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Updated on May 13, 2010
Mafia Couture blazer - from my sister shoes - mirror clutch Nine West bag
Mafia-couture-blazer-mango-top-random-from-hk-shorts-cuteture-necklace-f Mafia-couture-blazer-mango-top-random-from-hk-shorts-cuteture-necklace-f Mafia-couture-blazer-mango-top-random-from-hk-shorts-cuteture-necklace-f Mafia-couture-blazer-mango-top-random-from-hk-shorts-cuteture-necklace-f Mafia-couture-blazer-mango-top-random-from-hk-shorts-cuteture-necklace-f
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joannaladrido 's Thoughts:

I used the disco ball as inspiration today and wore the shimmery bolero I got from MAFIA at a bazaar last September. Paired it with a plain oversize tank knotted at the waist since it was a wee bit too long and denim shorts from HK a couple of years back. Added a mirroir clutch and silver shoes with black socks to complete the look and I was all set to leave. My day was pretty packed today and I wanted to wear something glam and glitzy but also still casual and easy to move around in. This was the perfect choice.

I have to admit, I’ve been less into drama, scandals and intrigues and more into keeping things peaceful and mellow nowadays. Seriously. I am out of the loop, and got off the grapevine…I do not have the 4-1-1 on the juiciest gossip, catfights or “she said, he said” situations. I just cannot stomach the drama most people seem to chase as if it is a necessity in life, like coffee or oxygen (perhaps). Yes, I have officially grown up and I have to admit, I am not complaining at all with how things turned out for me. It’s refreshing to not have intrigue and incessant bad mouthing around me. I get to concentrate on more important matters rather than concentrating on making myself matter to people who don’t give a damn. Some might call me boring, (I find it odd how drama not present in your life equates to boring…seriously, there’s something wrong with that), but what the heck, I am not going to change a good thing.

People I bump into keep on asking me, “What’s new with you?” and I end up always racking my brains out. I answer with the safest and most honest reply I could, “Uhmmm…well I’m wearing new shoes today.” It might be totally avoiding the issue but I have new shoes- it’s with me, I am wearing it and that’s my answer! Nothing really is new with me..but my shoes.

Isn’t constancy such a wonderful thing sometimes?

I may be boring but hey, I overcompensate with a lot of FLASH FLASH FLASH (cue in Silver disco ball blazer I am wearing in this look). One thing I will totally never be bored with is DRESSING UP. I love to dress up…it’s like the ultimate escape from the humdrum blahs of daily life. I must admit, everything I wear needs to be a bit exaggerated and over the top in some way (I guess that’s just me) but ever since I was young, I was never used to blending in (fashion-wise). Even my rubbershoes for P.E. were the girliest shimmeriest flashiest ones ever. I always wore what I wanted to wear and I didn’t care what other people had to say about it. That is tough especially back here in the Philippines where wearing boots would result to pointing, whispers and a couple of sneers. I’m sure everyone in Chictopia from the Philippines would share that same experience probably countless times.

Such was my experience today. I wore this to my doctor’s appointment in the afternoon followed by a movie date with the boyfriend at night. The sequin thing was a tad bit too shimmery for an afternoon in the hospital thus the numerous stares I got. But THIS LOOK is casual for me, I did not offend anyone by being vulgar or indecent and I loved wearing it so I didn’t care.

I must say, I look up to and love fellow Chictopians such as lissakahayon, deathbyplatforms, patriciaprieto, ninaestacio, inKARLcerating, acedchua and many many more (you know who you are) for always challenging the norm when it comes to dressing up back here in the country. Seriously, it was tough at first (especially when no one in Manila knew about Chictopia yet but a select few). Now I see people in malls more glammed up, in high heels (and actually accessorizing). Chictopians changed the whole laidback local fashion scene and turned it fierce, fabulous and definitely a force to look forward to in the future.

Isn’t it just great how Chictopia is THAT influential and Chictopians got to be movers and shakers? I love it. xx

P.S. Sorry for the long blog entry I was in need of an avenue to release my thoughts!

