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Updated on Apr 30, 2010
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cherichictopia 's Thoughts:

Since its inception, has been about connecting inspiration seekers to trendsetters, whether they be stylish people on the street, fashion bloggers, brands or artists. In everything we do, we make an effort to foster the growth of our community and its members. We have watched many of you grow from fashion fans to power bloggers, budding designers and online influencers. For some, our relationship is through Chictopia and for others, we have been fortunate enough to build relationships with you in person. We cannot express how honored we are to have been a part of your journey, and can say that we are personal fans of the members on our site.

There have been many changes since the beginning of this little site and with your growth, we too have grown. The past year has been amazing for our community, and we could not have done it without you. As such, we are introducing new ways that open the community to our valued members, allowing them to receive more visibility.


1. Allowing users to start submitting to The Uglies blogs from their personal blogs, giving them a chance to be part of our editorial team. Top contributors will cover Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in New York City for Chictopia as our Featured Editors.

2. Weekly emails to alert users of upcoming Chic Rewards. This portion of our site continues to grow as we create new ways to reward active members within our community. So many great things coming up and many more to come!

3. Chictopia has launched a free API tool for partners to pull relevant images and create branded style galleries to give visibility to Chictopia’s members.
Our launch partners for this feature currently include Keds and we are still in the process of our soft-launch with Payless. As we continue to make improvements to this integration, our goal is to connect real people with brands and make Chictopia members the real trendsetters. We understand there may be questions regarding the privacy of our users. Chictopia’s goal is to remain in line with the Terms of Service put forth by social networks such as Twitter, Facebook and YouTube. We welcome you to refer to our Terms of Service and are more than happy to answer any questions you may have. Just as YouTube is a community that allows rising movie makers to share their content across multiple platforms (blogs, branded sites, etc), and Twitter allows people to pull relevant user generated tweets and display them on third-party sites, Chictopia is taking the next step to give our users more visibility on the net.

4. A makeover to the user blog pages. Now, just like Facebook, your most recent social activities within the fashion community will be broadcasted alongside your uploaded photos. Your friends can discover favorites who you comment on, and your forum posts will be noticed by your followers as well!

5. Add/edit additional photos. We’ve received a lot of feedback about the usability of the site when it comes to adding additional photos to your blog post. The action is now available on the last page of the upload process. On your chic blog, you can also click on the “edit” link below your photo, and it will take you to the same page where many edit options are available.

Chictopia will continue to be a community that seeks to foster the growth of rising fashion icons, inspiration seekers, and all those who take an interest in fashion.

If you have any ideas or thoughts on how we could improve our site, feel free to leave a comment here or message me; we’d love to hear from you!


Comments (61)

