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Updated on May 25, 2010
black Ray Ban sunglasses - denim jacket - gold f21 - Accessorize
Black-ray-ban-sunglasses-accessorize-gold-f21-topshop-black-aldo Black-ray-ban-sunglasses-accessorize-gold-f21-topshop-black-aldo Black-ray-ban-sunglasses-accessorize-gold-f21-topshop-black-aldo
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Aphrodite 's Thoughts:

Hello everyone.=)

Hope ur having a nice Tuesday.=)

I meant to post last night (about 11pm again!) but then the husband said i will end up posting every night again, late, if i continue the routine, which i am trying to change. So he said i should sacrifice a day and post today and start an afternoon routine so i dont destroy our movie nights which he’s very passionate about. We still get to watch movies but end up sleeping very late because of course i always do Chictopia first. Now, if i want to do Chictopia daily and blog properly, i will have to do it during the day or do it after the movies, which will trigger my “sleep all day up all night” illness again. And he’ll be miserable again for sleeping alone while i do my computer stuff. Buying him another book he said was a good trick but he cant possibly read a book till 4am waiting for me to come to bed. Fair enough.=) I bought him “MUHAMMAD” a biography by Karen Armstrong, who spent 7 years as a Roman Catholic nun and wrote other books like “In the beginning- A new interpretation of Genesis” which i would also like to read myself. She’s very good, a Catholic nun writing about different religions and staying fair, not on any side at all. And definitely not on ours. So he’s learning about the man behind Islam, and i thought it was important, that Muhammad was important, worth knowing, just as important as knowing who Bin Laden was, and Hitler. There are hundreds of books written about Princess Diana and Marilyn Monroe, and i admire people like Karen who choose to write about the other “famous” people. So yes, he’s reading that while im reading Lolita (which i watched many years ago, and made me fall inlove with Jeremy Irons). He’s got this great voice, sexy even that when i watched “Lakadima”, a story of my favourite Leopardess which he narrated for Nat Geo, i cant help but remember Lolita. His is my 3rd favourite voice in the whole world, 1st is of course my husband’s, with his sexy english accent, 2nd is Freddie’s-especially when he says “My dear” and “darling”.=)
Anyway, sorry, back to the outfit. I’ve been sorting out clothes all day singing along to Alicia Keys and talking to my dogs once in a while but i havent really had human contact/conversation since i woke up. The man left very early to do meetings and i have no idea what time he’ll be able to sqweeze me in. He had 1 hour with me yesterday before he ran and met people again. So yes, this was me on our last day in Dubai, we were in Dubai mall of course.=) It’s the first place i go to and the last. And many other times in between.=) What did we do? Wait..We walked around and we got him stuff (i bought him a shirt and khaki trousers, because he gave away some of his old ones) and a few other things for the girls, then i begged him to buy me Spicy prawns again,one last time, then i asked him to wait for me in Starbucks, i ran to the place where he got me my Dior 2 and bought the silver versions, then watched “Prince of Persia” which he rated 7, not bad, he was quite generous because he did spot a few flaws (while i spotted one myself, one line that the princess said twice in a span of 20 minutes, the same way.) It’s amazing what we can do now with movies, but sometimes it get’s too much that you know it’s all computer. We like Avatar a lot because it’s high tech/great effects but you can still pretend that it’s possible, in Pandora anyway. And we did appreciate the effort of Jake G. to do the accent, not bad.=) Critics say it’s bad, also Russel’s in “Robin Hood” but cmon, not everybody is as good as Meryl Streep.=) Ok, this is getting quite long, Eagle Jersey Maxi dress is from Topshop, they have it in other designs too but i got this one and brown one and if you guys like it, they also have it in khaki. Lots of maxis floating around that i had to avoid the stores cuz i didnt want to buy another bag. I have been wearing maxis every year for the past few years and im happy that it’s one of the official trends of this season so i can have the excuse to wear them a lot. And i hope you wont get tired of it. That’s it for me, back to my sorting. I wanna finish it soon, i havent been in Pandora’s box/Ambrosia for days if not weeks. =(

I hope you like it and i will get back to you a little bit later.=) Thank you for the comments and votes on my last post. You know this page is nothing without you.
Thank you……

Love Love Kiss Kiss


Comments (72)

