Free Wine Tragedy

Updated on Sep 14, 2008
sweater - scarf - jeans - American Apparel t-shirt
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Snowshoe 's Thoughts:

That’s what I was today, a hung over tragedy. My head was pounding, and nothing but saltines and sparkling water agreed with me. Art gallery parties always mean too much free wine which means sloppy layers and hats the next day. When I got to the gallery last night it was quite the mixed bag of the old and uppity and the young and grubby, which I like. I busted out my camera to take pictures of the photo worthy party goers, and lo and behold, it no longer worked. It could probably be fixed, and it was a hand me down in the first place. Soo…. I got a new camera today! I’d been meaning to do that anyways, because the camera I was using was too big to be practical in social situations. I got a badass drop proof, water proof, freeze proof Olympus Stylus 1030 SW. Yeeah. So even if it gets thrown in a mosh pit in a freezing swimming pool, it’s good to go.

So I wore this to the glamorous Circuit City, and then to dinner with my parents where talks of politics and the economy made my head spin. At least we all agreed on one thing: Sarah Palin is a vapid joke, and Obama ‘08! (okay, so that’s two things…)

F21 bowler, as per usual
vintage cardi, scarf, bag, and lace up white shoes
AA oversized white V neck
and some random black skinnies

Oh! And there is an awesome interview with the lovely, ethereal Thumbelina up on my blog! It’s a must read; she is incredibly fascinating and inspiring.

Check it out at…
The Snowshoe Rabbit

Comments (12)

fashionism on April 28
nice scarf
1234565 on December 27
wonderful bag. and scarf. lovely outfit.
1234565 on December 27
wonderful bag. and scarf. lovely outfit.
frenchieee on September 15
you look amazing! i love those shoes! ahaha. circuit city isn't bad. last week on friday my mom took me to home depot after school and i got these weird looks from everybody cuz i was wearing heels. haha.
scenestealer on September 15
I love!
littlemissR on September 15
pretty pretty shoes!!!!!
Starrgirl on September 15
I just bought a Snowshoe-inspired bowler hat on sale! Not F21 though :P
Snowshoe on September 15
haha, and i'm thinking about going and buying a starrgirl inspired black fedora at the antique mall. : )
supernab on September 15
man, awesome shoes. and i love the red!
pnut on September 14
i feel you lady. i've been hung over allll day..and im still feeling it..and it's 1151pm..ahhh..those shoes are sweet sweet sweet...
lexi on September 14
i would wear this a lot
classytrash on September 14
those shoes are amazing. & i finally watched snippets of the charlie gibson interview. HA! what a dumby that palin is. did you see the SNL skit? hilarious. Obama '08 fasho
Snowshoe on September 14
lol, yes. "I can see russia from my house." it is tina fey's duty to the american people to portray Palin for the duration of this election.
powderblue on September 14
Free drinks always get me. And it's happened too often on work nights! I must say your hangover outfit is much better than mine usually is. :)
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