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Updated on Apr 01, 2010
black oxford Fabio Lenzi shoes - red scarf - blue denim shorts - brown
White-blouse-black-cardigan-blue-shorts-brown-red-scarf-black-fabio-le White-blouse-black-cardigan-blue-shorts-brown-red-scarf-black-fabio-le White-blouse-black-cardigan-blue-shorts-brown-red-scarf-black-fabio-le White-blouse-black-cardigan-blue-shorts-brown-red-scarf-black-fabio-le
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_SERENITY_ 's Thoughts:

Hello, my friends!! ;)

l think you already know how much l missed you, guys ;)) l really wanted to post a new outfit before my Easter mini – holiday because l think l’ll can’t check out chictopia as much as l want if my brother is on PC almost all the time… But this is it. Maybe l’ll gonna take a look here for some minutes if l make a truce with him :P

This is what l wear today. Actualy l take a shot to my yesterday outfit too and l wanted to show it to you but l don’t actualy know why l decided to share you this one first… Maybe it’s because l wanted you to see how l styled my new trifted lacey blouse that l broght last week – you know what l’m talking about, isn’t it right? :)) Ohh, and l’ll gonna show you my yesterday outfit (it’s a bohemian one) next week and hope you’ll like it… ;)

l guess you already saw how much l love floral pattens and especialy vintage ones! :D Yeah, l almost forgot about this paisley scarf that my mother recived as a gift and then give it to me because she thinked that is too “grannie” like for her. But l was so happy for that because l simply adore paisley, hahaa!! :)) And l esp LOVE to wear it like a bow, hahaa :D l really think it looks adorable and not so “grannie” anymore too :))

l know there are many persones in my town who think that paisley of other mini floral patterns are too olden but l’m not so surprized if l remember that they just follow trends without thinking if they would wear those things a few years later or how to stylish them to look “in” all the time…

l think that’s why l LOVE LOVE LOVE CHICTOPIA sooo much! l found here so many different styles, lots of creative and original persones who don’t laugh when they see something new or different. In my town there are so many persones who love to make malicious comments or simply laugh when they see something different even if they wear the same hoodies and fake Nike’s every day… :(

I’m sure you know what I’m talking about and l would really want to know if you feel the same way or if you sometimes hear bad comments only because you are different and want to show your creativity…

Anyway, hope you’ll like it, guys! ;)
And for those who celebrate Easter this weekend – HAPPY EASTER EVERYONE!! >:D<!


Comments (173)

NataliaTeonaRa on August 03
Another 1 of my favourites!!! I love everything about this outfit!! Gorgeous!!! :)
_SERENITY_ on August 03
thank you so much baby<3 xx
chicmusings on May 23
Such cute outfit. I love the way you tie your scarf into a bow!
_SERENITY_ on August 03
thanks doll :D xx
fleurani on April 13
What an adorable outfit dear :-) Did you check out my latest outfit? Would love if you come by and follow me too <3
_SERENITY_ on August 03
thanks a lot babe :D sure l'm following you! :D xx
SweetSerenity on February 21
I love this outfit. Your hat is so cute on you. I would want to wear that on a trip on Paris.
_SERENITY_ on August 03
thank you pretty :D xx
mirose on April 11
great look as always, ur hair got longer, and we have the same texture hahaha. xx!
_SERENITY_ on August 03
thank you honey :)) xx
jehanprouvaire on February 23
great combination! you are beautiful!!
heyitscrichel on February 03
so much love for this outfit! you are always the adorable one dear! love how you tie that scarf! i love earth colors and that's why i love your belt and purse too! chic voted! =)
_SERENITY_ on February 03
thanks a lot, honey<3 :)) xx
kbbtrfly22 on June 23
loooove this.
ClaGregorio on May 04
Oh my this outfit is just pretty :D
EmilyNicole on April 29
Sandras20 on April 29
Very Nice and Chic
goddesss on April 23
love this outfit
KaylaCoakley on April 15
pure perfection. (:
Supergirl43837 on April 15
the shorts are perfect! the whole outfit is just adorable :]
LauraTenshi on April 15
Ador geanta,superba.Si esarfa este frumoasa in stilul acesta,bow
AiB on April 15
Lovely!!! Chic! <3
Shaniqua1071 on April 14
So chic....love this outfit!!!
