"I Look Up Smiling At You"

Updated on May 26, 2010
blue denim jeans vest - brown tights - orange scarf - beige shorts
White-blouse-blue-vest-beige-shorts-brown-tights-beige-orange-scarf White-blouse-blue-vest-beige-shorts-brown-tights-beige-orange-scarf White-blouse-blue-vest-beige-shorts-brown-tights-beige-orange-scarf White-blouse-blue-vest-beige-shorts-brown-tights-beige-orange-scarf White-blouse-blue-vest-beige-shorts-brown-tights-beige-orange-scarf
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_SERENITY_ 's Thoughts:

Hello, everyone! ;)

Yeah, another outdoor pictures! l’m so amazed too :)) Actualy, it’s so hard to take shots to yourself when you’re all alone but taking them outdoor is harder than l imagined…
Anyway, l took this yesterday and thanks God, the weather was lovely and the light just perfect. l tried today too, but l wasn’t so lucky anymore…
But l’m really happy because l found some good and quiet places to take pictures but l must change them all the time because there are people who look strange to crazy girls taking pictures near their gardens… :)) lt’s a bit hard because l always need to hurry up to go to work too after this… :))

l’m sooo crazy about natural colors lately! lt’s strange for me because l used to hate brown and orange but now l simply adore the color brown. l always thought that orange is not my color and l was sure l’d never wear it near my face and keep it just for accessories. But l really felt in love with the floral pattern on this scarf and l decided to buy it because the colors are a kind of red, yellow and orange mix so l thought it was ok for me. Btw, yellow is another color that l never wear near my face. lt’s just not for me, but l think it looks awesome on accessories or tights ;)
That’s my fav vest ever, l used to wear it so often last summer. lt fits me perfectly and the color is so easely to match with my stufs… lt’s funny but l worn those shorts just once and that was last summer… When l went home with them l felt like they make me look fat… :( What do you think about that, guys?

ln my last picture you can see a place near my neighborhood… lt’s funny but it’s so close to my house but l never saw it.. Actualy l used to go there when l was just a child but now it looks sooo different!

Hope you’ll like it!
LOVE YOU, guys! <33



Comments (127)

Alexandra6 on May 24
i like your style .you're so cute:* kisses
zoooz on September 21
u look amazin.... i like the whole look but i havta admit the orange scarf and the brown tights are my fav, i feel like goin out and getting them myself lol.
_SERENITY_ on September 21
aww, thank you, dear<3 xx
cityofbugs on July 30
i love this, the shorts do not make you look fat! you look gorgeous, i love that scarf its so pretty, and such a cute blue vest! you always look so unique, i love your style! xx
_SERENITY_ on July 30
aww, thaank you, dear <33 xx
missmatchgirrrl on July 19
The orange of the scarf with those brown tights looks almost inspired by a tinge of Velma from Scooby Doo! Stunning combination on you! :)
_SERENITY_ on July 20
aww, thaaank you, girl ;) xx
toadstoolring on June 23
gorgeous purse!
cmbeck14 on June 16
i love what you did with the scarf!
brown and orange are really gorgeous on you:) it`` not compliment I mean it! I adore your scarf and tights! whole loo is stylish and comfy!
_SERENITY_ on July 20
thank you soo much, dear <33 xx
sweetkeyci on June 11
love your outfit, you look cute
christina_p on June 10
great look!
chely_bean on June 09
those shorts dont make you look fat. u look gorgeous in everything you wear (:
_SERENITY_ on June 10
aww, thank you, sweetie <33
gabrielle_v on June 09
Wow, I have no words! It´s just amazing!
theMUSE09 on June 06
wow!!! i love everything!!!
MankiiVintage on June 06
I don´t really like the color orange too but your scarf looks so good and the mix is great! you have done a great job my dear like always and i am so surprised to see those outdoor pics from you (and i love it!!!) xoxo your Mankii
_SERENITY_ on June 06
hehee, l'm so happy you like it, dear ;)
vacationlife on June 06
you are amazing with accessories!!!!
