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Updated on Apr 11, 2010
black shoes - gold vintage ebay necklace - vintage ebay - beige Baki
Beige-baki-beige-baki-vintage-ebay-gold-vintage-ebay-necklace-blue-topsh Beige-baki-beige-baki-vintage-ebay-gold-vintage-ebay-necklace-blue-topsh Beige-baki-beige-baki-vintage-ebay-gold-vintage-ebay-necklace-blue-topsh Beige-baki-beige-baki-vintage-ebay-gold-vintage-ebay-necklace-blue-topsh
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Aphrodite 's Thoughts:

Hello everyone.=)

Hope you had a great day.=)

I am feeling extra good today (even though i still frown from time to time when i realize im not gonna see Diddy today, and many days.) The sun is bright and warm and so i and the girls took them out for a walk in the park and had breakfast (and lunch and afternoon tea!) there, so we basically stayed in there for most of the day. It’s sunday and family day here at our end so there were a lot of people, which i like (i think im the only who do!) because it means that people, no matter the problems of everyday life, still try to have fun, get some sunshine and eat ice cream. There many rides in our boulevard area so lots of kids during sundays. No matter how busy the parents are, the father of the Azeri family tries to take the whole family to the boulevard and stay there for all day, have tea every 2 hours.=) I like that about them, their family bond is quite strong and visible. Here, a little boy doesnt ask mum not to kiss him infront of the school gate (with other kids and the crush watching) when she drops him. =) Sorry, just remembered “Maid in Manhattan”, the scene where Jlo dropped her son and the boy asked her not to do it cuz he’s shy.=) Here, you can see grown up big brother walking in the park with grown up kid sister, on a date, catching up with family news. Or a 35 something guy holding hands with his 70 something mum, helping also on a date, showing her how the kids are these days.=) And lots of mum and daughter, walking like bestfriends, whispering to each other and giggling, and i mean lots, like you see a pair every 2 minutes. In my country, mums have different worlds, dads have different worlds and the kids have different worlds. So when my parents visited us, i really went out with them everyday and showed them how nice it is when you spend more time with family, leave one entire day at least. Parents must feel sad sometimes not seeing their kids much, or kids not seeing their parents much. Anyway, this is what i wore. Sorry it’s a bit boring, i wanted to wear something that’s just right for the activity. My dogs can be quite hyper sometimes and i am a nervous mum, Diddy trained them well but when he’s not here they become naughty, they know mummy is only good at shouting, doesnt punish them the way Diddy does when they dont behave. So flats and sneakers/trainers are the only shoes i can wear so i can run when needed. The shirt is vintage, also tuxedo style. But i bought it because it’s floral.=) The sack bag, you might not like it but i love it so much, it’s big and when i saw it i knew it’s the perfect bag for grocery day or when i just need a bag that i can use when i am out to take photos, i can easily reach for my camera and gives me more time to get a good shot of that sea gull. I have missed a lot of great photos because of my camera bag, it takes at least a whole minute just to get the camera out. And it makes me look like a photographer/reporter/tourist. =( Hat, i love hats. Bowler hats, boaters and straw hats, and floppy hats, and fedoras and berets, and i wish i have a top hat too, i’ve been wanting one since i dont remember when.=‘( Anyway, i hope you like my sunday (dog) walking outfit, it’s the best i can do today.=)

I am sorry, im just really in a great mood and there is one person out there who knows why, thank you my friend, my birthday is finished but you were able to extend the feeling for days and maybe until winter comes. =) My summer will be extra bright because of you. =) Thank you, forever.=)

Thank you also to you guys who are still here, visiting my page and reviewing my daily outfits, you must be tired of me already, i get tired of myself sometimes.=) hehehe! But thank you…always..=)

Have a great monday everyone.=)

Love Love Kiss Kiss


Comments (60)

