"I Just Haven't Met You Yet"

Updated on May 10, 2010
black belt and box bag - brown shoes - white shirt - brown tights
White-shirt-beige-pimkie-skirt-brown-tights-brown-street-one-scarf-black White-shirt-beige-pimkie-skirt-brown-tights-brown-street-one-scarf-black White-shirt-beige-pimkie-skirt-brown-tights-brown-street-one-scarf-black White-shirt-beige-pimkie-skirt-brown-tights-brown-street-one-scarf-black White-shirt-beige-pimkie-skirt-brown-tights-brown-street-one-scarf-black
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_SERENITY_ 's Thoughts:

Hello, my dear chictopians! :*

How are you, guys? Hope your weekend was better than mine… :)) l have a fight with my bf and we didn’t talk for almost two days. But l’m happy we are ok now. l was so nervous and sad all the time. l kept reading just to forget me sad situation… l don’t know why but that’s the single way to forget everything around and just create my own world where l feel comfortable. l guess you know what l’m taliking about.. ;)

That’s my today outfit… l really wanted something retro and still a bit preppy so that’s what l put on. l have this shirt for some years but never wear it last months. l can’t belive l forgot about it. l this it’s really cute with this beige skirt and my brown retro shoes, but my favourite part are those peter pan collar of my shirt with the scarf and cameo brooch detail. l think it turn out the whole outfit and make me think about something like WW2 fashion … 8→
l’m totaly in love with this black box purse that l broght last week from a trifted store. l think it’s my best trift find for a while. l wanted to buy an white one too but l didn’t have enought money in that day. But l decided to check out the store 2 days after that and l was so surprized to see that they still have it so l broght it after all but with half of his value because it was a 50% less price that day, hahaa! ;) lsn’t that so cool? :D l always love trifting, it’s like a treasure serch! You’ll never know what amazing things you can find! :D

Hope you’ll like it, guys! ;)
Have a chic week!



Comments (100)

