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Updated on Jun 15, 2010
H&M garden collection dress - beige Cathy Jean dress
H-m-garden-collection-dress-beige-cathy-jean-dress H-m-garden-collection-dress-beige-cathy-jean-dress H-m-garden-collection-dress-beige-cathy-jean-dress H-m-garden-collection-dress-beige-cathy-jean-dress
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SonjaG 's Thoughts:

I know this dress is very popular, it took me a while to find a size that wasn’t completley huge because mine was sold out and I have seen a few other chictopians rocking it. It is a fabulous dress, love its huge flowy sleeves and breathable material that is perfect for summer. This is my take on it! I apologize if I look a little mad in the first shot, I swear I didn’t do that purpose because I wasn’t mad at all when I took these shots.

Here is my article I wrote about vintage clothing, I was really proud of its succes and I really hope you guys enjoy it if you decide to read it! I apologize if it is a little lengthy! I got most of my facts from vintage clothing fact sheets, like Lullie Vintage from ebay.

In our modern times, every individual should understand and be aware of their environmental impact, since almost every human activity, directly or indirectly, affects the planet and its natural processes. Although a topic rarely emphasized, there is no question that buying new clothes has a negative impact on the world, involving problems such as harmful emissions from the chemicals used to manufacture fabrics. The clothing manufacturing businesses further play a negative role on our planet through the demand of massive transportation, sweatshop labor, and aggressively high amounts of clothing production.
Vintage clothing and second-hand items maintain a positive environmental impact in numerous ways. When one buys previously owned clothing, they are essentially recycling. Vintage clothing, or clothes from past eras (anything more than twenty years old) is the better option than buying new clothing that has been churned out of large mills in third-world countries, with unfair labor standards. By replacing new clothing with vintage alternatives, one not only limits various inhumane standards but also reduces the need for massive transportation and importation from distant countries, and ultimately reduces their environmental impact.
New clothes made for conventional clothing brands are often mass-produced in small amounts of time, meaning the quantity is always priority over the quality. Vintage items, however, were made with such exquisite expertise that is evident in the quality of the items, down to the very last stitch. The obvious time and effort that went into making vintage items ensures that the item will last much longer than the typical clothing one can buy at their local mall. Another crucial reason to avoid purchasing new clothes involves the fabrics that are used to produce most clothing today. An average, plain cotton t-shirt takes 150 grams of pesticides to produce, taking into account the manufacturing and processing, as well as the original cotton that is initially used to craft the shirt. Not only do those pesticides get put into the air, but also will inevitably make unhealthy contact with the consumers’ skin. Purchasing vintage clothing or fabrics ensures a quality so profound, it simply cannot be matched by any clothing on the market today. Fabrics from previous decades were not mass-produced, implying that no pesticides were involved in the production, and were crafted to last a lifetime in an economy where quality was primary to quantity.
Clothing further plays a negative role on the environment when examining the amount of clothes that are discarded each year. America alone throws away up to two quadrillion pounds of used clothing each year—a number that could easily be reduced giving away unwanted clothing instead. At the same time, the average Westerner’s yearly clothing purchases are equal to half the amount of carbon dioxide emitted from a small car. This imbalance could be greatly altered by emphasizing the need to buy vintage and giving away unwanted clothing to charity shops and second-hand donation centers. Giving away neglected articles of clothing not only reduces one’s trash output, but also provides an opportunity for the clothes to find new loving owners.
Vintage fashion does not have mean out-of-style, or too dated to become trendy again. Fashions constantly repeat themselves cyclically, and it is no secret that current trends are derived from previous eras, and given a modern twist. In fact, vintage clothing can be more modern than new and conventional clothing. With the help of accessories and choosing the right outfit, any vintage item can look more amazing than one might expect. Since the fashion world is a never-ending circle of trends, vintage versatile, and can be worn trendy or classic, retro or modern.
Vintage items are also completely unique and one-of-a-kind, lending a very special feel to those pieces in one’s wardrobe. There is no fear that someone else may have the same piece, because most vintage clothing does not come in multiples. Every individual piece is all in its own, and very possibly the only one of its kind to be left from its original era. Whether it is a delicate slip dress of the 20’s, a glamorous 50’s lace dress, an earthy top from 70’s bohemia, or disheveled black boots from the 90’s grunge, every single vintage piece has a story to tell and a completely unique look to itself.
Living in the world today, it is crucial to understand that every individual impacts the world, but more importantly, it is necessary to know ways in which one can positively change their lifestyle—including with their clothing choices. With some dedicated searching and scouring local vintage, consignment and thrift shops, one is sure to find an abundance of special treasures to call their own. Vintage clothing reduces every negative impact of modern clothing industries, cutting down unhealthy emissions and reducing the demand for inhumane sources of production. Vintage guarantees clothes that were made during times when clothing was made with love and care, not through sweatshop labor. Vintage pieces are made with quality fabrics and superior handmade work, which ensures they are treasures to last a lifetime.

Comments (31)

TheLoulette on April 21
Unbelievable; the outfit, the photo, all of it! Faved!! And that article...very informative, way to go!
chanelgirl on September 03
love the dresss!!!!
olive831 on August 06
wow, i really need to be shopping H&M more often
mahtwistedwayz on June 21
You look so chic! Those wedges are awesome!
LadySunshine on June 19
joannaladrido on June 18
beautiful! love love love this h&m dress!
EvaLavender on June 17
very pretty dress! its gorgeoussoooso
valeriekw on June 17
OMG i want that dress! I saw it on ebay a couple of weeks ago (no H&M near me, otherwise I'd have it!) but didn't buy it! Now I regret it, you look fab!
angiekje on June 17
love this dress and those shoes!!
IslandChic77 on June 16
so prettty n i love ure shoes:)
mastepiece! love the sleeves and colours and it is sooo elegant!!
DustInMyWind on June 16
I love that dress and your shoes! Great article!
folle_femme on June 16
You look so pretty in this the shoes too! Your hair is beautiful!
daisykarina on June 16
i love your beige wedges!may i have it? :p
lissakahayon on June 16
i need that dress in my life!!! i love it!!!
mandigarcia on June 16
loooove this!! awesome dress and awesome shoes!!!!
iVdw on June 15
sooooooooooo colourful ! i love it :)
kavzme on June 15
love the shoes and the dress is so look great !
diansari on June 15
amazing dresss ,,, So full colour .... likeeeee....
SarahJaneR on June 15
love the dress and wedges, nice photos as well!
jtodd on June 15
that would be THE perfect dress to wear to an art show. beautiful!
_nonchalant on June 15
i love that dress, its so pretty. you look great in it and those wedges complete it!
JodiElizabeth on June 15
beautiful dress!!
luxmo on June 15
And I agree with your article, very true indeed. ILY<3
luxmo on June 15
SEXYNESS! Omg, so wierd. we are like the same person. Haha I took my prom pics there :)
PSYCHO4FUNK on June 15
oh wow i adore this
cherry8888 on June 15
Love your dress!
lilyob1989 on June 15
I love this dress! Wish I could get a hold of seems to be sold out everywhere! Looks so beautiful on you, colours suit you so well!x
joannaladrido on June 15
i really love this dress so much!
gucci on June 15
garden collection? yeah it rocks :) love your article on vintage. Made me think.
Reybeltane on June 15
ahh! I want one of these dresses so badly!!
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