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Updated on Jun 15, 2010
black Sonia Rykiel sunglasses - vintage - red Antik Batik - gold f21 - brown Dol
Black-sonia-rykiel-sunglasses-vintage-red-antik-batik-gold-f21-brown-dol Black-sonia-rykiel-sunglasses-vintage-red-antik-batik-gold-f21-brown-dol Black-sonia-rykiel-sunglasses-vintage-red-antik-batik-gold-f21-brown-dol
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Aphrodite 's thoughts:

Hello everyone!=)

Nice day?=)

Mine just started, got up a bit late because we were out last night till 2am. This was me when we walked the doggies. The dress is 3 years old, never worn. I have a problem, i always save some clothes/shoes for special occassions, and when i bought this i thought, ah, that’d be nice for a pool party or beach party and we did attend some in the past few years but i wore something else. So some of my clothes have been waiting for years and i ended up wearing this one to the park—and if my dress can speak i can imagine it saying “Great, thanks.” And i wish i didnt do that, i wish i wore it at least once every summer time in the past 3 years because my god it was comfy and pretty and i felt like a fairy (or maybe a witch in disguise!) gliding my way to the tea place where we sit for a couple of hours and have tea. So i decided to dig up some burried “special clothes” and wear them this summer. I actually wore another one last night which i will show you in the next couple of days.=) Shoes are also old, 4 years old i think, i posted a photo of them in Ambrosia. Kitten heels with T-strap and tied around the foot and they give the gladiator feel with a bow at the back. Sorry, i’ll show you a better shot next time. Sunglasses are the ones i paid full price when they are 2 seasons old, i spent 2 hours in the shop convincing the guy who owns the store to give me a bit of discount because it’s ridiculous! He thinks i’m an idiot, that i dont know how old it is (ive been going back there for a year for god’s sake waiting for him to reduce the price!), that i’m gonna pay him that amount because i cant cant do anything about it- well, fair enough, he was right, i am a 40 karat idiot and bought the thing. But that is after i told him that they’ve got 4 pairs they never got rid off because he’s one mean shop owner and a thief and that they will end up giving the other 3 pairs away because there is now way they are going to sell them-first, because Azeris just dont wear strange looking sunglasses, and 2nd-it’s ridiculously expensive and 3rd- not everybody is as idiotic as i am. If it wasnt Sonia Rykiel, if i havent been visiting it for a thousand times, and if i didnt like the sales assistant who have been helping me (in vain!) to convince her ugly boss- i wouldnt buy it and i’ll walk out of the shop and never go back again, ever! But…yeah, i’m stupid like that. So im totally broke as i just purchased 2 bags from Net-a-porter.com, i have 20 manat in my bag (that’s about $25?) and that’s my money until the end of the month, i swear in my mother’s name!. That is my emergency money, like my father says to mother all the time when he asks for some "Pocket money’, “Wife, give me some coins, so when i walk around and accidentally step on some tomatoes, i can have something to pay for them!” It’s true! These things happen! What if you accidentally knocked off a vase or anything, it’ll be humiliating if you didnt have a single dollar to pay the angry vendor and then you’ll have the police arrest you! For tomatoes?!!!! No….i need my $25. I think i’m gonna advertise and do other people’s laundry or walk other people’s dogs or simply find a spot in the center, sit there in my little corner, wear these sunglasses, lay my boater’s hat on the floor (upside down), and beg for money!!! But there is something i like about being broke, you get free meals and drinks (and you enjoy them more because you didnt pay!) when you go out with the family (my sisters will only buy me things if they know i am penniless, and no, i can’t fake it, i think i have that “i am a poor little girl, i cant even buy my own cigarette!” look in my face, so they know.) you lose the interest-no, you actually avoid the shops because you know you will just find something you like, and wont be able to buy it. You are forced to wear/use what you already have and you finally remember the DIY list. And i already started one (DIY) so, good-good. =) Anyway, sorry, a bit talkative today as always, i dont even know if there’s anybody reading this, and if yes, why? But if you do, thank you, though i still dont understand why you would.=) I hope you like the outfit. Simple and lazy but i hope you like it anyway.=)

Thank you thank you thank you thank you..alright—THANK YOU, for the comments, and votes, and friendship. Some people think this is nonsense you know, spending hours talking to people we never met and might never meet, but hey, some people sit and gamble, we blog.=)

Have a good day girly-wurlies and guyzies!=)