_SERENITY_ on June 06
wow, thaaank you!! :D
AjSummers on June 05
I like it, it's simple but veery good.
bohoAnDrA on June 04
love the scarf...you were right buying it:) and the way you put it..adorable
_SERENITY_ on June 05
thank you, dear ;)
JojieLullaby on June 03
love that scarf!
JESHIE on June 03
love it the scarf is amazing CHIC! for sure
JovinaL on June 02
Omg! I love they way u tie ur scarf! So creativee!!
MyClosetisaBox on June 02
so cute!
patriss on June 02
that scarg look so sweet i like the outfit...alll the pieces look so great put together....chic
_SERENITY_ on June 05
thank you so much, dear ;)
ParisK on June 01
oh and the vest is very nice too :P
ParisK on June 01
you really highlighted the scarf in the bowtie... great outfit ALWAYS :)
_SERENITY_ on June 01
thanks a lot, dear <33
4everUSMC on June 01
So cute!
NaomiDee on June 01
LOVE your bag and scarf. very cool bracelets too! :)
pepperclip on June 01
I love this.
charchelle27 on May 31
dear you are really pretty! love the whole outfit!
goldencor on May 31
Pretty scarf dear! Horay for another outside shot. :)
folle_femme on May 31
Yey..another photo outside..good job! Such a lovely outfit..and trust me those shorts definitely doesn't make you look fat! You should see me in shorts and then understand what fat means!:)))
_SERENITY_ on May 31
thanks, dear ;))
PapahMamahnyaMana on May 31
wow wow wow.... i love the way you do the bow bow wow on your scarf dear.. and you always have awesome pusrse.. :)
_SERENITY_ on May 31
thank you soo much, honey <33
trinnah on May 30
I love your shorts!! :) Great scarf, too!
danikajane on May 30
i love the red scarf! this outfit is so fun, i love combining colors too. you look darling!!
_SERENITY_ on May 30
thanks a lot, dear ;)
the_ed on May 30
I feel you. I tried to take solo shots outdoors once and I couldn't get all of me in unless I stood in a pond...which obviously was not happening. I like your red-orange scarf (I don't have much orange either, but who knows, maybe I'll be in the mood to wear it one day.) I don't think your shorts make you look big. I'd keep them as long as they are comfy. I also like your stacked bracelets. :)
_SERENITY_ on May 30
hank you so much, honey <333
Salexab on May 30
Oh. My. Gosh. You. Look. AMAZING! :) I absolutely adore this outfit - your bracelets are so cute and the scarf looks PERFECT on you and with your outfit!!!! :) <3
_SERENITY_ on May 30
awww, thanks a lot, sugar!! l missed you <33
kss_23 on May 30
wow! very creative outfit. i love the bow :D brown and orange rocks! you should wear those colors more often :D
_SERENITY_ on May 30
thanks a lot, darling <33
thejoyoffashion on May 29
I absolutely LOVE the bow! so adorable!
naunet on May 29
I love this look! Your scarf is so pretty. And I love the shoes with those stockings. Super cute bag!
_SERENITY_ on May 30
thanks, dear ;)
deathbyplatforms on May 29
that bowtie is so cute! love the new background. cute outfit!
_SERENITY_ on May 30
thanks, girl ;)
ReinharT on May 29
I love everything in this picture! how you knotted the scarf, how the brown tights make you look so tall, the cute accessories on your bag, everything ^__^
_SERENITY_ on May 30
thaaaaaank you, darling!! <33
princesza23 on May 29
Love it! I really miss posting pics of my outfits!It's been a long time since my last post..I'm just not inspired or in the mood to dress up because of the weather here..it's sooooo hot!!! I wish I can also put a scarf, bangles, or any accessories that would still feel comfy in this kind of weather..Keep posting outdoor photos! =)
_SERENITY_ on May 30
thank you so much, honey!! hope you'll post a new outfit very soon! l miss you so much <33
lindaluismyname on May 29
You look absolutely adorable! I love your scarf. The print and the color are both very pretty!