Roseflorie on April 14
I absoliutely adore this outfit. So unique and stylish =]
luv the tights
_SERENITY_ on January 31
thanks a lot, girls :D xx
Texture on July 27
Agreed. The smooth pantyhose really add something special to the whole look n' feel of the outfit. (and show off your great Legs!) chic & fav'd!
Diamonddigger on April 14
i love this look! it makes me think of Paris - don't know why but it does :)
_SERENITY_ on April 14
thank you so much, dear!! <3
jjleeon on April 13
so beutiful look!! my favorite i have to say has to be yoyr brown purse<3 i love this look!:)
_SERENITY_ on April 14
ohh, thanks a lot, girl <3
Chyrrypie on April 12
This is amazing and that shirt is to die for!
rudoit on April 11
wow, this is really cool, it has a bohemian air, love your scarf, i was looking at some of your looks, i have to say you really know how to work skirts and belts. chic voted.
_SERENITY_ on April 14
aww, your comment really brighted my day!! thank you so much, dear! <3
lovewilltearusapart on April 11
very cute!
nouey80 on April 11
Really cute! Great score with the thrifted blouse!
Gabi26 on April 11
Rock´s! Chic everything!!! ;D
Hafaguddei on April 11
I absolutely love this look. The bow and the fedora and that bag and everything! Very chic and very cool. =) Favorited!
_SERENITY_ on April 14
aww, you're such a sweetheart, dear!! thank you soo much <33 xoxo
Shaniqua1071 on April 10
Cute look...very chic!!
shazzshazshz on April 09
so cute! love it!
Emilin on April 09
Love it, so casual and chic.
aspatia on April 09
Looove the hat with your hair and tights. The scarf is great because it's unexpected. More is more! Down with minimalism!
_SERENITY_ on April 10
hey, thanks a lot, dear!! you're right!! hahaa :D not a fan of minimalism too :)) xoxo
Aussie_chic on April 09
aww so cute! I love this outfit. It's something I would wear hehe and I love the scarf, it's awesome. :)
_SERENITY_ on April 10
thank you, honey <3
thebedhairmaid on April 09
adorable! If I saw you on the street I would yell "YOU ARE GEORGEOUS!"
SweetnSassy on April 09
Love how you layered your look!
feliciajw on April 09
I love how you put the differrent pieces of this outfit together! And that handbag is fab1 Where are your oxfords? I can't see??lol i love oxfords too..
_SERENITY_ on April 09
that's way l didn't posted them again ;))
_SERENITY_ on April 09
hi, dear!! thank you so much! you can see my oxfords in my last post or in the post before this outfit ;)
swingthedayaway on April 08
This might be my favorite look from you! I LOVE the scarf tied in a bow, the lace, the tights, the hat, the bag-EVERYTHING! So chic. :)
_SERENITY_ on April 08
aww, thank you so much, darling!! <33
missladybug on April 06
i love love love this outfit! the purple tights and the lace and the brown, it all works so well together!
_SERENITY_ on April 06
ohh, thanks a lot, dear!!<33
greenvases on April 06
chic all the way!! that scarf made bow was a very clever idea! & that purse is just lovely, am envious, hehehe... that lacey top is beautiful.. perfectly done!
_SERENITY_ on April 06
aww, you're such a cutie! thank you so much, honey <33
paulinabelle on April 06
lovelove love the bag
Lucine on April 06
U've got your style and u never change it! It's worthy to be picked by editors ;) good job ;)
_SERENITY_ on April 06
wow, thanks a lot, dear!! <33
4everUSMC on April 06
The lacy top is so cute
KierrynG on April 06
I great look, I love the combinations
JojieLullaby on April 06
chic! :) as usual.. love ur style :)
Jackie_S on April 06
your bag! your blouse! your scarf! Waoh All!