Love Love Kiss Kiss



lalag on February 13
you look soo pretty :)
KaileeBroadway on October 31
meg2177 on July 30
pretty dress!!
Bennie52491 on July 18
4everUSMC on June 25
Aphrodite...YOU are our STYLE ICON!
StyleFrost on June 17
Love this maxi dress, so pretty, love your bag too!
PaleFoxx on June 17
looove this!
nealy817 on June 16
love this maxi dress on you! that print is gorgeous
daisymay on June 16
lovely maxi
miamilover on June 16
Is it me or am I seeing a new hairdo on you? It looks very sleek, I love it :) and you should wear dresses more often. -peace and love
kavzme on June 16
you look awesome....you look different but in a sexy way.....looks great.... :-)
chicainlove on June 16
love your dress and i'm always broke too ;)
Mongrel on June 16
Love the sunglasses. Well worth the haggling time.
mayjang on June 16
That dress is really nice on you!
vyap on June 15
love the dress and bag!!
lindaluismyname on June 15
looking so pretty in this maxi dress!!
LA_Chica on June 15
nice :]
nancyleigh on June 15
Amazing is this dress.
jazzyhwang on June 15
you pull off that maxi dress so well dear (:
Y3sunia on June 15
you look beautiful!!
PSYCHO4FUNK on June 15
your maxi is great!!!
GlammcouturE on June 15
so pretty! :)
TamQuoia on June 15
You rock 100%
lotemxoxo on June 15
omg love ur maxi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
vegangela on June 15
The whole outfit is very chic and classic. Love your blog too. I always find things to buy when I'm broke and never when I have the money to spend (maybe it's because I'm always broke? Haha) And I also find things in my closet that I've never worn, but hey at least you're loving it now, right? It's better than finding something while gasping in horror 'what was i thinking?!' Anyway, keep up the awesome fashion and blog! Xo
PeachyPanda on June 15
pretty dress
christina_p on June 15
lovely dress!
gucci on June 15
why we read your blogs? as they are funny and positive and a little bit sarcastic in a good way :) so what bags are they from netaporter? love this online store, it's the best, i must admit. Love turquoise with red (coral?)
sofiawilhelmina on June 15
Lovely. I really enjoy you blog, I must say you really have a entertaining way of narrating your day, Intelligent and humoristic! You think of the little things one overlooks.
INDIRA_S on June 15
you look adorable with this dress!! very cute :D
vntgevida on June 15
Love this color on you. The earring give this outfit a lil pop. Haha I hope you find some way to make some extra money.
patriss on June 15
i like that dress that print look so summer :)) and i love your bag...chic!!!
ItsPaolaXoXo on June 15
love the dress! you DO look super comfy!
AmyIsham on June 15
Fabulous maxi, you make looking amazing seem effortless. x
Ikinka on June 15
charchelle27 on June 15
i love your dress!
funkygloire on June 15
Wow, you look so lovely in that dress ! I love your pictures. You have a personal photographer I suppose ? :)
msfashinista on June 15
Lovely dress! The color looks great on you!
pyrofina on June 15
what a gorgeous dress!
Annachiara on June 15
wowwwwwwwwwww....you're a dream my darling *_*
MintM8 on June 15
S_agapoxxx on June 15
Beautiful maxi dress
lissakahayon on June 15
ur a goddess in that dress! love this!!
sany on June 15
Fab maxi dress dear!!! I think I would wear it everyday :-)))) Great sunnies too...and bag!!!Chic as always...
Beeswonderland on June 15
I read your posts and I love your dress:-$
appletwo on June 15
beautiful dress, i love the shape
the_ed on June 15
I read all of your post! It's very interesting to think of emergency $$ for paying a vendor when you accidentally step on his tomatoes. I'm not sure why, but I've never met an American who'd consider that, even if they were in an outdoor market. I hope you can find some way to earn extra manat. I don't think many people would donate to a beggar in designer sunglasses...at least not in America.
zigk on June 15
Gorgeous dress. :)
JPB on June 15
cute outfit
MsChanda on June 15
very cute
arnyfull on June 15
your dress is very awesome!
jazzybelle on June 15
beautiful dress!! You look so feminine and chic in these photos!! I love!!!!!!!!!!!!
erikareyes on June 15
nice dress!
mandigarcia on June 15
pretty maxi!!
laurenstar on June 15
SarahJaneR on June 15
Love the maxi dress and earrings, great sunglasses as well, loving this resort style look!
vernenciso on June 15
lovely maxi!
deathbyplatforms on June 15
gorgeous and classy!
miaamos on June 15
this look has such a Hawaiian vibe!!!!!llllllove it!!!!
FabyLovesYou on June 15
Fantastic dress!!! WoW!! You're very beautiful!!! Love bag too!!!
Diamonddigger on June 15
SO beautiful dress & you, love it all x
Pink_Champagne on June 15
that dress is stunning!
demonie26 on June 15
love this maxi dress on you..:D
goldencor on June 15
You look lovely! That dress looks good on you!
_SERENITY_ on June 15
such a pretty maxi dress, dear!! lovely color and those turquoise earrings are the perfect toch! cute raffia bag too! you look so summery and chic!!
angiekje on June 15
perfect, love the maxi dress with the blue earrings!!
theMUSE09 on June 15
fabulously chic! so loving ur maxi dress and as always, great pictures =)
Annebeth on June 15
I adore you in maxis: gorgeous!
folle_femme on June 15
You look beautiful, Aphrodite!
cityofbugs on June 15
love your dress, the print is so gorgeous, you look beautiful!
joannaladrido on June 15
wow u look so stunning in this maxi dress dear!
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