_SERENITY_ on May 30
thanks, dear ;) <3
StyleFrost on May 29
Love the scarf with this outfit!
redpepper on May 29
i like like like your bag darling !! <3
Ye55i on May 29
I love your scarf!! and you tied it... so cute! ;)
amaritudo on May 29
Wow, love how you tied the scarf! The ribbon shape and the accessories are a great detailed touch to the outfit!
_SERENITY_ on May 29
thank you sooo much, darling <33
psykoKilla on May 28
lovely scarf, pretty colors. I love all the details in your photos.
_SERENITY_ on May 29
thank you, dear ;)
starshipnarcissus on May 28
I love the scarf, so adorable!
districtofchic on May 28
That beautiful scarf is such a nice touch to this look!
swingthedayaway on May 28
So cute! You accessorize so well! :)
jliu13 on May 28
I love the floral scarf! It adds a nice accent!
Alex_Elizabeth on May 28
Wow this is a cool look! I love brown tights :) Your scarf is beautiful!
thekittylover on May 28
Cute look!
daisymay on May 28
Love the red bow necktie, very french! lol! Thanks for the comment too
sparklyG on May 28
i so agree with you on the organge part, i never liked it, but this scarf is gorgeous! it may make me change my attitude towards orangness :) love this outfit and outdoor pics look great! :*
_SERENITY_ on May 28
thank you so much, dear <33
sazzychiq on May 27
oooh!! your out!((: i always adore your scarf outfit(:
_SERENITY_ on May 27
thank you, darling ;)
magpie13 on May 27
eeee! dear! I am LOVING the outdoor pictures. I absolutely love your bright colorful scarf! It's so cheerful :) The shorts look great on you honey, don't sweat it one bit!!! This is a happy outfit and I'm glad to see you smiling :)
_SERENITY_ on May 27
awww, thank you soo much, sweetie!! l missed you!! <33
maharot1525 on May 27
wow another eye catching outfit!!! love the brown and really looks good on you dear!!! the scarf is so amazing its a nice touch to the outfit!!!you wore it very well!!!love the bracelet so much!!!and the bag and shorts are awesome!!! chic chic chic voted!!!
_SERENITY_ on May 27
aww, thank you soo much, sweetie <333 xoxo
rudoit on May 27
You are all about details! this is so cute! the brown tights contour your legs in such a chic way. I laughed my ass off when i read your description, you are so right, people is always like, "what is he/she doing?"
_SERENITY_ on May 27
thank you so much, dear! l missed you <33
sweetk1sse5 on May 27
Loving your new photos!!! Love this outfit. The brown tights looks amazing. Love how you tied your scarf in a bow, super cute!!!
_SERENITY_ on May 27
thabks a lot, darling <33
thebedhairmaid on May 27
wow! astouning like always!
chloetrayner on May 27
great scarf
Fabulous_Kath on May 27
another great look from serenity!!!! love the scarf and that bag and the bracelets... just love all the details dear.. love it so much...
_SERENITY_ on May 27
thank you, sugar <33
MGNSPR on May 27
Absolutely love your scarf and the way its tied :)
zahra on May 27
the look is very mery chic. the outfits suit you well. looove it
zahra on May 27
the look is very mery chic. the outfits suit you well. looove it
ItsPaolaXoXo on May 27
ooooh that scarf jazzes up this whole outfit! ps: you should def take more pics like this - so worth it!
_SERENITY_ on May 27
thanks, sweetie <3
kaitlynmarie on May 27
so cute! i love the scard and the vest, love love love!
funkygloire on May 27
I love love love this ! Especially how you tied your scarf ! Looking always gorgeous sweetie :)
_SERENITY_ on May 27
tbanks a lot, sugar ;)
ChloroformPerfume on May 27
I absolutely love how you wear the scarf here with this kinda cute bohemian look! and the bracelets are so cool! :)
_SERENITY_ on May 27
aw, thank you soo much, babe! <33
shirinloh on May 27
i love your whole look dear! :)
warda on May 27
love that scarf looks soo chic!
