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Updated on May 18, 2010
orange asos dress - gray HUE tights - brown payless shoes - blue vintage belt -
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mangoesfromaustralia 's Thoughts:

hey, remember me, sometimes I use trash cans to prop my camera up, sometimes it falls, sometimes the neighbors stare, yea, I’m that girl. anyway, now that we have been reacquainted. I apologize for my absence and my continued absence. I spent last weekend in Indiana one last time. Mind you, I’m usually pretty stylish when I’m out and about with my friends, however, my trusty fence is not there so I am completely unable to take my pictures.

I don’t love this outfit. I love this dress. But I just feel better about myself posting something. It may disappear like magic tomorrow. Also, you’ll probably be seeing a lot of this belt and bag. Both thrifted purchases. I saw the bag at a Goodwill in Indiana. It was $12. Which is a lot for Goodwill. I reluctantly passed it up then proceeded to talk about it all weekend. WELLLL it was half off Saturday, you know how the story ends. It’s going to be the perfect bag to use as my carry on personal item for all my traveling coming up. It even has this foam type sleeve thing to put my computer in. When I told this to my mom and upon further inspection of my bag, she informed me it is a diaper bag and the foam partition is a changing pad. Excellent. So thank you stylish mom who decided this bag was a little too nasty gold for you. I’m in love. The girl at Michaels was like, “wow, that’s like luggage”. I told her it was. I was just so excited about it that I wanted to carry it around unnecessarily for a few days. Although I’ve discovered not to take it into stores, I’m pretty sure they think I’m going to shoplift.

Anyway, I found out yesterday that I have a final interview/job fair type thing in Houston. One itty bitty catch, it’s Saturday. So I’ve spent the last 24 hours frantically finding deals on flights (don’t exist) from Grand Rapids to Houston. It’s my first trip all alone. Where there is no one waiting for me, no conference to attend with shuttle service. I’m flying to and renting a car and hotel all by myself in a city where I know absolutely not a soul.

So here goes nothing. Oh and I get a second dose of cowboys next weekend when I go to Oklahoma City for a wedding. Thanks for sticking with me and reading chictopians. I absolutely love this community and all of my friends I’ve never met. Love.

Comments (22)

user57305 on January 03
shoes ferragamo
chocolate_right_now on July 27
wonderful outfit =) !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
kalane on July 22
this dress looks lovely on you & i like that bag.
adore orange and love how you teamed it with those tights! I`d wear this definitely!
kimberlymaejohnson on May 25
i love how simple and cute this is. gooooood deal
Tasmilton on May 22
Indigogirl on May 21
the dress is really pretty!
nbr5 on May 21
love the outfit, and the blue flower in your hair makes it even better :)
Very cute orange dress. love the belt too!
sanrose95 on May 20
so cute!!
missprorsum on May 20
super sweet
coco_jones on May 20
fab orange shade, looks great with the gold!
sallyannie on May 19
I love this :D that dress is actually amazing I lovelovelove how bright and colourful it is! It looks super comfy, too! Good luck for your job interview!
lalalahoppx on May 19
so cute!!
vernellle on May 19
Great dress! I've been using a step stool to prop my camera up. And it falls. Then I use a flower pot. And it falls. Haha.
StyleInterplay on May 19
amazing color!! and i do the same thing, i use trash cans, chairs, books whatever I can find within reach to use as a tripod lol! <3
mypointmystyle on May 19
nice dress! it has such a great color! ;)
trinnah on May 19
I love hearing about people's thrift finds because we don't have any good thrift shops here where I live (at least, I haven't found any), so I live vicariously through you. :) Love the dress! I love the color! :)
naunet on May 19
Love the bright orange dress it goes well with those greyblue stockings! :)
love ur dress x
tanyabell on May 19
great dress and bag!
Shelby on May 19
wow, this is magical. im in love with the colour.
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