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Updated on Apr 27, 2010
black Romper from Walmart shorts - black Express top - black citi trends shoes -
Black-romper-from-walmart-shorts-black-express-top-black-citi-trends-shoes- Black-romper-from-walmart-shorts-black-express-top-black-citi-trends-shoes-
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lethappinessgrow 's Thoughts:

I’m hella exhausted from last night! My beau, some of his friends, and I went to the House of Blues to catch the B. O. B. and Lupe Fiasco show! It was awesome!! We got there a few mins late, so B. O. B. was already on stage! We didn’t miss much though…Then Lupe came on and put a bad ass show! It was soo hectic! There was sooo many people, and I’m not clausterphobic, but I just don’t lk being around sticky, sweaty, stinky people!! Yuck!! At first we couldn’t really see much cuz we were in the waay back, but you know me, I made my way thru and my hunny and I had a bad ass view!
Also on stage was a Houston legend, Bun B, and Trae performed a few songs!
I’m really into concerts, and my bf and I try to catch as many as we can! I was uber excited though, cuz I had never been to a Lupe concert, I had seen him perform, but not do a whole concert!
All in all it was a great night! After a few Sex on the Beache’s, fighting my way to the front of the crowd, and running to 3 blocks to the car, cuz it was raining when we left, I can truely say my Lupe experience was amazing!!

As for my outfit, I bought my first romper! I love it, but it’s a strapless, and I’m not too confident in wearing strapless stuff, especially to a concert, since I was going to do a lot of jumping around! Didn’t want to expose myself! So I just wore a black buttoned shirt over it! Another thing I wasn’t too crazy about the romper was that it was kinda see through…I hadn’t noticed when I bought it, but yesterday I showed my mom and she was lk "Uhh’ you need to cover up!! " haa! It’ not too noticeable, but it has lk some stripes (I guess) going down, and they’re see through…so I just have to wear lk boy shorts underneath!

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honeycrunch on May 20
i realllly love your anchor necklace!! your romper is so cute! :D
You have great legs and I also love the anchor necklace!
lethappinessgrow on May 03
Ooh! Thanks so much!
Laysee_06 on April 30
The picture is a little dark but I love rompers and black so it must be cute! Plus I want that anchor necklace! Did you get it from F21 that long ago? Cause I want it lol
lethappinessgrow on May 03
Thanks! And I'm working on getting a new camera, just haven't had time to go look at them! I got it about a month or two ago...
trinnah on April 28
I love rompers! From the picture, it doesn't look see through, but I guess just from the stripes right? It's definitely a cute look, and it worked with the top over it. It still looks like a romper! :) Cute shoes, too! I would have loved to go to that concert! Love B.O.B.'s songs (the two he has out). :)
lethappinessgrow on April 28
Yeah it has lk stripes going down, so it's lk every other stripe is kinda see really can't tell but when I was out in the sun, you could kinda notice it! I'm glad it was dark in there!! Yeah, he has a couple good songs! His CD came out yest! IT was bad ass!
Freesiablog on April 27
like the necklace!
MakeupxSparkles on April 27
love the shoes
lethappinessgrow on April 27
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