Had to Blow Off Some Steam!!!

Updated on May 06, 2010
silver f21 accessories
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lethappinessgrow 's Thoughts:

Yesterday I was feeling super down, cuz my significant other and I had been arguing….
So I decided to hit up the F21 and Macy’s in downtown to releave some stress!!! I bought a few things and am in love with them!! My fave is the ring though…I had been wanting a two finger ring for a while, but just never got one, yesterday they had a few, but this was my favorite!!
I also got a necklace that says love, but I don’t think Imma wear em together, cuz that might be a lil tacky!
I’m sure a lot of you, have seen the “Flying Bird Necklace” I really wanted it on gold,m but they only had it in silver…which is ok, cuz sometimes I think fake gold looks a lil worse than fake silver…lol!!
I also got some shorts and a navy striped skirt! it looks dark on the pic, but it’s navy blue!! Can’t wait to wear that!!

and last but not least, I bought some sandals!! They don’t look too hot in the pic, but I’ve been wanting some for a while! They were lk $50, which normally I wouldn’t of bought, but since I was mad, I just went for it!! LOL!!!

So when I got home, my bf and I talked, and I guess we’ll see how things go from now!! I’m not as stressed though…..=/

PS….Still looking for a Maxi dress, but just haven’t found one that I really lk! It’s kinda hard to find one…I kinda want to just get a black one, but am trying to go out the whole black outfits, since I wear black alot!! Any suggestions on a color??

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boredstephanie on October 13
I really like those two necklaces!
lethappinessgrow on October 26
Thanks! the one that say Love broke!! And the one w the dove, got stolen!! =/ I miss it!!
I agree with Trinnah; I love black jersey maxi dresses. They look great with a low slung wide brown belt on the hips and it'd look great with your new sandals which i love by the way!
lethappinessgrow on May 11
I don't own a brown belt, but I'll try and get one...I was wondering how I was going to accesorize it!! Thanks for the advice!!
trinnah on May 09
I love the stuff that you bought! I have that skirt! :) I do what you do when my hubs and I get into a fight. I go shoe shopping though, just shoes. Lol. :) I think you can get a black maxi and just wear colorful accessories if you don't want to get a colorful maxi just quite yet. Florals are perfect for spring (but that would be the safest way to go after black.) :)
lethappinessgrow on May 10
Thanks!! I loved the skirt! At first I wasn't too sure about it, but then I saw the price, and had to get it!! and I love the way it looks! I thought it would look a lil awkard cuz you know how they say horizontal lines make you look wider, but it actually looks good! and I could wear it as a tube top too!!! haa!! and I got a black maxi dress from Ross this weekend!
marce_apple on May 06
goddesss on May 06
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