becklo on June 03
I joined Chictopia yesterday. I don't know what the old layout was like but I have to say I'm still getting my bearings on this one. I don't know if it's just because I'm new to it, but navigation is a bit confusing. Also, when I made my account, it somehow registered me as male instead of female. It won't let me edit this in my account settings and I've tried contacting Chictopia twice to fix it.
becklo on June 03
I checked again after this morning and found that my gender issues (lol) have been solved. I had to go all over Chictopia to have this fixed but would like to thank whomever made the changes for me!
becklo on June 03
So far, I haven't gotten a response from either emailing info or leaving feedback. I'm surprised there isn't a dedicated help section/contact for issues with the site. Kind of frustrating.
vestedbee on May 27
oooh that's awesome news! This is why I love Chictopia so much!! kisses to all!
seraphie on May 10
cheri chictopia- it disgusts me that you disrespect the majority of your community's bloggers when they are highly dissapointed and decieved by this new lay out.chictopia was total paradise for many people,including myself, and you have tooken it away in an attempt to make your website more succesful.but you have lost the respect of many almost feels like we've been a bit betrayed.
kt_krazy on May 08
please stop trying to be like facebook. chictopia had its own special charm. we don't need feeds.
PapahMamahnyaMana on May 06
i love chictopia so much, but pleaseeeeeee i want my old layout back... pleaseeeeeeeeee...
togandtrappings on May 05
I wonder what Chictopia thinks the benefit of putting all of our actions on our blog page is...If someone wanted to see our actions before they just had to click on a link. I think this is better, since most people don't want to see everyone's actions. We come here for the visual content, and that content has been severely minimized by the new layout. Echoing everyone's sentiments...
cherichictopia on May 07
Hi there, The new layout is there to maximize the visual content page by show more blogs entries on one page, giving users more options on first glance. We understand that this is a change that people may have to get use to, but we hope that people will recognize the positive affect over time!
libys11 on May 05
i agree with the other people.. im liking some changes, but i preferred the larger versions of the images before..
StealingBeauty on May 05
I think there should be a separation between comments/recent activities and our blog pictures. Having the comments all over takes away from the look of the blog. I can see how having small thumbnails can benefit people in the sense that you have to click to see the image. But for someone like me, i doesn't, I'm not tempted to click if I can't see the outfit.
seraphie on May 04
came back here to see if it changed back yet... no, it has not.I have this bad feeling that Cherichictopia or whoever's idea it was to do this new layout is expecting the users to ACCEPT AND GET USED to the new layout. perhaps they believe that changing chictopia is like changing facebook: everyone is disgruntled for a bit but then all goes back to normal.GUESS WHAT,CHICTOPIA- this isnt the case
seraphie on May 04
i imagine that chictopia is already losing traffic. how many users will this site lose until the layout is changed back? or will the site's popularity ever recover?
lydia on May 04
I am so so SOOOOO excited about the contributing editor tool! SO COOL!
cherichictopia on May 07
We are too!
Tea_Loving_Noemie on May 04
With all this complaining about this new layout, how have you not changed it back yet or improved it? making the images bigger, showing all the additional pictures on the blog for easy browsing and entering an option for each user to decide whether they want their activity to be visible or not! Having one facebook account is enough, chictopia ISN'T facebook! all other changes are fine...
cherichictopia on May 07
Hi, We rolled out a series of changes to the new layout this week. 1) We are now displaying number of votes on this page. 2) Comments are still shown, but they are aggregated to one line instead of multiple lines. We are working on more :-)
Roseflorie on May 04
MY REVIEW: Lovely change. The only thing I would change back though, are the pictures. I wanna be able to see the pictures full sized and the additional ones too. The comments are too much and cause more disruption. However, the friends, favourite chictopians and pictures boxes on the right are perfect!
HK_Tralala on May 04
my friends dont want to join because of they have no clue how towork with the new layout...
Anastasia_Azuline on May 05
Mine too! =(
seraphie on May 03
I used to spend HOURS browsing chictopia blogs, clicking from blog to blog and scrolling down through users pictures and going back in their pages. But the other day I was unpleasantly surpised when I clicked on someone’s name and was directed not to a page with their large images like I was used to, but a page with miniature images.I now have to click on each picture INDIVIDUALLY to view it. This takes way too much time and I would now rather go to other independent blogs for fashion inspiration. I am soooo dissapointed because this might be the end of my relationship with chictopia, as chictopia was the blog that got me interested in fashion, and it is such a unique community in that it is very supportive of all styles and body shapes.. But I truly do not intend to click on individual images in order to view them. Chictopia was so cool because it was this huge amount of blogs showing real outfits/personal style. Now it really seems like the whole blog aspect of it is gone.
Annebeth on May 08
this sums it up pretty much perfectly. It's really depressing to see how much these changes have altered how chictopia 'feel's. I feel like the indivituality of our members isn't shown to it's full extent with the thumbnail images and the small portion of the blog text.