Laura86 on May 27
love the way you wear your scarf and the vest is so beautiful! love your full body pictures
_SERENITY_ on May 27
thanks, darling <33
kavzme on May 27
you know you are so gorgeous....a natural beauty..!
_SERENITY_ on May 27
aww, you're too kind. dear!! <33 thanks a lot!!
DediLovesFashion on May 27
great outfit.
ohsoflyy on May 27
very cute..i love the bow. i want to try it lol
paxie_aiza on May 27
you';re amazing dear! love how you wore the scarf.:)
Shaniqua1071 on May 27
You look sooo chic and casual in this look and I love love this scarf, it looks super cute on you and I love the outdoor pic...it really makes your outfit pop....love love this look!!!!
_SERENITY_ on May 27
aww, thank you soo much, sweetie <33 xoxo
mwa_mwa on May 27
the bow makes it perfect
Love the whole look..and what you do what scarfs is so you :) It's so nice to see your whole figure lol :)
_SERENITY_ on May 27
hey, thanks a lot, dear :)) :D
albariza on May 27
cute ;)
SarahJaneR on May 27
love the bracelets and vest, great bag and shorts, nice ensemble!
asianblue83 on May 27
Great thing u did with the scarf! Brilliant!
lissakahayon on May 27
love the way u styled the scarf!!!
VintageMarie on May 27
Love your outdoor pictures!! I understand what you mean by the strange looks of your neighbors...I was so intimidated at first by my neighbors but after a while I got used to it :) I now live well with the fact that they might think I'm crazy! Love the scarf, the vest, the bag and the bracelet of Catholic images.
_SERENITY_ on May 27
yeah, you're right.. l'm sure l'll gonna feel more confortable very soon... ;)
KierrynG on May 27
Very cute outfit! I love your bag :)
rel on May 27
i love that bow! you look lovely
LapinNoir on May 27
oh! you look soo adorable! LOVE your scarf (as always!) & how you made it into a bow, and love those shoes, your bracelets, everything! <3
_SERENITY_ on May 27
thanks a lot, darling <3
lol i am glad other people sometimes get strange looks when they are taking pictures of themselves outside!! i absolutely love your scarf and the way you tied it! the whole outfit looks so chic!
_SERENITY_ on May 27
thank you, dear <3
Pink_Champagne on May 27
that scarf tied as a bow rules! your style is so awesome! =)
_SERENITY_ on May 27
thanks, sugar ;)
pyrofina on May 27
love this look, the bracelets and scarf are amazing
_SERENITY_ on May 27
thanks, dear ;)
mieke on May 27
i love your look here! you are so pretty!!! :D
megan_tme on May 27
LOVE the little vest and scarf!! And no, I don't think the shorts make you look fat :) You look gorgeous!!! And I'm loving the outdoor shots too!!
_SERENITY_ on May 27
thank you so much, honey <33
sany on May 27
Love ur outdoor photos dear!!!Very stylish and chic dear....great details and that vest is so cute and scarf too....chic..chic...
_SERENITY_ on May 27
thanks a lot, sweetie!! <333
kimkimpop on May 27
lovely! the scarf made the outfit prettier..the bracelets are soooo cool :))
_SERENITY_ on May 27
thanks a lot, dear ;)) xoxo
Aphrodite on May 27
that scarf is really pretty and love how tied it and love the bag and vest as well! great outfit as always!
_SERENITY_ on May 27
thaaanks, sweetie <33
chubbylumpkin on May 27
I love the scarf and you little bag! You look really pretty and fab! chic chic! :)
_SERENITY_ on May 27
thank you, honey <33
LexaaFtNerd on May 27
Gosh, alwasy pretty & sweet :) that scarf fit you amazing... love the shorts & the bag too :D
_SERENITY_ on May 27
thanks a lot, darling :D
lavuson on May 27
the scarf is really cute on yah!!!! i love it!!!!!
demonie26 on May 27
i love your scarf..:D
atotalgem on May 27
I LOVE your scarf!