amorphous_face on December 15
great outfit. I like your use of the cameo pin. I think you are wearing a cameo pin.
stellapnp on February 27
one thing i know for sure: your style definitely is my inspiration!!
rhemel on February 25
What a lovely outfit! It is everything in the right place! Love every single piece you are wearing!
AnneFreya on August 30
So chic! I love your whole outfit, especially your scarf and brooch. You gave me an inspiration! ;)
TrixxyPixiee on August 08
ritamania on August 02
wow! you so cute!
areej on July 19
i love ur outfit and ur purse is awasome :D
christina_p on June 11
wow, all your outfits are so cute!!! love everything about this one!
HenriettaAlice on May 22
I love this look, it's so classic.
libys11 on May 16
totally vintage chic!!! :d
maharot1525 on May 14
love the white top. i fell in love with it. and the way you put the scarf is so cute.... and love the purse and how it match the belt and skirt.... so sweet!!!
_SERENITY_ on May 14
aww, thank you soo much, sweetie <333
cosmo_magician on May 13
cute ensemble hun.. all the colors are just perferct.. ;)
_SERENITY_ on May 13
thaaank you, dear <3
catherinepajarito on May 12
nice skirt.. really cute..:)
swingthedayaway on May 12
I love your shoes and the cameo pin! This is such a chic look! :)
_SERENITY_ on May 12
thanks, honey <33
annabel_lee on May 12
imi place la nebunie, pana in cele mai mici detalii:) esarfa merge la fix cu cameea si camasa, care e absolut grozava si da super cu fusta si pantofii!:P xo:)
_SERENITY_ on May 12
ohh, thanks, dear ;)
StyleFrost on May 12
Love this outfit! Love the neutral colours, your bag, shoes and the cameo brooch, love it!
Ikinka on May 11
You look so cute!
LapinNoir on May 11
aaagh!!! soo pretty!! where do i start? i want every thing you're wearing!!! so chic, faving immediately!! <333
_SERENITY_ on May 11
aww, thank you so much, honey ;)
MankiiVintage on May 11
Sooo classy and chic.... you look so elegant my sweet princess! and pretty like always. That brooch is awesome, love the blouse+skirt+belt+bag#scarf and again your shoes. You always wear so pretty shoes. The brown tights are the best color to combine to that outfit! You are still my style queen xoxo your fan Mankii
_SERENITY_ on May 11
aww, thank you so much, Mankii and Vixen! ;)) love your style too, sweet girls <333 xoxo
little_vixen21 on May 11
mankii... your style is also cute.. i'm a fan of you.. both you and serenity are my idols and inspirations... how.. to see your comments and vote love.. you both.. xoxo little vixen
SomeoneLikeYou18 on May 11
This is so very cute! You look too adorable for words... I love everything about your outfit :)
Lucine on May 11
luv these colours! great skirt with the belt. And the black buttons r stunning
_SERENITY_ on May 11
thanks, sweetie ;)
Isabellasfashion on May 11
love those shoes! and the skirt of course! You have amazing skirts! :)
_SERENITY_ on May 11
aww, thank you so much, darling <3
LauraTenshi on May 11
Chiar vroiam sa spun,frumoasa tinuta dar parca lipseste ceva.Nu-mi dadeam seama ce,pareai trista.Ma bucur ca ai rezolvat problemele cu BF.Geanta e superba,super lucky ca ai luat-o la sales
_SERENITY_ on May 11
thank you, dear! ;)
little_vixen21 on May 11
wow... so cccuuuuttteeee.... love it... the combinations are perfect,,, the madona brooch is so class... i love it :)
_SERENITY_ on May 11
aww, thank you so much, dear!<33
Juicy_daniY on May 11
amaziiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiing........ love every details...... xoxoxo <3<3<3 ;)
neneee on May 11
so lovely. if you were going for retro-preppy, you totally nailed it! I adore everything from the scarf and brooch right down to your shoes xD
_SERENITY_ on May 11
aww, thank you soo much, darling <333
Berlin on May 11
Those shoes are really cute ! Love that you used a shirt with the highwasted skirt - it looks really classy :)
_SERENITY_ on May 11
thanks a lot, dear <3
magpie13 on May 10
awww I'm sorry that you had a fight with your man. But I'm happy that you got it all worked out!! I know how that can be. You look gorgeous huney!! I love that skirt and you are right, the peter pan collar is SO CUTE :). The shoes are pieces of art as well- you look amazzing!! I hope you have a wonderful, magical week dear!
_SERENITY_ on May 10
awwww, thank you soooo much, sweetheart! you're always so kind and make me feel comfortable <33
LittleFemale on May 10
You look super cute! and your scarf is so pretty!
kellyshoestrings on May 10
super cute! I love the scarf and how you sinched the skirt with that belt! love it
_SERENITY_ on May 10
thank you, dear! ;)
sazzychiq on May 10
i love how you add a touch of scarf and some vintage blings!! so chic!((:
_SERENITY_ on May 10
thank you, darling <33
megan_tme on May 10
So glad you and your BF are okay and you found that great purse (and 1/2 price - awesome!). I love your outfit, everything about it, so classic and the details make it so elegant and lovely!!
_SERENITY_ on May 10
aww, thanks a lot, sugar <33
Aphrodite on May 10
smart, pretty, stylish and def chic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i love everything and again, i want that bag!!!!!!!!!!! chic!
_SERENITY_ on May 10
thanks, honey!!<3
bohemianjunk on May 10
those shoes are amazing!
shoegal66 on May 10
So chic! I love it! Esp the way you used that scarf!
sweetk1sse5 on May 10
I really love this preppy look! The shirt and the skirt are like custom made for you! Love everything!!! <3
_SERENITY_ on May 10
thank you soo much, dear<3
NaomiDee on May 10
i love the shirt and belted skirt...you are great with details! :)
_SERENITY_ on May 10
thank you, dear ;)
Theorie26 on May 10
nice. reminds me of sailor moon.
ally_ on May 10
nery vintage, bery cute
_nonchalant on May 10
you look great! i love the collar!
joannaladrido on May 10
prim and proper! i love it!
SimplyHope on May 10
