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Updated on Apr 27, 2010
f21 dress - f21 tights - Jessica Simpson shoes - Wetseal necklace - headband acc
F21-dress-f21-tights-jessica-simpson-shoes-wetseal-necklace-headband-acc F21-dress-f21-tights-jessica-simpson-shoes-wetseal-necklace-headband-acc F21-dress-f21-tights-jessica-simpson-shoes-wetseal-necklace-headband-acc F21-dress-f21-tights-jessica-simpson-shoes-wetseal-necklace-headband-acc F21-dress-f21-tights-jessica-simpson-shoes-wetseal-necklace-headband-acc
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You should all be booing me for my lack of posts this month. I’ve been such a bad blogger. Sorrrry. I’ve missed you all so much.

The busy life has caught up to me. I’ve had next to no time to do anything. Plus, the weather has been dreadful (sun, where did you go???) and due to the fact that I was forced into taking all pictures myself….. posting has been really challenging.

Prom is in 4 days!! My dress situation is still chaotic. 4 dresses. 2 long. 2 short. All varying prices. All gorgeous. All pretty colors. I don’t know which I’ll choose.

Let’s see…what else… Oh! I got asked to prom! Haha. I guess I should have said that first, but I blogged about that, so I forget I haven’t updated you chictopians about it. It was amazing. Pretty much he and I hung out on Saturday night, and before he dropped me off, he wrote zap on my hand with the time of midnight. (Remember zap from 7th grade?? hehe) So at midnight, I looked at it, and it said to go outside. At the PRECISE moment that I looked at my hand, I heard music playing from outside and a lot of noise. I flung open the front door and at first glance, I was speechless. On my front lawn were 6 people each with one letter on their shirt in glowstick spelling the word Prom with a question mark. And my man standing there. It was all too adorable. Oh! And You belong with me was playing through his car speakers! I have a wee obsession with Taylor Swift…and he totally incorporated it into his asking. SOOOOOO cute. I was floored. I’m still in awe.

My family has been driving me up a wall. It’s so hard to balance work, school, soccer, and family responsibilities. Sometimes, I just want to shut down completely. It’s hard to make everyone else happy.

Thank you allllll for your comments- I know I say this every post- but you’ve all given me so much confidence and truly changed how I look at clothes. They are FUN to me now. It’s wonderous.

So. My outfit….
let’s see.

I got this dress in the mail the other day and fell in love. Can you fall in love with clothes? Because if so, who needs men? hehe. This dress is the perfect summer dress. The floral detail is perfect and I Love the zipper! The zipper trend is really growing on me. It’s been really rainy, so I couldn’t go bare legged. Which really isn’t an issue for me as you all know… I just had to put on some tights. Ouch. hehe. Someone asked me today, “maggie, what are you going to do when you can’t wear your wild tights in the summer?” I ask myself the same question every single day. I loveee these shoes. I wish I could wear them more. I got them last year for prom on a ridiculously cheap sale. I love that they match the red in the dress! My love for headbands is forever unwavering. This is a new one!

Love love love,


Glista on April 12
I love your dress!
dallasf on June 23
cute dress!
heyjoy on May 10
GORGEOUS dress! :) you look fabulous! :D
4everUSMC on May 10
Love the tights...and the dress is fantastic!
JackiBaker on May 10
Spot on !!
punkvelvet on May 04
Cute dress!!
LittleFemale on May 03
Cute dress! Love the zipper in the front!
kaitlynmarie on May 03
very gorgeous dress
sophiasa on May 03
We don't boo you cuz we loooooove you :D And I lovvvvvveeee your heels.. tights... dress... your hair is adorable.. oh and your smiles. Those are awesome!! :D
danikajane on May 03
this outfit is so perfect! i love everything about it, you look so pretty :)
xolexi7 on May 03
adorable. love the tights!!! everything looks amazing :) and i want your shoes!!!!
seanbri on May 03
LexaaFtNerd on May 02
¡Wow! i really like the combi... ie, i loveeee <3
Alex_Elizabeth on May 02
Booo! You have been posting a bit less I think. The tights are so perfect with the floral print dress and I love the red shoes!
Coconut on May 02
this is nice
HeatherYarnell on May 02
Great tights!
littlemissvixen on May 02
love ur dress!
nikiadams on May 02
I love those tights! You look so cute!!! And, I can't wait to see your bright colored shorts!!! :)
arnyfull on May 02
love d stripes!!
Hawaiikidd on May 02
THis is so cute! love!
emmyrose on May 01
this is amazing. simply awesome =)
MakeupxSparkles on May 01
KaylaCoakley on May 01
i LOVE your style and you are just TOO adorable for words. (:
nealy817 on April 30
ahhh, i love exposed zippers! and that story about your guy is TOO precious!
Cigsanddigs on April 30
Such a ciute dress!!! Love the tights. Chic.
deathbyplatforms on April 29
you look totally adorable in this outfit!!!
chubbylumpkin on April 29
I love the dress and those tights!
pandaphilia on April 29
cute picture. love the pumps especially
starshipnarcissus on April 28
love this so cute!
my_name_is_zoe on April 28
WOW. I love this dress! i have an obsession for zippers so this to me is so hot. I love the striped tights with the red heels! good mix and match <3
antoinettemarie on April 28
i love this dress- the zipper is so cute!
Catiii on April 28
oh, the dress is really cute :)
trinnah on April 28
I love that dress!! I love the zipper in the front, and of course, it's florals, so I want it. :) Love the tights and the shoes are hot! :)
folle_femme on April 28
What a beautiful dress and it looks so nice on you! Love it with those tights and shoes! Chic:)
_SERENITY_ on April 27
omg, honey, that dress is totaly GORGEOUS!!! amazing pattern, looooooooove that retro vibe and those pretty spring-lish colors!!! great tights and shoes too! l really missed you so much, dear!! this is awesome, chic voted and faved for sure! <33333333 xoxo
SimplyHope on April 27
Amazing!! This is going in my favorites:) You rock
REV on April 27
awesome leggings! :D
sweetk1sse5 on April 27
Those are hot hot heels, love the vertical stripe tights with the floral print! <3
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