Nyliram on April 06
simply perfect.
bohemianjunk on April 06
ohhh i love shorts over tights! still loving your purse. everything looks great together :) i don't usually hear bad comments about my outfits but i get stares. makes me feel a little self conscience, like, do i look like i'm trying too hard or something?? so i take my creativity to the internet where its more appreciated. i wish there was a town for us chictopians. id fit in! haha
_SERENITY_ on April 06
omg, you're def right!! l would love sooo much a town like that!!! we should live there sooo happy hahaa :D
MiraCherry on April 05
love this outfit! the bag is so special!
jduerig on April 05
WOW!! stunning. i adore your hat
nvme6768 on April 05
soooooo cute
districtofchic on April 05
You seriously have the coolest bags!
LizzyandLace on April 05
this is definitely my favorite outfit of yours ever. so chic!
r_hansen84 on April 05
So cute! I love the way you've put it all together!!
melmo on April 05
wow. gorgeous. I'm almost speechless. the hat, the scarf. I love absolutely everything :)
_SERENITY_ on January 31
thaank you, dear :D xx
warda on April 05
this look is sooo adorable! and i want that bag!
Neelam on April 05
very cute
yanaf on April 05
style icon? i think so!
rudevi on April 05
OMG, this is absolutely pretty gorgeous darling, and ignore that bad comment as long as u r not naked in town, hahaha lol (kidding)... u r so insprational, every blog u upload in chic make all chictopians had a positive respond to u'r style, so...never minds, sometimes being different is the biggest dare in u'r life and u just live in it....i loooooveeee u'r style babe :)
_SERENITY_ on April 06
ohhhh, thank you sooo much for your lovely support, dear!! you're the sweetest ever!! <333
LisaEmilyPetersen on April 05
I really like this outfit, Especially the belt and scarf<33
patriss on April 05
you look amazing all the pieces look gorgeous put together..love the outfit chic and HAPPY EASTER swetty
_SERENITY_ on April 06
thanks a lot, dear!! <333
BerniceLim on April 05
you look so great !lace,denim,vintage,all is my favorite!i love your look always!very exclosive! your scarf and your brown purse,really awsome !chic !
_SERENITY_ on April 06
aww, you're such a sweetie, dear!! thank you sooo much!! <33
lynzardo on April 04
Hey girl ! What's up? Man you have a great look. Soo many votes!!! You look too cute in the hat and those shorts. really love this!!xx
_SERENITY_ on April 06
aww, thank you so much, dear!! <3
bjkdAnc3r on April 04
awesome *
bjkdAnc3r on April 04
aweosme scarf!
applejacq on April 04
everything about this is sooo cute! i want your closet! :) faved!<3
_SERENITY_ on April 06
hahaa thanks a lot, honey!! <33
cmbeck14 on April 04
i love this! you pull off shorts and tights so well. and your lacey undershirt is beautiful.
_SERENITY_ on April 06
thanks a lot, girl!! :D <3
allaboutthestyle on April 04
amazing combination !! Happy easter honey !
annabel_lee on April 04
unfortunately i know exactly what you're talkin about... stupid and limited people:(... anyway, i really like to look at their surprised faces, people are so easy to be shocked:)) i looove your today outfit, that's simply gorgeous and really creative and fits u amazingly great! HAPPY EASTER, dear!:) xoxo
annabel_lee on April 04
definitely chic voted and fav!:)
trinnah on April 04
Love love that lacey blouse with the cardi and the scarf! I love it when people rock the shorts. I live through you guys. :) Don't you worry about the people in your town. They probably don't even what style is! :)
_SERENITY_ on April 04
aww, you're such a sweetie, dear! thank you soo much!! happy Easter! xoxo <33
chubbylumpkin on April 04
I think this one is my new favorite! I love your accessories! You look so sweet and classy!
_SERENITY_ on April 04
you're such a cutie, dear! thanks a lot for your lovely comm!! xoxo <33
tealless on April 04
I like this :D A little different from your ususal and I like it :D Thank you for the easterr message :D Happy easter to you tooooo :D I am going to favourite this outfit :D
_SERENITY_ on April 04
hey, thanx thanx, darling!! happy Easter and all my love!! xoxo <333
lish on April 04
this is sooo nice!!! i love everything about it! it's fun, quirky and laid back. i especially love the scarf! it's really beautiful.
