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Updated on May 09, 2010
white sweater - pink skirt - black tights - gray boots - silver accessories
White-sweater-pink-skirt-black-tights-gray-boots-silver-accessories White-sweater-pink-skirt-black-tights-gray-boots-silver-accessories White-sweater-pink-skirt-black-tights-gray-boots-silver-accessories White-sweater-pink-skirt-black-tights-gray-boots-silver-accessories White-sweater-pink-skirt-black-tights-gray-boots-silver-accessories
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Annebeth 's Thoughts:

Yep, a loose top and a short skirt is basically my go-to option when I don’t know what to put on. Everybody needs a go-to option or a go-to garment, right? For a lot of girls, it’s jeans and a tshirt. I do not look particularly good in jeans and a tshirt, somehow this failsafe option makes me look heavy on top with no waist at all. And that is not a look I admire.
And jeans don’t show off my best assets: my legs. Would you guys believe that I used to be SO ashamed of my legs all through highschool? They were just so much more skinny than those of the girls around me, I felt like a freak of nature. I only wore skirts with boots, but most of the time I stuck to wide-legged jeans. I was not at all happy with my shape. This started to change when I got a little older, but it was meeting my boyfriend which really made the difference: he adores my legs and finds them my best feature. All of a sudden I saw things in a totally different perspective: maybe my legs weren’t like most girls’, but I could get away with stuff like ultra short skirts without looking tacky or too sexy all of a sudden, like most girls with more voluptuous, pin-up style legs do. They gave my look a gamine quality. They gave me direction in determining my look. It even gave me the confidence to cut my hair ultrashort because I could identify with types like Jean Seberg, Twiggy, Audrey Hepburn and Mia Farrow. I’m not as skinny as those last three, but I did feel like I had their look. I’m not a sexy bombshell, I’m not the beachbabe, I’m not the athletic type, I’m not the ultragirly perfectly put together type and I’m not exotic, but I found my look. And chictopia has forced me to dress accordingly, no room for days when I’d revert to jeans and a T. Right now, I don’t even feel like putting on a pair of jeans and a tshirt on off days. I go for a sweater and a skirt. That is my victory.

Do/did you guys have issues with your looks? How would you describe your image? Do you dress accordingly or do you try to break it? What is your go-to uniform?

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Comments (55)

