Destination South Bend, Indiana

Updated on May 18, 2010
red Pendleton thrifted blazer - gray vintage dress - white Target socks - black
Red-pendleton-thrifted-blazer-gray-vintage-dress-white-target-socks-black- Red-pendleton-thrifted-blazer-gray-vintage-dress-white-target-socks-black- Red-pendleton-thrifted-blazer-gray-vintage-dress-white-target-socks-black-
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aCullen 's Thoughts:

After departing the Twin Cities (with those new thrift store treasures in my trunk), I made my way to South Bend, Indiana, where my best friend in the world, Virginia, is getting her MFA in Printmaking at Notre Dame. South Bend is a very interesting little city. It’s seen better days; the town’s industry has mostly disappeared (Studebakers were manufactured there) leaving behind several colleges but not much else. So, it was an odd city because, while composed of mostly college students, it was most definitely not a college town. Gorgeous homes stood with boarded up windows and slowly decaying faces. Just a little love and money would bring alive this town. I wish I had photos of some of the architectural and atmospheric beauty of the place, but alas, I didn’t think that far ahead! I do have just these photos in the courtyard of Virginia’s apartment building.

Virginia was kind enough to grab these shots for my outfit post, but she wouldn’t let me post any photos of her! I took a few, and I’m tempted, but I’ll stick to my word, Virg! Funny story: I’d never discussed my blog with Virginia before, and the moment I mentioned I had a personal style blog she ran to grab her computer and showed me Julie’s blog Orchid Grey, asking, “Do you know this?” I laughed. I had no idea she read fashion blogs, and she had no idea I fashion blogged. When taking my photos Virginia, then, started teasing me, saying that I had to make the typical “blogger poses.” I’m trying to convince her to start a blog of her own, especially if she already knows what the so-called “blogger poses” are. The only photo Virginia would permit me to post that included her is this one below of our lovely feet; note: we’re both sporting t-straps. We grabbed these photos before a day of thrifting; South Bend had some great thrifting spots!

There’s more on my blog, Time Enough For Drums.

Comments (9)

murdersville on June 19
what a cute dress and shoes and bag and blazer
primish on May 29
dead on about sb. I lived there four years in college and it's so not a college town, which was disappointing coming from bloomington (where the Indiana University campus is). The students all go to the stores and restaurants in Mishawaka, which is sad since south bend has some great little shops and cafes and stuff. Haha, we ALWAYS went to the south bend bars though- especially Fiddler's Hearth!
Freesiablog on May 23
beautiful !!!!! love every piece!!!!!! adorable!
asailorwentto_sea on May 23
Agh, I can't believe how lovely this is. The whole outfit reminds me of a character in a book I read as a child, Milly Molly Mandy. So cute :)
criscela on May 19
lovely!! love red colour!!
pandaphilia on May 18
cute, love the brights
trashion1 on May 18
I love this cute on you!!!
AshtreeMeadows on May 18
Such a cute outfit! Love your sun glasses :)
Jazza on May 18
sooo unbelievably cute! look great!
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