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Updated on Sep 19, 2008
Vic Matie shoes - doc martens shoes - Emma Cook for Topshop shoes - Pour La Vict
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ShopUgly 's Thoughts:

Some people say that fashion turds either fall into one of two categories: they’re either shoe girls, or bag girls (I say why be choosy! Be a shoe-and-bag girl!). But for those of you who’d rather slip something nice on your feet than over your shoulder, you’re in luck! This fall, get ready for the raddest and maddest onslaught of pedal fashions that’ll have your toes wiggling and your soles singing.

If you’re going to get one new shoe this winter, make sure it’s a boot. Whether you choose something ankle length or over the knee, it’s a great piece to invest in since you’re going to be able to wear it in all sorts of weather.

Take a cue from this well-heeled chick and wear your tough booties with something sweet and colorful on top during warmer days. When the mercury drops, stuff the soles deep with nubby socks and woolen tights and ride these babies out until the last bits of frost melts in spring.

Comments (8)

bkgurl33 on January 17
love the country boots
Ayaka on October 16
great shoes! <3
CrystalCharm on February 02
YAY i love high boots! i need 2 have those!!!
WorldUgly on September 23
i'm definitely all about the shoes. don't really get bags... you can't even really wear them. i just bought the emma cook ones - about to post!
connie on September 26
I'm so tempted to get them too (although I'm not sure with what funds aaack)
MaleUgly on September 23
Welcome! Great suggestions. Where is the main photo from? I really dig the boots on the left.
ShopUgly on September 26
I think they're these?
connie on September 26
They're a photo from during fashion week. I forget who the woman in the photo is but she works at Teen Vogue.
mnavoy on September 22
i'm in love with the blue faded skirt for one, and I'm definitely a shoe girl hands down. To be specific, a BOOTIES girl!! I adore those thigh high boots but I don't know how to do them in a non-hooker way? and bright patent leather doc martins are so punk chic, and although I'm trying to incorporate maybe punk-esque things into my wardrobe I don't know how to wear such a boot!
maitabaello on September 19
sometimes im a shoe girl, other times im a bag girl. but i cant afford all the bags i want so yeah, im more of a shoe girl! haha.
classytrash on September 19
i definitely alternate between shoes & bags & right now i'm definitely a shoe girl. i'm searching for the perfect boot too!
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