Comments (94)

filthygorgeous on February 21
TheTowerSentry on June 23
OMG! Love that bolero! :D
modgeisha on October 29
Awesome outfit! Awesome blazer and shoes!!!
modgeisha on October 29
I totally agree with what you said in your rant/blog entry. :) Chictopians are true movers and shakers! We challenge the norm and defy the status quo. I love your confidence and attitude and how you channel that into fashion. You're a true style icon not only here in Chictopia but I believe in the country. I can't wait for the day when everyone would know about your chicness! :D
rockpapervintage on August 07
WHOA! speechless!
goddesss on July 17
destineddiva93 on July 06
amazing shoes
Lindseytweeters on June 21
Amazing!Your shoes and blazer are to die for!
shahinyanshahen on June 01
cute look. i love the oufit. amazing
shahinyanshahen on June 01
cute look. i love the oufit. amazing
angelsanddemons96 on May 23
i loove your shoes please!!
nazlay on May 21
cute love it
PrisLee on May 21
love this look!
psykoKilla on May 20
luuuuuv this
nopnop on May 19
love it all esp the shoes!!! =D
Lousea on May 18
The bolero, necklace and shorts, I love it all. I love coming on Chictopia to have a look at your looks and it's nice to read your blogs, so true. Yay to no drama xxo
JovinaL on May 17
omaisshopaholic on May 17
lovelove evrything!!! its just so fab!
laikacheena on May 16
totally agree with your post, even the names you mentioned. And hey, the only opinions and (constructive) criticisms that matter are the ones from the people who actually matter in your life. Otherwise, you can just flush those comments in the toilet. Keep your head up. :)
leabolante on May 16
I love the outfit! :))
maliamazing on May 16
amazing! love this look
trinnah on May 16
I love this look! :)
mestizay on May 16
wow JL i couldnt say it better! i totally felt what you wrote in this blog.:) kudos to you and your zero drama life!:)
misschinny on May 15
and i read your blog, AMEN for Chictopia and for that outfit :)
LeasSuitcase on May 15
the necklace is GENIUS!
libys11 on May 15
love the flashy and bling side of this outfit!!!! so fab!
joey1433 on May 15
the bolero is amazing!
Coconut on May 15
this is brillant
Luca on May 15
Great pic!
trishacamille on May 14
Aaww great blog post! And omg you are so THIN!!! I think its the hair being put up that makes you look thinner haha. Super cute outfit I love it!
Jennylovely on May 14
Please tell me what brand those shoes are!!! Love them!
princesza23 on May 14
I love it! =)
earthgirlsareez on May 14
so damn cute!
omgitsmaruh on May 14
wow! the pair of shoes is really awesome! :)
rubysue on May 14
wooow lady! this is so creative and fun. and yes, constancy is really great sometimes :)
chelsea18 on May 14
love the jacket
rhonneltansantos on May 14
love love love
solybBy on May 14
this is hot :)
Bor on May 14
Great outfit!
Nyal on May 14
LOVE!!! The jacket is AMAZING!
ingeluciana on May 14
very matching!! the sequin bolero, clutch, and heels are perfect!!! very cool...
nadyac on May 14
you always have killer shoes! you never disappoint me with your outfits they are all great! love this whole outfit!
T1ps on May 14
cute shorts!! x
IandW on May 14
another totally amazing look <33333 the shoes and blazer
tweet on May 14
Stunning, love your shoes x
pwincessbebe on May 14
wow you're shining !! i love this look joanna, u look hot !
FabyLovesYou on May 13
loooove very much!!!! Perfect outfit!!
youngbones on May 13
love the color combo ! great look.
SarahJaneR on May 13
love the sequin blazer and shoes, nice clutch and necklace as well, loving how flashy yet casual this ensemble is!
erikareyes on May 13
love this entry! so true! anyway looking good as always!
mieke on May 13
very chic!:D
kds_c on May 13
you look stunning!:)
this is amazing jl!! i love this look!! :)
deathbyplatforms on May 13
awww babe, thanks for the mention! you are a Style Icon yourself too. damn this outfit is fierce! only you can pull of such decadent pieces!
sazzychiq on May 13
soo true!!! i have to agree dressing up here, wearing whatever you like, would always be a challenge for every filipina coz you would always end up with gapes which is sometimes irritating or fascinating((: whatever! we should wear whatever we like and hopefully people will adapt the new street style in our country!!(: love the bolero it makes you standout with the rest!(: stunning!!!!
