gorgeous outfit by the way <3
slanelle on June 23
Hi! I understand how it could be a problem, that's tough in summer time when it's really hot outside but you don't really feel like showing your legs... I think you should try and go out without tights, and you'll see how it feels. You'll see if you feel okay with it, or if you're a bit unconfortable. Because, at the end of the day, who cares whqt other people think!
Duygu on June 23
ich dachte zuerst das ist ein kleid :) super kombiniert! -achja versuchs doch mal mit wachs ? ;) hier in deutschland bleibts so wies aussieht sowieso immer mal kalt, außer ab un zu ;) mach dir nich so viele gedanken dadrüber! schaust so oder so immer toll aus! ;)
BadTasteToast on June 23
Dankeschööön, das ist nett von dir :) ja ich werd mal schauen was ich mit den Beinen mache, aber hast recht, das Wetter ist ätzend ;)
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