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Updated on May 23, 2010
silver H&M - Motel Asoscom - Zara belt - black Topshop - blue - silver Zara
Silver-h-m-motel-asoscom-zara-belt-black-topshop-blue-silver-zara Silver-h-m-motel-asoscom-zara-belt-black-topshop-blue-silver-zara Silver-h-m-motel-asoscom-zara-belt-black-topshop-blue-silver-zara
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Aphrodite 's Thoughts:

Hello everyone.=)

Mmm..monday, i know we dont like mondays.=) But it’s almost over so smile.=)

I am sorry the write up is 12 hours late! =( We’re home and i spent most of my time in the house emptying the closet while my stuff from Dubai are still in the bags in the living room! So right now there are 3 big piles of clothes in our bedroom and i and the husband have to hop around to get to the bed! And we thought the bedroom was too big for us! (when we just moved in.) It’s a serious work what i am doing right now, so serious that i have to have loud music in the background and contineous supply of tea and cigarette. So yesterday we spent a few hours in the boulevard,sipping tea and doing our sunday quiz (our questionaire was made for britain’s 10 years olds!!! But no, dont you laugh, even the husband failed to asnwer a few! Kids now are too clever. When i was 10 i thought England was a brand of soda!!! My favourite was- who fell first, Jack or Jill? I had to sing first before i got the answer then we spent half an hour fighting about the tune! Diddy says mine wasnt the right tune! Argh!) while the dogs enjoyed the grass. Weather was perfect. It was warm but you dont sweat because the wind kept everything dry, and it’s not the usual annoying wind i so hate. Clear blue skies and i was happy to find out that my pet birds are back in their nest with a new baby. I have been watching them for 3 years.=) Anyway, after that, i spent the whole day doing clothes. New ones from Dubai last Christmas/new year and from our last trip have to be the ones in the closet so i can see them. And old ones somewhere else, they’ve had their time. Half were lucky enough to be worn once. But i am still keeping them somewhere in the bedroom so i can easily get to them if i need a particular piece. But winter stuff are moving to another room. My husband is quite patient with me though he still shakes his head and gives me that “oh look at her, pathetic..” and stands there by the door watching me curse my beloved silk dresses. They’re a pain, you fold them carefully and one wrong move, they slide and fall on the floor!!! I still need a few more days of this before we can move around.=‘(
Anyway, this was me Thurdays night last week when we went to see our favourite band “Dam Age” in Marco Polo hotel. But we had dinner in Radisson Blu first because i requested for some fish cake and Tom Yum soup. They have a good restaurant there called—-Yum!!!. I had to adjust the snakey after that.=) Top is from by Motel which the husband got me 4 or 5 months ago, hidden in the “New stuff” box which are no longer new because i waited too long before wearing them! I dont know, i think i need a new system! Anyway, i fell inlove with the colors, they also had a maxi dress version of it and a couple more other designs but the man chose this so, good-good.=) Earrings from H&M, they reminded me of Stella McCartney’s beige hoop earrings from SS9 collection so i bought them and i was lucky the man liked them, i was surprised, i thought i will have to wear them while he’s in the UK.=) Clutch is from Zara, it’s metal and can only accomodate a packet of cigarette and a lighter OR my Blackberry and lipstick! That’s it! =) My husband said “Useful..” He had to carry my cigarette and lighter!=) We took some photos when we were out using his 14.1 mp digital Camera but i begged him to take a couple more in the hotel cuz i wanted you guys to really see the clutch bag. And i hope you like my little 80’s number.=)

Thank you once again to you guys who commented and voted on this post, i finished last night at 11pm and i ran to the cafe downstairs and posted this (our internet was cut off a couple of weeks after i left) but i didnt have enough time to write anything as the place closed their WiFi at 11:35. It was (getting the internet connection paid) Diddy’s first job today. And i will have to get back to my sorting now but i will get back to you later and post my “Last day” outfit in Dubai.=)

PS- Many thanks to my good friend Chris and PapiCaetan for the very nice comment.=) And to you, for reading.=)

Love Love Kiss Kiss


Comments (64)

