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Updated on Apr 18, 2010
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Charlotte Russe dress - Garage Sale necklace - LA Blues sweater - Easy Street bo
Charlotte-russe-dress-garage-sale-necklace-la-blues-sweater-easy-street-bo Charlotte-russe-dress-garage-sale-necklace-la-blues-sweater-easy-street-bo Charlotte-russe-dress-garage-sale-necklace-la-blues-sweater-easy-street-bo Charlotte-russe-dress-garage-sale-necklace-la-blues-sweater-easy-street-bo Charlotte-russe-dress-garage-sale-necklace-la-blues-sweater-easy-street-bo
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MargosDistrict 's Thoughts:

This is my little princess, Scully (yes, he is a male princess!). Iv’e known him as my most faithful companion since I was just a youth in frilly skirts and sweater vests in the first grade ( I am a high school freshman now). I was surprised, as my dad told me he had a present for me when we were to get home. I came into the door and there, right before my dazed eyes was a minature orange kitten, apprehensive behind the coach. Even then, Scully was a scaredy-cat (pun intended)! When my parents had gone to get him from the pet store, they said good luck, for he cried for attention every second of every day. They were spot on! Today, he remains the princess of the house, begging and in most cases plotting to get attention. When I am doing my homework, he’ll strut over and just sit on my text book so he is the only object of my affection and devoted attention.

You may wonder why his name is Scully. Well, the big blue guy in “Monster’s Inc.”, yah we thought his name was “Scully”, not “Sully”! After about five years, it finally came to our attention that this was not in fact the name of this monster. However, we were so used to it, that he remained our little Scully!

He also seems to show a great interest in fashion, for besides sitting on my clothes as if they were an ornate thrown, he will sit by the laptop as I update my blog and my chictopia. He refuses to wear any clothing of his own though, and what Scully wants, Scully gets! That leads me to the outfit. I wanted something warn and cozy, yet fun, just like my little baby. I love my floral dress and its got a poof! It’s so girly, so I added an oversized sweater to add a bit of masculininty to tone down the femininity. I got the necklace at an elderly ladies garage sale! She must have been a chic woman, for all of her jewelery was undeniably classy!

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P.S….the name of the title of my entry is because Scully is an indoor cat, so he got his first trip of allowed exploration!

Comments (34)

Kikki on July 22
he's biiiig omg so lovely <3 lovely outfit too!!!
cute fat ginger:))you`re holding him as a baby (i mean he`s like a baby) love your outfit!
catsywinx7 on May 10
you look so darling! your kitty scully is so cute. i love cats too :)
thirdeye on May 08
I love your outfit!
ConcreteJungle on May 07
nylda on April 27
omg that is one fat cat lol love the knits and dress
Pink_Champagne on April 26
i love that skirt
joannaladrido on April 23
awww cute! and ur cat looks like garfield!!!!
BetzaidaLopez on April 23
nice dress you look awesome
daanyclaaudino on April 21
ooins $: cute cat and beautiful outfit
LittleGarcon on April 20
Adorable cat and even more adorable girl! Love your look.
inbugsdrawers on April 20
How cute are you!! Love the dress and kitty is adorable!
lemondropvintage on April 20
Lovely pics, Scully is precious! I thought of putting a leash on my orange inside cat! Just in case...
schanhdiu on April 20
haha so cute
iamappleorchard on April 19
wow, you are seriously the cutest thing. and so is your cat!
Tea_Loving_Noemie on April 19
very cute outfit and your cat seems so cuddly!
cherry8888 on April 19
Love your boots! And what a sweet kitty! :)
staceyavenue on April 19
fab skirt! Say hi to your furry friend for me <3
folkstories on April 19
aw so cute!
annabel_lee on April 19
wow, huge... lil cat!:)) just adorable! and your look is really gorgeous, extremely feminine:)
mee_mee01 on April 19
Great pic I love ginger toms, I have one aswell, cute!!!
lin_di_ta on April 19
Great photo of u and ur pet
yuri on April 19
wow, that cat is really big! and i would love to cuddle him too, he's so super cute! And i love your dress by the way, your grey cardigan is fab too ^^
goodgirlgoneblog on April 19
Such a big kitty- I love the floral pattern on your dress!
JacKieO on April 19
Soo cute!! =) My cat is very much like yours, he's big and fluffy, and orange, and does the exact same things! Sometimes he sits at the newspaper in the morning, or at the sink, while I'm brushing my theets! I never tought of him as a male princess but, in fact, now that I think about it, hes is one! ;D Very demanding, very... You outfit is great, love the feminine/masculine contrast.
charchelle27 on April 19
this is cute dear :)
NAZKA on April 19
sooo sweet!! love it:)
storets on April 19
love your sweater & Scully the male princess! I have a male cat named Mori who always keeps eyes only on male cats. Ha ha. Oh, not the one on my profile photo. It's his mom, Pumpkin.
MargosDistrict on April 19
Haha same with Scully! We pretend he is married to my bff's cat!
kavzme on April 19
fab outfit.....!
maharot1525 on April 19
love that sweater...
ZivUsha5449 on April 19
the cat is cuttie!
Aphrodite on April 18
Great photo of u and ur pet.=) I love the outfit esp ur dress! looks perfect with the rest of the outfit! chic!
SimplyHope on April 18
I love seeing everyone's pets! Your cat is super cute! Love that sweater too:D
folle_femme on April 18
Scully is a darn cute guy and you look so pretty in this outfit!
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