seraphie on May 03
basically, i don't go on here to view peoples comments or whatever, because i really dont give a crap. i want personal style pictures! so for now I bid farewell to chictopia and will come back in a while to see if the layout changed back to FASHION BLOG form instead of FACEBOOK form
seanbri on May 03
HK_Tralala on May 04 time try to read what is this all about...
VintageMarie on May 03
I agree with the other members : the old layout was better !
HK_Tralala on May 03
please give back the old layout,...i appreciate that you try to do bunch of changes and be original and so one...but i hate hate the new layout......i dont know any one who likes it...
Style_Journey on May 03
sry but the old layout was just perfect! the pictures are too small on the blogs and all those informations are too packed! when l first saw my new profile l almost cried and hoped that everything will came back soon! :(( PLS, chictopia, l want my old layout back too! l don't have a facebook account but if chictopia gonna look like facebook l'll definetely dislike this! :(
my_name_is_zoe on May 02
i really dont like the new look of our blogs. I dont like how chictopia is now like facebook. it was cool and original the way it was before. I WANT MY OLD LAYOUT BACK! PLEASE. and no "recent activity"
paulinabelle on May 02
Id have to agree with everyone else and say all the new changes are awesome except the new chicblog layouts, which sorry chictopia, i really dont like. :[ im glad youre working on changing it, i hope it goes back to the old way!
PapahMamahnyaMana on May 06
agree.. :)
LapinNoir on May 02
this SUCKS. if we wanted the site to operate like facebook, we'd be posting on facebook. i personally find it extremely irritating and largely distasteful that comments you make are shown on your blog, and even WORSE--this 1. is the most noticeable thing now on a member's blog, when you want to check out their fashion all you see is comment crap & privacy options?!! that's just sketch.. :(
strawberrt on May 02
im not liking the small photos of on our blogs. I can't take a quick glimpse of all the pictures at once. It's a hassle to have to click on each photo to view it
little_vixen21 on May 02 too i miss the old layout but kinda like the new :)
youngbones on May 02
I'm not liking #4. My blog page looks disorganized. What if I decide to leave comments on 20 pages? How will that make my blog page look, not nice. My other option is not to comment on other users pages so my page will remain clutter free, not nice either.
LovemeLovemenot on May 01
1) I don't like how the last login date is shown on the ChicBlogs. 2) I don't like how small the photos are on the blogs. 3) I REALLY don't like how you can see member's recent social actions like the comments they have posted. It's too much like Facebook, and I don't like it. 4) I don't like how we can't edit what is visible on our blogs. Other than that, I like the changes for the most part.
StyleFrost on May 03
I agree too, we should have the option to choose what we want visible on our profiles.
my_name_is_zoe on May 02
i totallllly agree with you
littlemissvixen on May 02
patriciaprieto on May 02
I agree!
badley on May 02
LovemeLovemenot on May 01
Let us edit the content shown on our blog, please!! If we don't want the social actions shown, let us hide that! It clutters the blog and isn't necessary!
nonika on May 01
Ahh...just joined Chictopia today. I love it. :)
lalalena on May 01
:( really miss the old layout
A_not_B on May 01
sent this to cheri, but I thought I'd post the idea for the other users to think about.... I’ve been reading over some of what the people are saying about the new layout and I wanted to suggest something. Perhaps merge the blog aspect of the website somewhat with what it was before, eliminate the action posts and make the photos more prominent. Then, add a link (something like “Find out what ‘use
MesmericOutsider on May 01
I was honestly so happy to see the improvements, I think it's really great, I haven't had issues with it :)
raiscake on May 01
Thank you so much for your hardwork! I've always had an awesome experience here at Chictopia. Just like others, I have a few issues with the new layout, namely: the recent social activities and the picture size. It would be great if we could somehow turn off the social activities as it tends to clutter the page.
raiscake on May 01
And since the focus of the blog should be on the outfit pictures, it makes sense to make them more prominent than they are now. Otherwise, I love all the other changes. Keep up the great work. I love Chictopia!
harloww on May 01
I agree with everybody else!@ The old layout was waaaaay better. I think that instead of showing all the comments and posts I've done on my public ChicBlog, they should be on my homepage so just I should see them. Either that, or I should be given an option whether or not to make that public (like the option to show my location or not). The way it's set up is way too cluttered!
GlammcouturE on May 01
Improvement is never a bad thing, but when basically almost all the members of the site are complaining, it probably should be changed. Honestly, I like improvements 1-3, they are helpful and great to use! But the changes on our blog layouts just plain suck. No one likes them! If I came here to see who commented on who, or what someone said about someone elses photos, I would go get a facebook.
lalalena on May 01
hate the new layout..... bring back the old!
Shaniqua1071 on May 01
I miss the old layout!!!
ChanelCraves on May 01
I like the old layout better
MakeupxSparkles on May 01
i miss the old chic blog
nikiadams on May 01
please please give us back the old blog lay-out. The new "facebook" style one, is not very cool.
telerz on May 01
change is good but pls make it simple like before,don't make things complicated.. goodluck guys!
anonymours on May 01
i miss the old chic blog :( but the chic rewards updates is really cool :D more rewards is ALWAYS good