iamdenie on May 13
i love this post, JL :) I super agree with you :)
little_vixen21 on May 13
i really love what you wrote.. being fashionista is your passion go for it.. i so love your style.. i wanted to follow your blog so much.. your also an inspiration to me :)
Zigk on May 13
So beautiful. :) I love the bolero. :)
cayeconcepcion on May 13
yes chictopia really is influential and inspirational. I share the problem how people here likes to gawk if you were beyoooond the exception of jeans and a shirt.unlike in other countries where no one cares what you look or how crazy it may look.boo.i love dressing up too!!i love ur outfit!!just go on wearing what u love.people are just envious.:)
MissSuperficial on May 13
loves it!
amyrudakova on May 13
im pretty sure positive for what u wrote, as for me here in sarawak malaysia!!!! every one look at me like i am a freak.....wearing an ankle boots and something bright as a raylight...but likewise, i just dont give a damn.. by the way, i like this outfits and every outfits u wear in your blog.. ;)
Shaniqua1071 on May 13
Love love everything about this look!!!
KmadzFantastic on May 13
Great location for the pictures! And I think disco balls are one of the best forms of inspiration :)
Donata on May 13
love the bolero and boots!!! Nice way to shine!!!:D
ScarletApril on May 13
love every piece in this outfit! :D
ScarletApril on May 13
oh and what you wrote here, it was just very inspiring. :)
thehotmess on May 13
Love the whole ensemble! love! :>
febisho on May 13
love this look!!!
catherinepajarito on May 13
i love your shoes as in super.. i love it..:) and also your whole outfit.. it is so adorable it so super cute and nice...:)
Fabulous_Kath on May 13
to die for outfit... im such a big fan... love it...
lissakahayon on May 13
love this casual look babe!!!! perfect day to night outfit!!!
classietrashie on May 13
Cool jacket. I love how you toned it down with the tshirt and shorts
maryiangge on May 13
great outfit!
cherry8888 on May 13
warda on May 13
i looove your style!!!
Pink_Champagne on May 13
nice clutch
SimplyHope on May 13
HOT SHOES!!!!! You rock:)
meganroses on May 13
love the bootie with the socks! your closet must HUMONGOUS!
Haiku_Ambulance on May 13
I love this- and I LOVE your disco ball inspiration. Also, very much inspired by the cut-out bootie with socks. Verrrrry awesome. And gorgeous. And as always Miss Joanna, thank you for your sweet comments. ANNND- Wow, that is really awesome to hear about Manila and Chictopia- really amazing.
Laura86 on May 13
you look amazing! love it!
Sinndj on May 13
fashionjunkie36 on May 13
alll round fabulous
Sofia_Santos on May 13
love the shoes
paxie_aiza on May 13
I agree with everything you said. :) Love this babe! You're one of a kind:)
Catiii on May 13
great style :)
Maud on May 13
Oh my god. I love your style!!
claire90 on May 13
this outfit is amazing...............soooo fierce
neon_sunset on May 13
Your gorgeous! LOVE the look :) and I tottally agree with most of the things you say. Where I live people dress very causually, so I wouldn't have the guts to wear something like this...but I appreciate your braveness :).
Walking_Felony on May 13
totally glam! :) I love the look! :)
jtodd on May 13
love it..very chic!
vernenciso on May 13
you look amazing!!
sany on May 13
Wow...love everything about this outfit....chic,chic...
FadedSketches on May 13
Great look!
splashofcolour on May 13
I love this look on you. That shade of denim compliments the silver so well and I like how the white breaks it all up a bit :)
fashionluvr on May 13
Stunning look! I see how you've channeled the disco ball, very successfully I might add. The bolero is fantastic.
mitzicocoa on May 13
Amazing glittery look. That shrug is gorgeous. Also, I don't have time or patience for drama in my life because I have more important things to deal with. I don't think that makes someone boring... I think it just means your time is more valuable than the time of someone who chooses to fill their days with petty arguments.
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