Ayaka on September 06
wow. you look so pretty, i love it!! definitely chic!!
Anadiomene on May 17
little_vixen21 on May 17
nice sweater i love the brooch and the details on the skirt
little_vixen21 on May 17
nice sweater i love the brooch and the details on the skirt
fashion_nerd on May 17
cute outfit!!! check out my blog :: locatingmyself.wordpress.com
fashionjunkie36 on May 13
love the look
heyjoy on May 13
love this look, relaxed yet elegant (:
gangsterpixie on May 10
I love this look! I love your post and may do one simular:) Your legs are hot! lol
jtodd on May 10
very pretty..love the look!
SarahJaneR on May 10
love the skirt and cardigan, nice boots as well. I used to hate my legs because they were long and shapely. I hated shorts and mini skirts. I also hated my chest because it seemed to keep growing and growing lol. But now, as I've gotten older, I've learned to embrace my shape and I would only change my waist measurement if anything.
efrilrissa on May 10
mandigarcia on May 09
loove the shoooess:)
lydeeloo on May 09
adore the colors in the skirt, so lovelyy
lemondropvintage on May 09
Great outfit, love that little skirt!
Aphrodite on May 09
cant blame you for choosing this look ur go-to look!! you look great here! def chic!
babygurlpoint5 on May 09
refreshingly original to have sweater and a skirt as "go-to" outfit... its really comfy and it looks so cute!
nadyac on May 09
i would wear this to work! love the skirt!
SimplyHope on May 09
Love how the skirt peaks through! Great outfit:D
charchelle27 on May 09
love your sweater and skirt!
TrixxyPixiee on May 09
I love your style-always
sweet outfit doll
Candy_La_Pop on May 09
i love your go to opinion! so fresh!
amandromeda on May 09
love this outfit!
joannaladrido on May 09
cute skirt!!!!
BadTasteToast on May 09
such a cute combo! I love the freshness of this white sweater! :)
glamourvixen on May 09
I luv your go-to look! It's too cute for words! I love my legs too! I have a booty but try to play it down since I'm so slender everywhere else. My go to is a dress. A dress can be simple or glam & dresses you according to mood. No accesorries needed half the time but a good pair of shoes and maybe one statement jewelry piece. Tada! 3 items make up the outfit & girl! ;) Thanks for this post! <3
Annebeth on May 09
I always wanted a booty! :D you should totally accentuate it, that's so sexy :D
schanine on May 09
oh yeah. i've already said that i am so enivious of your legs and when i see a girl with such great legs i don't want to show mine anymore ;-) this outfit looks so comfy and beautiful.
Annebeth on May 09
You have great legs if you ask me! :)
Pink_Champagne on May 09
nice skirt!
paxie_aiza on May 09
i totally agree with the go-to option. Love this look Anne!:)
paxie_aiza on May 09
Oh, and I dress according to my mood, the weather and what I own. That's my rules in dressing up.:)
kavzme on May 09
ultra cute and the best go option...!
dustyrosevintage on May 09
it's a great go to option. i love oversized sweaters with something short. cute! my go to is a cream lace top that goes with anything.
Shaniqua1071 on May 09
Sooo cute!!!!
miamilover on May 09
I love the sweater over the dress =) Chic. -peace and love
Etceteravs on May 09
Ah hello Annebeth! I see your posts everyday over your blog but I don't have much time to comment, sorry! Is this your go to outfit? Wow, this is a very chic one! :D My is just jeans and a top :) Loved this look so much!
Annebeth on May 09
don't worry, you don't need to comment, I know you are a great person :)
urbanoutfitters88 on May 09
great skirt!
wynneprasetyo on May 09
love the boots!
LapinNoir on May 09
very pretty!!! you do have amazing legs! i always have issues with my hourglass shape: if it fits my waist correctly it won't fit my hips or ribs/shoulders and vice versa...is why i pretty much stick to dresses/skirts! ;)
LapinNoir on May 09
yep! they're easier (not to mention pretty!) and most waist issues with dresses can be easily solved with a good belt =)
Annebeth on May 09
I have almost the same problem: if something fits my bum perfectly, it's too tight at the waist. Muffin top alert, even though I'm slim :D Dresses are so much easier!
great combo of the shirt and sweater!
deathbyplatforms on May 09
very cute! i like the print on the skirt.
fashionluvr on May 09
Incredible look. That skirt is perfect and looks great with that sweater and the boots.
froschface007 on May 09
love it so much...the sweater is awesome
mashmallow on May 09
Love the skirt and boots!
lissakahayon on May 09
the skirt is beautiful! love the way you put together this outfit!!
littlemissvixen on May 09
cutness!love ur skirt,dear!
appletwo on May 09
i love the sweater. i also have/used to have issues with my legs, but in the other direction, i though they were huge. taking photos of myself for chictopia has helped so much - they look fine, or even good, in my photos. i'm starting to feel so much better about my body!
appletwo on May 09
oh, and my go to uniform is definitely jeans & a tank top or tshirt. See today's post for an example. . .
Bubu on May 09
babe, thanks so much for your comment! you look so chic on this photo!
lovely skirt x
goldencor on May 09
Pretty outfit :)
goddesss on May 09
love it so cute
Laura86 on May 09
you look gorgeous! love your sweater so much and that broach looks so good on it.
Coconut on May 09
oh this is a pimkie shirt !! I wanted to buy it, but sold out in my size ;) ;), you look so comfy & nice !! love <3
Annebeth on May 09
yes, I wear pimkie all the time! thanks :)
NanaHoshino on May 09
I love your look, as always! the sweater is soooo cute<3
Ellinelle on May 09
..cute look ..love the white cardigan : )
Bubbly1202 on May 09
Love your look. I kinda know how you feel cos I always feel that my legs are horrible and that my breasts are too huge. But now, I think I'm fine with it and I'm in touch with my feminine side. Now I tend to wear dresses or blouses (with leggings of course) instead of the ol' jeans and tee. I do wear them now, but not as often as before. :) PS: Great post btw.
Annebeth on May 09
thanks for your comment! I think everyone has these silly little things they hate about themselves. Fact is that everyone has their own body with it's own proportions, we should just embrace it! :)
Neelam on May 09
love it, i love the swaeter with the skirt :D
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