_SERENITY_ on April 04
ohh, thanks a lot, darling! happy Easter and have a great weekend! xoxo<33
megan_tme on April 04
Congrats on making Editor's Pick! You have such a great style, people that make fun are just jealous because they don't have the courage to be a little different. Love the bag and lace top and scarf together! Very unique!! Happy Easter!!
_SERENITY_ on April 04
aww, you're such a sweetheart, dear! thank you so much for your lovely comment and support!! happy Easter and have a great weekend! xoxo <333
unogeeez on April 04
I love everything in this outfit! It all works great together, and it's sooo cute on you(: Whenever I look at your blog, you inspire me so much. I love your use of color, you put them together in ways I'd never think of! And theres always so much detail. Oh and happy Easter!(: <3
_SERENITY_ on April 04
awww, you're too kind, my dear!! thank you sooo much, your support means so much for me!! happy Easter and xoxo <3
alice_said on April 04
This is so cute!
Anastasia_Azuline on April 04
That laced top is AWESOME!!!! =D And I like the hat on you! ^^ chic voted!!! =D
_SERENITY_ on January 31
thaank you, dear :)) xx
Hawaiikidd on April 04
Great great bagg. :) cute outfit!
joannaladrido on April 04
cute outfit!
goldencor on April 03
I love your lace top and your purse :)
iamericaleigh on April 03
oh wow i love this! your hat is awesome.
Pink_Champagne on April 03
love your style!
whirlpoolgirl on April 03
love it! great scarf :)
HK_Tralala on April 03
Hi sweetie:)is that scarf tied to a bow? cuz i love so much the details:) you are queen of details for me :)
_SERENITY_ on January 31
aww, thaank you, honey<3 xx
MayRobert on April 03
Love the details! it's all really cool! absolutely faved it! :D
sweetdisposition1404 on April 03
love ur style!! and amazing purse!!
ennui on April 03
you're just freakin' adorable!
cayeconcepcion on April 03
me too!i love everything esp . the lace top!it's so hard to find one here.
_SERENITY_ on April 03
aww, you're such a sweetie, dear! thanks a lot <33 xoxo
emmyrose on April 03
omg i ABSOLUTELY LOVE EVERYTHING about this!!! especially the blouse!
_SERENITY_ on January 31
thaank you, dear<3 xx
ChloroformPerfume on April 03
Omg I think I die because this is SO cute! I think it doesn't matter what youw ear, you'll always look adorable dear :) I especially love your scarf and this awesome hat!
_SERENITY_ on April 03
omg, thank you sooo much, darling!! <333
nihonfleur on April 03
Thank you! Happy Easter to you too!
ally3 on April 03
gorgorgorgeous!!!!! I love everythin about it! so Chic!! <3
NanaHoshino on April 03
cute!!!!! I love the lace blouse and the shorts so much!
princesza23 on April 03
very well put together! love everything here, Oana! =) Amazing pieces! =)
_SERENITY_ on January 31
thank you, dear<3 xx
lucie on April 03
love it!!
MankiiVintage on April 03
darling, that outfit is sooo amazing! the hat with the bag with the shorts and the belt and esp the blouse and the scarf..... YOU LOOK WONDERFUL and this photos are def one of my favorites!! the best outfit ever! Happy easter my sweet chictopia princess!!! xoxo
_SERENITY_ on April 03
awwww, you're such a sweetheart, darling!! thank you SO much for your lovely support!! your comments always brighted my day!! looove you, sweetie!! Happy Easter again and take care of you! have a wonderful weekend!! xoxo, dear <333
ReinharT on April 03
s3r3nity goes wild! wuff you've outdone yourself :D i really like the combination of the scarf, the shorts, and your hat!! happy easter ^__^
_SERENITY_ on April 03
you're such a sweetie, dear!! thank you so so much, hahaa :D xoxo
lilypad0303 on April 03
You look so darling! I absolutely loveee your lace top :) And the bow scarf looks great on you! Not everyone can pull it off (I've tried) but you definitely can!!