This is soooo Cute!!! Lovin the cameo on the scarf:D
kimkimpop on May 10
loving the earth tone of the outfit! you have amazing pieces there, and love those shoes! :)) btw, i'm also a fan of thrift stores, great finds..at a lesser cost :))
_SERENITY_ on May 10
thank you sooo much, dear <33
Laura86 on May 10
you look so adorable! really love the colors of your outfit.
charchelle27 on May 10
you look gorgeous dear! love your whole outfit!
Coconut on May 10
Love the title because this song make me smile !! as always, very chic combo !! love the skirt with belt a lot <3
_SERENITY_ on May 10
thanks a lot, girl <3
schanine on May 10
oh! your blouse and skirt are so sweet. i love your retro style. hope you aren't sad anymore.
_SERENITY_ on May 10
thank you, sugar <3
mavi_puig on May 10
This outfit is so adorable and cute! love it! ^^
kaitlynmarie on May 10
gorgeous look! i love the shoes! very very cute.
Aybeautifulmess on May 10
love your shoes...<333 and the color of your skirt. =]
ChloroformPerfume on May 10
So chic and cute dear! Great mixing and matching od the basics and accessoires! I love it!
_SERENITY_ on May 10
thank you, honey <3
miss_sue07 on May 10
cute, love the whole outfit all together! that brooch is soo very chic as well!
_SERENITY_ on May 10
thanks, sugar!! <3
colette on May 10
this is so cute! i love the scarf
ohsoflyy on May 10
verrry cute!
jiggy_floydie on May 10
LOVELY... its too cute..
stormyvalentine on May 10
love love love this! its all so perfect together! lovely :)
lottie90 on May 10
lovely look :) Really cute bag too!
FeliK on May 10
cute (:
earthgirlsareez on May 10
your outfit is beyond ADORB!
cloudninevintage on May 10
you look like a doll!!!
kavzme on May 10
chic chic chic...love it......just in love with every piece your wearing !
meganroses on May 10
so cute!
tealless on May 10
I sooo loveee the colours in your outfit! :D I loveee your shirt, skirt and your shoes! gladdd you manage to find this shirt again (: This is reallyyy lovely :D chic vote! :D
_SERENITY_ on May 10
thank you so much, sweetie <33
princesza23 on May 10
wah!!! I looove that purse!! Wish I can find something like that! Love love the outfit!!! Pretty! =)
_SERENITY_ on May 10
thank you, honey<3 miss you so much
theflightoffancy on May 10
this is so sweet! Love it! and happy to hear you and your bf made up :]
_SERENITY_ on May 10
thanks. dear!!
SarahJaneR on May 10
love the shoes and blouse, nice skirt and scarf as well, love how you styled this ensemble, perfect for work or church!
_SERENITY_ on May 10
thanks a lot, sweetie! ;)
chubbylumpkin on May 10
I love your whole outfit! Everytime I get I see your posts, I have a new favorite of yours, You have such great style :)
_SERENITY_ on May 10
aww, thank you so much, darling <33333
demonie26 on May 10
love your scarf..:D chic!
HelloPretty on May 10
you look gorgeous love! i adore the cameo/ scarf combo. i'm glad thing are better with the bf. :) take care! xoxo
_SERENITY_ on May 10
thank you so much, darling <3
frou on May 10
This is precious. I love the scarf detailing, makes the collar just pop. Divine.
_SERENITY_ on May 10
ohh, thank you so much, dear <3
lissakahayon on May 10
love the added scarf! sooo cute!
thehotmess on May 10
Love the whole ensemble dear! Oh and that scarf is super cute! :)))) ADORE!
solybBy on May 10
aoow <3 cute
LOVE love LOVE a lot the scarf + cammeo....SO CHIC!! :D
_SERENITY_ on May 10
thanks, sugar! :D
patriss on May 10
you look so chic love all the pieces especialy that bag...chic like always
_SERENITY_ on May 10
thank you so much, honey <3
audreyglam on May 10
love that scarf! great outfit, definitely chic dear!
Pink_Champagne on May 10
love the cameo brooch and the scarf and shoes!
natasha26 on May 10
Very stylish!
deathbyplatforms on May 10
awww, vintage chic!
mydesire on May 10
nice outfit :)
nadyac on May 10
you look like a super chic flight attendent! love the shoes!
_SERENITY_ on May 10
thank you, dear;)
VintageMarie on May 10
Very cute bow and love the purse !
alguem on May 10
love it!
miaamos on May 10
vey cool retro outfit!!!love it..as always..:)wishing u a lovely happy week dear!!
_SERENITY_ on May 10
thank you so much, sweetie!
mariachuvachu on May 10
love this :)
Annebeth on May 10
preppy cute!
nix on May 10
love the outfit! :)
alescna on May 10
cute shoes! love the neutral colours!
ScarletApril on May 10
oh dear this is just lovely! I've always wanted to try this look but it's too hot in our country to try this out! sooo pretty! love every piece in this outfit!:) <3
_SERENITY_ on May 10
aww, thank you soo much, sweetie!<33
goldencor on May 10
I like your outfit! Very classy and preppy :)
cayeconcepcion on May 10
dear i rarely love anything that has a collar..but yours i love!!!esp when u accessorized it with ur own vintage touch!!
_SERENITY_ on May 10
l'm so happy you like it, dear<3
avipie on May 10
so chic dear! =D love it
sany on May 10
Very classy and stylish dear!!!I always love ur details,you have the perfect sence for them.....This outfit is nicely put together,fab colors!!!Love...love..;-))
_SERENITY_ on May 10
aww, thank you so much, sweetie <33
Diamonddigger on May 10
your blouse is gorgeous and so the skirt!! chic!
kialedesma on May 10
cute outfit dear! i love it!
goddesss on May 10
i always love what you're wearing... :)
asianblue83 on May 10
i just love your blouse! the shape of it it's just perfect. you're looking as lovely as always!
_SERENITY_ on May 10
thank you, honey!<33
Candy_La_Pop on May 10
dear you always look so preppy doll gogeous! I looove this blouse with those black buttons! btw i love everything about this outfit!
_SERENITY_ on May 10
aww, thank you, darling <33
paxie_aiza on May 10
another nice adorable outfit!!! love this dear!:)
_SERENITY_ on May 10
thanks, honey ;)
FabyLovesYou on May 10
Very Lovely! <3
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