citysleek on January 15
Great outfit! Love the dogs <3
infamousegypt on November 15
your doggies were posing too!! super CUTE!!
SarahJaneR on April 19
love the hat and blouse, great bag and sneakers too! your babies look adorable as always :)
4everUSMC on April 16
Aphrodite rocks with all those cute pets!
Barbious on April 14
love ur outfit.. so chic
Nika_Rose on April 13
such style! classic
joannaladrido on April 13
aww cute! love ur dogs!
margaux_1112 on April 13
this outfit is a must-have... im totally inlove with it... so chic du jour...
diva1 on April 13
awww cute dogs!
Thabile on April 13
You look so nice and casual. I really dig the hat!!
avrilinwonderland on April 13
love the summery shirt and the converse- lovely. your dogs are so cute theyre not shitzus are they?!
Aphrodite on April 18
poodle+Spaniel and Pekingese.=)
thekittylover on April 13
cute! love the dogs!
ChanelCraves on April 12
Awww your dogs are adorable.
DevoreLeBeauMonstre on April 12
I love your hat & your babies are SO EFFING CUTE. <33
Duygu on April 12
chic! :)
Parisiennexo on April 12
love this outfit!! the florals are so feminine but the converse and hat makes it more casual!! so chic!
Fabulous_Kath on April 12
love the whole outfit.. chique chique chique...
Annachiara on April 12
Always favolous darling *_* and you!!!
ennui on April 12
cute outfit!
skinnybuddha on April 12
cute floral shirt, and puppies are super cute!
FairyColors on April 12
wow, you look FAB, dear!!! looove the whole outfit, esp the floral shirt and that purse!! <33
FairyColors on April 12
btw, that's not boring, NO NO! l'm so happy you have a great weekend, dear! xoxo ;)
mrsdoublea on April 11
lolkat on April 11
great hat. you look so pretty!
thequeenofwanderlust on April 11
This is a great look. I love the florals and the hat too. Plus the dogs make the outfit just great. They are so cute!
GlammcouturE on April 11
chic outfit!!! and cute doggies :)
nikiadams on April 11
your puppies are so cute! You look lovely as always too!
Nanooosh on April 11
lovely !
breezyandbrazen on April 11
Girl, you are such a class act. You carry yourself well and look gorgeous every day. =] I love when your doggies act as extras in your photos.. they're photogenic as well! Too cute. I just adore you.
Aphrodite on April 12
And <3 u back.=) kiss.=)
ManilaKid on April 11
CUTE DOGS! But very chic outfit. :D Laidback and awesome. Love it! :>
lissakahayon on April 11
Love the printed blouse!!!!!
allaboutthestyle on April 11
love this outfit !
lalalena on April 11
that hat is perfect! and your dogs are so cute!
alguem on April 11
love the hat!
libys11 on April 11
lovely day and outfit for walking the dogs, i see!! :D
honeycrunch on April 11
you look amazing like always! cutes dogs ever, by the way :)
SimplyHope on April 11
Fabulous! And not boring at all! Love the tied floral top with your hat:)
NaomiDee on April 11
i wish i'd look this chic walking my dog haha! fabulous hat and blouse :)
plparayno on April 11
i love your shirt! its the perfect summer shirt! x
kirsty on April 11
wow lovin this look x
miaamos on April 11
its a Great combination of the shoes and outfit!i LOVE it!!!!the puppies are SO CUTEEEEEEE!
BadTasteToast on April 11
lovely sunday outfit! this hat and the bag are fantastic! love the doggies too :)
Kateth on April 11
I really love this! Ive wanted a pair of jeans like this for ages, I love your shirt also :-) perfect!
Laysee_06 on April 11
Looking fabulous!!
AmyIsham on April 11
Nice jeans. x
paxie_aiza on April 11
love the shirt and how you wore converse instead of heels!:)
glamourvixen on April 11
THis is a perf Sunday outfit! You look so chic, cute and casual! <3!
LittleFemale on April 11
Nice outfit! I love how you were able to style your Converse shoes. I always feel like its too hard! Great combination!
Anastasia_Azuline on April 11
That top is soooo beautiful and chique! Ow, and those skinny jeans, they are a greaaaaat fit on you! =D Lovely! ^^
BreakfastatSaks on April 11
Your dogs are too cute! And I love your bag and hat!
alwaysinvogue7 on April 11
i love this chic and casual look! always love what you wear :)
the_dish_and_spoon on April 11
casual and cute! (i like the face your dog is making hahaha!)
chubbylumpkin on April 11
CUTE doggies!!! I love the outfir, the whole thing!
Coconut on April 11
Love your top !! Love your doggys
miamilover on April 11
I love this floral blouse! and the high waisted jeans gives it a old school feel :) and great dogs too! -peace and love
Annebeth on April 11
I've never seen someone look so stylish walking their dogs!
Via_Morgan on April 11
This is super cute. Very casual and chic, and a great outfit for walking with the pups. You bag is so cute, I love that its kind of slouch at the drawstring. :)
sophiie_94 on April 11
love your outfit... cute dogs :)
warda on April 11
omggggg ADORABLE pic! ur outfit is cute as always.. so in love with ur style :)
deathbyplatforms on April 11
i love the shirt!!!!!
JJulia on April 11
love the blouse , love flowers so much! and the dogs are so cute
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