_SERENITY_ on April 03
ohh, thanks a lot, honey!! happy Easter! xoxo <33
ScarletApril on April 03
aww, u are just too cute! LOVE everything about this look dear! oh and my fave is your bag! then again, i love evrything so i guess the whole look is my fave! so chic! :D
_SERENITY_ on April 03
aww, you're really such a sweetheart, dear! thank you sooo much for your lovely support!!! have a happy Easter! xoxo <333
trainwrecktaylor on April 02
Great bag!
carjielou on April 02
super cute shorts and hat! i love it!
nylon1 on April 02
So adorable
oobabigur1oo on April 02
love the look! amazing!
JannySmiles on April 02
i love every single thing about this, so vintage !
KristaniA on April 02
Great great great outfit! i love the blouse, belt, bow scarf, YOUR PURSE, everything :) this is perfect styling and you look effortless. Hope you have a great Easter weekend! :)
_SERENITY_ on April 03
wow, thank you so much, darling!! <33 have a happy Easter too! xoxo
classietrashie on April 02
Loveeee that purse! It's gorgeous
thehotmess on April 02
Wooo! I love your look! :))))
nealy817 on April 02
so cute! loving this shirt :)
kimmyp on April 02
fantastic hat and bag!
GlammcouturE on April 02
soo cute! love this :)
lightssobright on April 02
you are too adorable! love, love the purse completely. i'm originally from a small town, then i moved to nyc and guess what hun.. people still look at ya funny;D keep doing you! it's perfect!
_SERENITY_ on April 03
ohh, you're such a sweetie! thank you so much, dear!! <3 xoxo
fashionolic on April 02
this is SOOO cute, i'm in love with this outfit! the scarf is amazing and the way you wear it is soo cool. plus the hat gives it a little something something ;) i love the lacey blouse too, and that purse is gorgeous - totally matches the belt and contrasts with the colour of the shortsl! very chic for sure dear :)
_SERENITY_ on April 03
aww, you;re too kind, dear! thank you sooo much!! xoxo <333
DevoreLeBeauMonstre on April 02
the the print on your scarf! <3
Quirky_Bombshell on April 02
so cute!
NaomiDee on April 02
love this so much! great hat and scarf. i think this is my favourite outfit of yours! so chic :)
_SERENITY_ on January 31
thank you, dear<3 xx
SimplyHope on April 02
LOVE this!! My favorite outfit of yours:) CHIC
MickeyVin on April 02
cite bag
jliu13 on April 02
Such a great outfit! The lace top is so pretty, and the shorts are cute! And I love your hat! :D
_SERENITY_ on January 31
thanks a lot, dear<3 xx
PrincessFero on April 02
i always look forward to your outfits!! they are creative and i love them!!! fabulous lace top! <3
_SERENITY_ on January 31
thaaank you, dear<3 xx
gracey_loo on April 02
love the scarf!
LOver34 on April 02
omg cute hat. i love how you dress its so adorable. You should sooooooooooo be a model.
_SERENITY_ on April 03
omg, thank you so so much, sweetie!! <3 xoxo
folle_femme on April 02
That blouse is beautiful..how I love lt! and the bag is great1 Such a pretty outfit!
pretty_damsel on April 02
very nice
editorspicks on April 02
Congrats, you've been selected as an Editors Pick today! You'll get 30 chic points.
_SERENITY_ on April 03
omg, wow! that's so COOL! thank you so much <33
Aybeautifulmess on April 02
i absolutly love this, =] the short with the tights under. soo cute and i love the colors. adorable =]
Duygu on April 02
wow, very cute! chic! ;)
TwoStylesOneCity on April 02
this is so cute! I love it!
