Get Ugly! The Uglies are now accepting submissions

Updated on May 04, 2010

Comments (17)

DimayraResto on February 26
This is inspirational. I would be honored to be a part of this growing community.
TheProfashi0nal on October 22
I WANT THIS SO BAD. i've read every article about becoming a contributing editor to chictopia.
barbroandersen on May 24
J'adore :D
uberURBAN_stylista on May 05
browneyes on May 04
so cool!!
lydia on May 04
This is extremely exciting news! Wow, chictopia continues to become an even cooler community!
Catherinee on May 04
Oh wow, this sounds awesome... basically, what I aspire to do eventually involves visual creativity and/or writing, so I guess linguistic creativity :) What type of writing samples should we submit?
GlammcouturE on May 04
very cool!
MadisonStone on May 04
AWSOME!!!! That would be totally steller! I may try out!
MesmericOutsider on May 04
Wow, I'm pretty excited about this, sounds like a great addition to the already radical chictopia world!
Roseflorie on May 04
This is sooo awesome! I'm soo interested in this, it gives us the users the opportunity to be alive :D I love it!
Pink_Champagne on May 04
ohh wow this soudns awesome!!! i am extremely interested in becmoing a fashion journalist. i will defiantely check this out! =)
Yokusi on May 04
Would any of you might have an idea where can I purchase sicko19 jeans?I've been looking for them for the past few months.....they are the only jeans that fits me best!!!Thanks in advance!!!!
Shaniqua1071 on May 04
So cool...i really think it is a great opportunity!!
maharot1525 on May 04
whoa i can't wait to be a contributors!!! this is a opportunity seeking!!! you really rock!!!
the_ed on May 04
I like this idea. :D I can get to working on it this weekend or next week.
libys11 on May 04
wow. such an exciting opportunity! :D

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