also - the old My Chicblog was really well laid out, easy to use and much prettier xx ps I LOVE Chictopia, it is such a unique blogging community and so thank you and keep up the good work :-)
I am not a big fan of the new lay out either. AnneBeth has said everythig i wanted to said so im cheating and re-posting her words!! "The other things are awesome but the fact that you can't really browse one's profile like you used to by reading and seeing all their pictures, and the fact that you can't see how many chicvotes a look has unless you vote yourself is not at all an improvement"
Annebeth on May 01
you can quote me, haha
SeekingStyle on May 01
I don't like the facebook style of the blogs
tealless on May 01
Eh, How do I see the votes of the outfits on the page?
franloiacono on May 01
Thank you very much for working so hard on our community that I love so much, but I add my voice to the other ones: I miss the old blog lay-out :(
Annebeth on May 01
I am not at all a fan of the new lay out. The other things are awesome but the fact that you can't really browse one's profile like you used to by reading and seeing all their pictures, and the fact that you can't see how many chicvotes a look has unless you vote yourself is not at all an improvement. Change it back? :(
rainbowsandfairydust on May 01
YES everything you said Yes i totally agree!
solidfreshdope on May 01
the changes are ok, but the site seems a bit more harder to navigate..
iluvfashion on May 01
but the other changes seem awesome.
iluvfashion on May 01
i dont really like the layout. it looks weird.
Aphrodite on May 01
you are not just a part of our journey, you actually opened the doors.Thank you so much. PS, though i have to be brave and say i'm missing our good old lay out. ='(
Aphrodite on May 01
sorry, if ur still working on it then maybe change is good. =)
Anastasia_Azuline on May 01
I really loved the layout of the blogs! Why change it? It looks a mess! Chictopia is not facebook! Chictopia is sooooooo much better... I really hate looking at someones blog now :S I don't get the new layout... The other changes are good, but please give Chictopia a unique look, not a facebook look.
Coconut on May 02
a new layout is always interesting! but I think all girls have summed it! the pictures seem too small, we have more pictures on the page itself, but it becomes less aware of things!
Annebeth on May 01
I agree, it used to be amazing when it was like a simple blog lay out, much more personal and easier to browse!
Anastasia_Azuline on May 01
It was good the way it was! I've joined Chictopia because I loved the blog lay out. Just clean and simple. If you wanted to see the social stuff, you just had to click 'actions'. That was waaaaay better. I don't like facebook because you don't have any privacy, so please make our blogs simple and unique again! Make it chic! =D
butternut on May 01
I have to agree too, the photos on the blog are too small! My number one reason for using Chictopia is to look at outfits, and with the new blogs they are hard to see :( I don't mind the way the new sidebar is set up, but I don't think I need every comment I leave listed on my blog and I would really love BIGGER PHOTOS thanks!
folle_femme on May 01
I totally agree with the girls..I don't like it like that..very messy and cramped..and I hope the chic votes will appear soon. I just want the old layout back!:)
Coconut on May 01
I agree! change may be too brutal! The whole layout has changed! How strange! we were so used! ( sorry for my english ;) )
cherichictopia on May 01
Thanks for your feedback! We just rolled out this feature and are working on another round of changes. Coming soon!
candydoll on May 01
I love the improvement regarding the chic rewards.
chellelaabelle on May 01
I agree with LizzyandLace. The pictures are so tiny on our blogs, that we can barely see them and the pages do look more like clutter. The simple way was much more neat, and it allowed you to browse through the blogs without having to click on every picture. Also, I'm not sure where to find the total chic votes anymore?
Annebeth on May 01
totally agree, it was better when you could just browse without having to click on every entry!
cherichictopia on May 01
The chic votes is a bug, working on it! We are rolling out changes to make the page look better too!
FeathersandGlamour on April 30
I love changes 1-3 you made to the site, but a lot of people are concerned with the blog makeover. There is a thread in the forums about it. I think a major concern is that the pictures everyone posts of their outfits are now so tiny that they aren't getting a lot of attention, because of all the clutter. The blog pages look more like a social networking site than a fashion community site.
my_name_is_zoe on May 02
EXACTLY!!! thats just what i was thinking.
cherichictopia on May 01
Hey there, I just replied to the post on the forum. Hope it helps!
modatendenzex on April 30
i love this! keep it up, its nice to know that chictopia spends the time to improve their site, and in the end we all benefit from it as well! I just started using Chictopia not long ago and it looks very promising so far. im excited!
browneyes on April 30
sounds interesting :) can't wait to see all of these improvements
Pink_Champagne on April 30
this improvements sound great! i especially like the uglies oportunity, as i am looking for a career in fashion journalism. an idea i had, was that a user gets chic points (maybe 5 or ten?) if someone favorites their picture
meggstatus on April 30
Fancy Shmancy
earthgirlsareez on April 30
Catherinee on April 30
I love being a part of Chictopia :)
Haiku_Ambulance on April 30
How amazing. Being a new(ish) member here has opened my mind to such a wonderful new world. I am thrilled for Chictopia and thrilled to be a part of it as well. Cheers to you- goddamn!!
blonderedhead on April 30
i love you chictopia :)
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