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Updated on Apr 15, 2010
yellow merona cardigan - pink Forever 21 shirt - blue American Eagle jeans - bro
Yellow-merona-cardigan-pink-forever-21-shirt-blue-american-eagle-jeans-bro Yellow-merona-cardigan-pink-forever-21-shirt-blue-american-eagle-jeans-bro Yellow-merona-cardigan-pink-forever-21-shirt-blue-american-eagle-jeans-bro
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nealy817 's Thoughts:

So after i got out of class today I realized it was a little too warm here in Texas to be wearing this cardigan. Also, this is me creeping in the alley way behind my house and if I look scared in the second picture it’s because I was scared there were snakes. They like to chill back there. I’m not scared of snakes…if they’re tame or someones pet :) However, I’ve been surprised by one too many wild snakes in my life to have anything but negative feelings about them.

Anyways, I’m super stressed and probably shouldn’t be blogging since I have so much to do, but I just can’t stay away! I love being on here, all of you are amazing. Can we just have one big Chictopia party?? But, reasons I’m stressing: (1. I have a 10 page paper due Tuesday and today’s the only day I have time to work on it (2. Also due Tuesday is my 40hrs of volunteer work for social work. I have 30. So as an easy way out I could go have tests done at some clinic and my teacher would count it so I was all “Heck yes! I have this figured out!” Oh heck no I don’t, because the clinic can’t do any tests because their lab is full for the rest of the semester. AWESOME. So now I’m panicking and filling any extra time I have working at our area food bank. Which is difficult considering they’re not open on weekends and only stay open till 5 during the week. Leaving me Friday morning and Monday afternoon to try to get this done. EEP!! (3. I have to drive to Lawton early Sunday morning to do inventory at the Victoria’s Secret there. Then I have to do inventory at my store from 8pm-1am the next day. Hello, I have an 8am class the morning after!!!! (4. My boyfriend has decided he wants to join the army.

So, about this army business. I support our military, I appreciate everything they do for us and I know our country wouldn’t be where it’s at without it BUT….I feel like being selfish. I don’t want my boyfriend in danger. I want him safe, sound, and here with me where I can tell him face-to-face I love him everyday. Now, he doesn’t want to join until he graduates college, but he wants the army to be his lifetime job. We’re not talking the whole “enlist for 4 to 6 years and be done.” We’re talking forever. Kind of stresses me out. My best friend was engaged to a marine and once he came back everything had changed. He was different, called off the engagement, and he just isn’t the guy she once knew. I know this doesn’t happen to everyone, but what if it happened to my boyfriend? Call me immature but I occasionally wish I could go back to being 4 when I didn’t have to deal with school, love, life, and all the pain that comes with it. When the hardest thing in my life was figuring out which Polly Pocket to play with :)

Comments (22)

TheWindOfInspiration on August 18
lovely! :)
blahitslizz on November 15
your so pretty :)
modgeisha on October 28
Lovely!!! Love the yellow, stripes and scarf! Cute shoes too! :)
MakeupxSparkles on April 30
i just love this
TrixxyPixiee on April 22
AndreaAcuna on April 17
ChloroformPerfume on April 16
This is so cute! I love it! Great casual look!
kavzme on April 16
cute outfit.....love all the colours mixed !
Bor on April 16
Great outfit!
lilypad0303 on April 16
I love how you mixed patterns and colors!
StreamCK on April 15
cute pattern and color mix!
classietrashie on April 15
I love the bold, cheerful colors! Adorable shoes
DistinctlyDesiree on April 15
Cute! I'm loving yellow paired with red lately.
itshayliebrooke on April 15
i love the mix of patterns and colors... and those shoes :))
violethill8 on April 15
such pretty colors for spring! :)
MidwesternButterfly on April 15
I love this! All of the pretty colors are wonderful!
JessFalkinder on April 15
GlammcouturE on April 15
this is sooo cute! :)
ShopTOLive on April 15
Love the stripes and cardigan!
Laysee_06 on April 15
Really cute!! I love the different colors and patterns you used. Casual and chic!
militantcupcake on April 15
super cute! amazing shoes!
_SERENITY_ on April 15
aww, that's super CUTE, dear!! adorable outfit, sooo chic put together with those amazing scarf, shoes and colors mix!!love the whole outfit, chic voted for sure <33
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