RuffaCarrico on February 13
nice, im diggin your shoes ;)
tammmmy on October 05
I love it!!!!!
Jameese on September 17
Great Outfit.
TropicalTwist on June 01
gorgeous x
GlammcouturE on May 25
chic chic chic :)))
TamQuoia on May 25
im in awe!!!
rockjazz on May 25
im in love with your shoes!!
amyrudakova on May 25
blue shoes!!!! captivating...
paxie_aiza on May 25
such a nice top and those shoes rock!:)
FairyColors on May 25
your blouse is so pretty and l love that amazing color on your shoes too!! you look so classy and elegant and l love that vintage vibe too <3 chic voted
folle_femme on May 24
Such a nice shirt! Love the enssemble!
Pink_Champagne on May 24
such a pretty top and shoes combination! =)
crystaldots on May 24
i'm liking this!!!! *favorite photo*
Laine on May 24
You're timeless. Your style transcends the barriers of time. Love it!
Aphrodite on May 25
thank you so much, i like that.=) xxx
kellyshoestrings on May 24
love that blouse with those bright blue shoes! great look =)
4everUSMC on May 24
PiaSrvstv0990 on May 24
im such a fan of bright shoes
Hisherschicago on May 24
I adore this look but LOVE the top!
WooBean on May 24
Gorgeous shirt!
WallflowerVintage on May 24
Fabulous blouse! Love those colors!
Annachiara on May 24
wowwwwww darling!!! fantastic *_*
Caeline on May 24
Even more than the fab outfit is your poise! So elegant! Love the pop of colour at your feet!
miaamos on May 24
ho gosh that outfit is awesome!!love the colors!!!!!!!!!!!!the shoesssss i want and the shirt i need.thanks.
ChanelCraves on May 24
U look sooo pretty. Love the top!
efrilrissa on May 24
windchime003 on May 24
gorgeous shoes..
Katy90 on May 24
great colour coordination the blue shoes match with the top prints:) and the belt really enchance your figure:)
FabyLovesYou on May 24
Love everything!!! I want these earrings!!!
kavzme on May 24
nice look fab ! specially love the shirt....!
joannaladrido on May 23
love the blue shoes and the blouse!
kalane on May 23
i like the print on your blouse. looks good on you.
cute shoes!!
PapiCaetan on May 23
Aphrodite, Nefertiti, Cleopatra, and Helen of Troy... Men go to war for women like you! Godess and queen of style, chic as always!
Aphrodite on May 24
oh i love you!!!!!!!!!!!!! =)
TamQuoia on May 23
the shoes are amazing, they stand out so nice!
lissakahayon on May 23
awesome print on the blouse! i love it!!!
Zanalilie on May 23
I am OBSESSED with that motel print. you're looking very cleopatra chic!! xx
megan_tme on May 23
Love the outfit! So 80's! The print is so amazing, and love the silver accessories, especially the earrings. Great ensemble!
JayTee on May 23
great colors
cayeconcepcion on May 23
i love that top!!and i love the color of the shoes!!!i don't think it's blue.:) and i love ur earrings!!!
ACO on May 23
SO jealous of that shirt. i want!!!
vevevea on May 23
nice shirt!
fashionluvr on May 23
Great top, and I love your accessories ... those earrings are so chic and your bag and belt are perfect together.
charchelle27 on May 23
girl you look so pretty! i love the colors of your shirt and your shoes is just gorgeous!
fashaholic on May 23
You're always stylin.
alwaysinvogue7 on May 23
GORGEOUSSSSSSSSSS! I love your top so chic!
SimplyHope on May 23
Love those earrings and the blue heels are so nice!
BreakfastatSaks on May 23
Love your blouse and those shoes!!
districtofchic on May 23
Oh that top! What a cool print!
glamourvixen on May 23
I luv that belt! And those shoes!!! This is fabulous as always!!!! xo
_nonchalant on May 23
love the print on the top and especially how you matched the shoes!
patriss on May 23
love your shoes that color is so cool and i like your shirt print...chic
BbyFaB on May 23
nice combination of colors
HelloPretty on May 23
so lovely! xo
Laura86 on May 23
aw wow, you look amazing! the floral shirt is so beautiful and feminine!
chubbylumpkin on May 23
lovely top!
Annebeth on May 23
amazing earrings, looove the shirt! chic and elegant as always honey, you look so exotic!
INDIRA_S on May 23
love the earrings !! hmmm i love everything =D so chic :
sany on May 23
Very interesting shirt and you wear it so chic...fab combined with tights and shoes...accessories are full touch to this it dear...;-)))
funkygloire on May 23
love love love love love this style ! Très chic :)
mandigarcia on May 23
awesome shirt! you look really good! :)
AnnaBorisowa on May 23
shoes are just amazing! love this color:)
SarahJaneR on May 23
love the blouse and shoes, nice leggings and belt as well. I'm addicted to an oversized hoop earrings lol
franloiacono on May 23
This is so well put together and balanced :) Amazing shoes :D CHIC!
SanjaJUNGLE on May 23
Love the color of your shoes :) And those are killer hoops, great style ;)
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