18shadesofblu on January 25
Cute casual :)
LadyHysteria on August 15
lalag on December 17
you have an amazing sense of style
aPetiteDiva on September 24
dayummm, you look absolutely fab!!! such an amazing outfit!
chelyuson on September 12
love the bag
mizmay on August 17
Dear, fab` bag! You look great! Tell your husband that it`s for a good purpose.. :)
BlondeLily on June 26
Cute comfy style....Love it.
maneandchic on June 20
vegangela on June 14
TropicalTwist on June 01
bomb jacket!...nice touch with the bag x
trainwreak on June 01
love the maxi and the jacket together!
gucci on May 30
haha! i have the same problem now with my husband :) like your outfit, it's defintely not dull
_nonchalant on May 27
that maxi looks so gorgeous on you! and I love your bag, the color is perfect :] so pretty
rhonneltansantos on May 26
wow i super love this look :)
funkygloire on May 26
That's the perfect denim jacket for maxi dresses. I love it <3
juicyxoprincess on May 26
your jacket is amazing!! Ive been looking for a denim jacket like that!!
stylenomad on May 26
love how this flows!
lissakahayon on May 26
the pop of orange is amazing!!!!!
BadTasteToast on May 25
this looks so comfy but chic at the same time! the combo of dress and denim jacket is awesome!
GlammcouturE on May 25
super chic :)
NanaHoshino on May 25
I love the dress and jacket!! :)
fashionista196996 on May 25
i love your dress
Caeline on May 25
This looks so effortless. Love it.
megan_tme on May 25
Fabulous outfit! I just love the little jean jacket with your maxi dress! And you have given me some new books to read :) You rock!!!
Pink_Champagne on May 25
great pop of the orange bag! its so cool how you combinted the jersey maxi dress with that vintage denim jacket! =)
tresor2424 on May 25
awesome look
SimplyHope on May 25
Gorgeous jacket! Love how you added the orange bag:D
Annebeth on May 25
btw YES jeremy irons is hot and his performance in Lolita is only rivalled by Dominique Swain: THE perfect lolita! I referred to the book and the movie too in my posts from yesterday which was inspired by the movie! such a coincidence! :D
Annebeth on May 25
i mean the day before yesterday's look :D
Diamonddigger on May 25
i love all about this look, chic!!
WooBean on May 25
Love this!
shoegirlath on May 25
I really like your new look!
Fashionrehab on May 25
really chill, yet chic
rockjazz on May 25
simply CHIC!! i love the denim jacket really!!
StyleFrost on May 25
Love your denim jacket with the maxi dress!
solybBy on May 25
dress is so femenine & cute ! looks great on your. I love your hair too
Sparklz on May 25
love the maxi dress + denim jacket combo!!
JusticeIsBorn on May 25
DediLovesFashion on May 25
love the dress.
lavuson on May 25
so fab and unique!!! I love everything!!!! you are totally workin' it everyday :D
glamourvixen on May 25
You have the perf body for a maxi! Paired with with the denim jacke this is causal chic perfection!!! <3
Laura86 on May 25
every time I see your bag I want it so bed!
naunet on May 25
Chic as always! Love your jacket and bag!
Modemoiselle on May 25
amazing dress! love everything
deathbyplatforms on May 25
very rocker+casual+chic!
sandram on May 25
you're so chic! I love the jacket! it's simply amazing! and about the bag.. wow, love it; love the color. it gives that something on the outfit! Chic xx
likey a lot
Annachiara on May 25
Faantastic *_*
SarahJaneR on May 25
love the dress and jacket, great casual look, I could live in maxi dresses all summer, though i only own 4 lol.
charchelle27 on May 25
dear i love how you pair that long dress with the denim jacket! look so cute!
fabulous outfit:)
HK_Tralala on May 25
the orange bag makes the look looking super fresh! and awsome picture aswell..i would really love to read the whole article but i am hurry now..i will come back and read this later:)
chicainlove on May 25
this is perfect!
trinnah on May 25
I love the maxi on you! It's even better with the denim jacket! :)
vintage_overload on May 25
love the maxi and your denim jack? wow
NaomiDee on May 25
love your maxi dress..and that denim jacket is awesome!! love this look lots and lots! :)
chubbylumpkin on May 25
I love the maxi with this jacket!
amyrudakova on May 25
wow!! major love this!!! great outfits! i love your maxi! your denim jacket!! owh your bag enough repeating again and cool!! hahah now u get addicted to likewise lol, and my hubby also act like yours..
cayeconcepcion on May 25
gahd!i love ur long dresses/skirts!!they are so sexy and chic!!!
fashionluvr on May 25
Love this!
sazzychiq on May 25
love the denim with the dress you look absolutely fab!!
joannaladrido on May 25
you look so chic in a maxi dress! love the purse too! i think ur husand is so sweet to be concerned with ur sleeping habits!
vevevea on May 25
nice denim jacket!
AnnaBorisowa on May 25
love this;) as always perfect!
sany on May 25
Perfect as put maxi dress so chic...i'm jealous:-))) and love that cute denim jacket...xo..xo..
folle_femme on May 25
Maxi dresses look amazing on you!
Annebeth on May 25
perfect casual maxi! And I adore that necklace!
FairyColors on May 25
that denim jacket is the perfect toch for that sporty maxi dress!! love that pop of orange on your purse and the mix of blue and orange too!! sooo chic, dear <33
miaamos on May 25
this is LOVE.that sweet dress with this STUNNING jacket is soooo beautiful!!u look gorgeous and super stylish!!!
mandigarcia on May 25
love the maxi! and awesome jacket!!
SanjaJUNGLE on May 25
Lovely! Your jacket is awesome
Donata on May 25
love the maxi!! ok i just repeated your title but its true!!!
FabyLovesYou on May 25
Love,love,loveeeee.... .this dress!!!
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