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Updated on Sep 29, 2008
31 phillip lim shirt - Mango jeans - Fendi purse - Nine West shoes
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joannaladrido 's Thoughts:

Because Phillip Lim is LOVE!

I am a big fan of Black and White which is why I love this 3.1 Phillip Lim embroidered top with black details. It was a dressy top so I paired it with Black Mango skinnies and Red accessories so the outfit pops.

I wore this for a Sunday night dinner + movie at the mall and I was totally feeling so prim and proper in this! It’s such an English High Tea blouse!

My dog, Kahlua decided to pose with me while the photo was being taken. He’s a pomeranian who’s turning a year old on December.

A great trend that I’ve seen trickling down into stores is the collaboration of black and white (which inspired the LACE luxe fashion). Most likely inspired by higher end lines such as 3.1 Phillip Lim and See by Chloé, they’re a fresh alternative to a crisp white blouse and black pencil skirt. The versions that I’ve spotted are adorned with ruffles, pintucking, and other delicate details. The lightweight chiffon top is perfectly balanced by the heavier texture of the denim jeans. Bright accessories give the polished look a playful edge.

I love this crisp and dynamic trio of red, white and black. It’s a classic one but always looks young and fresh. Many designers used it for their collections and I can see why. Neutrals combined with pops of bright red creates unique, distinctive outfits. All shades are used: poppy, tomato, rose red for an attention grabbing modern look.

Designer Bio

Philip Lim studied at California State University at Long Beach and has since become widely recognized in the realm of high fashion. Lim’s most recent accolades include winning the CFDA Swarovski Award for emerging talent in women’s wear and being named finalist for the Fashion Design Award of Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum. 3.1, which debuted in Fall 2005, is a wearable collection perfect for life in the metropolis. “3.1 is about clothes that refine instead of define women,” Lim said. “It is clothes that make them feel respectful, yet, desirable all at the same time.” 3.1 Philip Lim pieces are classically defiant, easily chic and distinctly feminine. They are beautiful, but never predictable.

Comments (11)

bjkdAnc3r on March 19
nice shoes & bag!
chinela on January 23
RED AND BLACK is one of the prettiest combination-color ever. :)
denisedenies on January 23
That purse is soooooo cute
inKARLcerating on October 05
philip lim? is he giancinephile? love yer style! kawaiii!
joannaladrido on October 05
chinese-american designer =) prodigy if you ask me =) thanks so much!
dianarama on October 02
love the bag!! Red is def ur colour!
joannaladrido on October 04
Indeed it is! thanks so much!
Nanny on September 29
You look great, as always! I love the red details in your outfit and guess I'll copy parts of that look for tomorrow's office outfit ;o).
joannaladrido on October 05
sure tell me when =) thanks nanny! =)
Nanny on October 01
Thanks a lot! :o) I didn't manage to put the outfit together today, but if I come up with it I'll let you know! Keep on being chic! :o)
joannaladrido on September 30
Thank you so much! I' love to see your outfit I am sure you will look amazing as always =) And I am flattered...thank you so much! i love your style as well dear!
ninaestacio on September 29
Lulu on the loose!!! hahaha. i lovvve it babe! shiit i sooo need to update mine soon! hahaha! see you friday!!! for sure!!;)
joannaladrido on September 29
I know right! My funny funny dog =) Lulu ready to bite my shoes! hahahaha thanks babe! I knooow update soon! I wanna see and the shoot you had for supreme... cant wait! see you Friday!!!!
InstantVintage on September 29
joannaladrido on September 29
Thank you so much =)
GirlAboutTown on September 29
your soo cute i love your outfit and i especially love that bag
joannaladrido on September 29
Thanks so much! The bag was a birthday present =)
ChloroformPerfume on September 29
wow you look like a doll and I love the red/white/black combination!!!
joannaladrido on September 29
Thanks! Those colors are classic =) Reminds me of Laura's Project runway collection. She worked around these colors
artgirl on September 29
joannaladrido on September 29
Thanks so much =)
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