P0mme on May 27
I like the scarf which forms a bowtie. <3 The set is great.
coldlight on May 27
you look lovely! i really like wearing scarves as bows :)
_SERENITY_ on May 27
thanks, dear ;)
miaamos on May 27
i love the way you do the scartfss!!so elegant,thats classic hun!
_SERENITY_ on May 27
thank you, dear ;)
_nonchalant on May 27
this outfit is so amazing. i love your scarf it is so cute as a bow! and that purse is so great. i have the same bracelet with the pictures on it. :]
_SERENITY_ on May 27
thanks, honey ;)
SomeoneLikeYou18 on May 27
I love how you tied your scarf in a bow! How do you do that!?
_SERENITY_ on May 27
aww, it's really simple, dear! ;) thanks!
Anastasia_Azuline on May 27
Wow! outdoor! =D You look really stunning with orange and brown! And absolutly NOT fat in those shorts! =D I want to wear shorts too, but I never feel comfi because I also think I'll look fat in them... I guess a lot of girl think the same about wearing 'minipants' =D
_SERENITY_ on May 27
yeah, that can be right, hahaa :)) thanks a lot, dear!! xoxo
little_vixen21 on May 27
chic voted.. i really missed you :)
_SERENITY_ on May 27
aww, l really missed you too, dear! ;)
little_vixen21 on May 27
wow nice outfit :) so cute.. i love your place so earthy :) cute scarf.. i'm so inspired again :)
_SERENITY_ on May 27
thank you, dear <33
cayeconcepcion on May 27
i love ur posts even more dear!!i love it better when ur outdoor and in full body view!!:) i loooooooooooove the bow scarf as always!:)and the bag!:)
_SERENITY_ on May 27
thank you soo much, sweetie <33
Annebeth on May 27
I love your outside shots, that bow-scarf is gorgeous!
vevevea on May 27
cute look!
Duygu on May 27
très magnifique! you look gorgeous !!:) and this place near your neighborhood is wonderfull.. so chic chic! :)
_SERENITY_ on May 27
thank you, honey <33
PiaSrvstv0990 on May 27
love ur scarf
Diamonddigger on May 27
love the scarf!!
Diamonddigger on May 27
absolutely beautiful!! one of the best pics! x
Sigrid on May 27
love how you tied you scarf
katiemd on May 27
i love this! i love how you tied your scarf into a bow :) looks really cute
_SERENITY_ on May 27
thanks, dear ;)
desitanoyo on May 27
i love the scarf!!
ScarletApril on May 27
oh dear you look lovely! i am really loving your whole outfit pictures so much! oh and i adore your look of course! the bright pop of the scarf, the tights, vest, bag, everything, looks perfect! chic and fave dear! :)
_SERENITY_ on May 27
aww, thank you sooo much, sweetie!! miss you! <33 xoxooo
avipie on May 26
nice layering girl! =D you're so pretty
atul0481 on May 26
WOW...I love thoe leggings paired with shorts. Perfect for ur body. Lovely
another whole outfit shot!:) it's great that you're posting your whole look already!nice outfit btw:) love the scarf dear:)
_SERENITY_ on May 27
ohh, thanks a lot, darling <33 xoxo
thehotmess on May 26
Ohmyyyy. You're so pretty Oana! :)) I'm not used to seeing pictures of you taken outdoor! :) It's really something new! I so love your outfit! :)) CHIC! My fave!
_SERENITY_ on May 27
ohh, thaaaank you, sugar!! <33 xoxo
MarieMarieMarie on May 26
awww cute! I really like how you tied the scarf and the vest is adorable! =)
_SERENITY_ on May 27
thanks, honey <333
channierie on May 26
i love this! the scarf rocks the outfit!
omgitsmaruh on May 26
I love the effect of that scarf on your neck, really pretty! plus plus the tights :*
_SERENITY_ on May 27
thank you, darling <33
rhonneltansantos on May 26
nice scarf dear :) love the vest too! nice layering!
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