I wish we were farmers

Updated on May 12, 2010
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green sandals ecote shoes - yellow straw Boater hat - blue Jill Stuart bag
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neneee 's Thoughts:

Top three summer essentials:
1. straw boater hat (to provide a little shade for your face everywhere, even in the isles of Kmart)
2. denim shortalls (a fresh alternative to the ubiquitous denim cutt-offs)
3. pastel sandals (give your twinkle toes some breathing room)

Do you remember back in middle school when all the cool kids wore jumpers? They had to be CK’s and if they weren’t, then you were considered a poser. I never followed any trends back then. My brother and I went shopping for clothes only once at the beginning of every school year and even then were given a limited budget of a $100 each. Needless to say a $70 Calvin Klein jumper was out of the question. Anyway, that mattered little because eventually it quickly became a little too cool, over-used, and lost its appeal.

Flash forward to now. I am browsing the thrift racks and come across a perfectly worn-in, light denim pair, in my size, and for 3 bucks no less! And I’m thinking these are so uncool, they’re kinda cool again. So this summer, I propose we keep cool with midnight margaritas, cheers to history repeating itself and bring back denim shortalls!

What the heck is going on with my picture? After the third re-upload, I’ve resigned to leaving it ‘as is’ and posted in landscape format. For a detailed view, please tilt your head 90 degrees to the right or visit my blog. k thanx!

Comments (5)

SarawrSmiles on December 25
haha very cute! those are definitely summer essentials! can't wait till Summer :D but until then.. Merry Christmas! :D
MarieMarieMarie on May 12
i wish we were farmers...i wish we knew how to grow sweet potatoes- and milk cows........love this- so cute and comfy- and love those shoes...and hey- your profile pic is the little guy from Twin Peaks...are you a fellow lynch/fashion enthusiast?
neneee on May 13
oh yay, you caught the metric reference :) and the twin peaks one, too. that's two in a row! *high fives*
lydia on May 12
I have a boater...I need to wear it. I also need overalls! GAH <3
mandigarcia on May 12
love this!!!:)
KristaniA on May 12
you're the cutest farmer girl :D i love the ruffle top and mint green sandals :) and your bag is adorable as well :D i don't mind the landscape picture, it makes this overall post more unique :D
neneee on May 13
wow thanks! no joke, i want to live on a farm when i retire xD it'd be pretty far out.
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