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Updated on Jun 06, 2010
red payless shoes - beige welovecolors tights - blue thrifted dress - silver Ros
Red-payless-shoes-beige-welovecolors-tights-blue-thrifted-dress-silver-ros Red-payless-shoes-beige-welovecolors-tights-blue-thrifted-dress-silver-ros
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mangoesfromaustralia 's Thoughts:

Sorry for the reposting everyone.

I know I said I’d be better about posting this last week, clearly I am a liar. I sure hope you can all forgive me, I have been sick and had allergies and early morning shifts and thunderstorms. But enough excuses. Oh and traveling. That’s my last excuse. But it looks like I’m back in good old Western MI for at least the next month.

I want to say a few things about some of the stuff I’m wearing. Like, 1. these shoes rock. end of story. 2. these tights I got when I was welovecolor’s curvy girl of the month. I love them. And in my idiocy I decided that since they are fishnets, they wouldn’t be as hot as regular tights because there are little holes in them, false. do not believe that terrible logic. They also photographed more ivory than they are. They’re actually light tan, so they look like skin tone in real life. 3. This dress = love. I (my grandma) chopped two feet off the bottom and now it’s perfect. It has the prettiest eyelet pattern on the bottom ruffle and sleeves. And the color is one of my favorites. 4. The belt, I finally found the perfect skinny studded belt, in Houston, at Ross. After many failed DIY which involved hot glue and target belts, fail. and many purchases, I finally found the one. BUT it’s too big. I wear it anyway. I just turned it to the side and like pulled it all the way through and prayed really hard. It worked pretty well. But ideas on how to make it shorter are definitely welcome!

I had a blast in the South the last few weeks. The wedding in OKC was BEAUTIFUL! We got locked in the ninth most haunted place in the US. Almost died in a tornado and went to a bar that I thought was a cardboard box. silly me. Also I must share my feelings on wedding registries. I have a wedding in October and was perusing my friend’s wedding registry. wow. Now I understand getting a variety of different priced items as well as many some things you may not ever buy yourself but would be nice as a gift. But let me share with you the gift my friend Katie Rae will be getting in October, all of which comes off of her registry:
1. Four wooden globes
2. One package of hangers
3. Two chip clips
4. Some decorative rocks
5. Three small ceramic birds

So, if you invite me to your wedding, be sure you actually want everything on your registry.
Also, after this weekend I have decided that I think I am going to make my living singing “I WIll Survive” on karaoke, thoughts?

Comments (11)

TessaNicole on August 09
This is so figure flattering! You are adorable!
theyellowpolkadots on July 27
nice dress
DrakeAuge on December 22
That blue colours is so gorgerous! nd the cut of the dress fits you very well. Love the red shoes along with it too:) your hairdo is really nice!
blackkbarbie on October 15
ilovered on July 27
very sweet photo.
Georgescu on June 26
you are lovely this dress looks pretty amazing on you!! :)
bernle on June 08
cute color scheme and dress
trinnah on June 07
Beautiful dress! I love the exposed buttons and the color is great!
tanyabell on June 07
cute dress!
TheDemoiselle on June 07
i like u in blue
criscela on June 07
very nice dress pretty,and it!!
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