Cold Chic

Updated on Sep 25, 2008

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changology on October 07
your outfit is lovely and i have those exact brogues in the photo from the sartorialist.
Roosa on September 27
Thanks for posting this! I needed this a lot, because I live in Finland and it's already really cold in here (35 F).
NeutralEpiphany on September 27
Great post! How about rainy day chic?
Margot on September 26
I can't wait to get chilly. The layering possibilities are endless. Great post!
futurelint on September 26
that is a cute coat!
Renate_ on September 26
Love your boots. Hot.
xelayu on September 26
i loooove those boots!! cute coat too!!:D
helenz (@helenzhu) on September 25
ooh, the doubling up on tights trick is a good idea. hadn't thought of that before...
lydia on September 25
Gahhh. I loved this post, it's already getting chilly in BC.
cins on September 25
BC as in british columbia??
loveabeth on September 25
Ahh this post makes me yearn for cold in southern california has its downsides sometimes :(
Starrgirl on September 25
Great tips! I need a good winter coat..
Moondust on September 25
my favorite thing about winter is boots, definitely!!! love your look, I'll be working on my layering this winter, thanks for your advice!
katrinadew on September 25
hells yesss about the tights :) best is to layer ripped ones over a bright color underneath so they colors peep out
TeenUgly on September 25
i like that idea. there are infinite possibilities when it comes to layering tights!
nataliedawn on September 25
I hear you on the two/more tights thing! I'm always doubling up on the tights in the winter.

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