FashionDIY on April 02
cute outfit!!1 love the scarf!
disarmingdarling on April 02
this is adorable! great bag!!
mell on April 02
so cute! love your top and scarf!
mimii on April 02
looking good as usual =) love it!
dorkdolovefashion on April 02
love the shorts and the belt...you look great dear =)
shoegal66 on April 02
I love this look! So vintage! And that scarf is perfect! Chic! And I know what you mean about people making malicious comments and making fun of something different because they don't know anything other than what the rest of the population is wearing. That is also the reason I started with Chictopia also. I love your style! Keep it up! :)
_SERENITY_ on January 31
thaank you, dear<3 xx
colette on April 02
i love your scarf!
alescna on April 02
great outfit dear!~
stylerara on April 02
Love the styling in this outfit! Vintage-urban chic! Love that fedora on you:)
FashCloud on April 02
lovely outfit!!! great scarf xx
charchelle27 on April 02
very cute top! i love this outfit! chic!
rhonneltansantos on April 02
lovely! love the scarf and the hat! perfect combi as always dear :)
AiyuGee on April 02
Adorable...!! love..love.... <3
Lewi on April 02
ahh, i am so jealous of your hat! they are the funnest accessory right now! (in my opinion:) ) the lace top is gorgeous. im just really in love with the look y our pulling off, its super fun, casual, and idk- chic! :)
_SERENITY_ on April 02
aww, you're such a sweetie, dear!! thank you sooo much! <3 xoxo
magpie13 on April 02
I love the lace top!!! This is so pretty! The scarf with it is fabulous and I especially love your hat :). Also, tights and shorts are one of my favorite things and you are rockin it girllll :). I totallllly have felt out of the norm and made fun of for what I wear... it's kind of crushing when you're wearing something you love and no one else loves it. haha. but, you have to stay true to yourself
_SERENITY_ on April 02
aww, you're always such a sweetheart, darling! your comments really bright my day every time :D love U, dear! xoxo <33
miamilover on April 02
I just love the Hat with that pretty different scarf, its so lovely :) -peace and love
_SERENITY_ on January 31
thanks, dear<3 xx
Laura86 on April 02
...oh, and I know what you mean about the malicious comments, and I wouldn't mind if they were made by people with style, but usually only people who know nothing about fashion make bad comments. So girl let them talk coz they have no ideea what they are talking about
Laura86 on April 02
love your lacey blouse! it's so feminine and sexy! I'm thinking about buying one too. love the way you stiled it with that gorgeouse scarf (I love to tie my scarf as a bow too)...
_SERENITY_ on January 31
thanks a lot, darling<3 xx
Isabellasfashion on April 02
So cute! I love those shorts! And your scarf and top!
Loved your post as much as your look!! Specially the scarf! :D
Laysee_06 on April 02
You dress so adorable!! Love it!
TaraNicoleN on April 02
ADORABLE!! You are the queen of eclectic miss!!
Donata on April 02
love everything about this!!!
VintageMarie on April 02
I love this outfit, everything about it is great ! You have such a unique sense of style. And about your blog, I know what you mean but don't let it get to you.
LyannePeri on April 02
love the whole look dear!! you look really great!! chic voted dear!!
nicolette on April 02
I love your outfit so much dear!! Love the contrast between the feminine delicate lace blouse and the hat! very chic!! Gorgeous scarf and belt!
_SERENITY_ on January 31
ohh, thaank you, sweetie<3 xx
kaitlynmarie on April 02
amazing! the hat is so cute!!! and i love the colors in this. scarf really makes the oufit! xoxo
_SERENITY_ on January 31
thank you, honey<3 xx
Cigsanddigs on April 02
Love the top!!! You always have great bags! So very chic :)
atul0481 on April 02
My Favorite here...Nice bag and very urban belt. Looks good in u.
intaaaan on April 02
Uuh love love this ! I made this my fav pic ;)
AmyIsham on April 02
Lovely bag m'dear. x
HK_Tralala on April 02
best bag ever :)
lissakahayon on April 02
I love the lace top and shorts!!!
Annebeth on April 02
you should wear those shorts more often, you look great!!! and I love paislyprint!
_SERENITY_ on January 31
thank you, dear<3 xx
Aphrodite on April 02
great outfit as always.=) and u know i love dt bag!
cherryliffic on April 02
I love the vintage bag :)
ChristinaG on April 02
Love this look, all the pieces are so great individually, and together as well. Those shorts look great on you (I could never pull them off with my thighs)! And I love the hat, lace and belt/bag together! very very chic
_SERENITY_ on January 31
thaank you, sugar<3 xx
LapinNoir on April 02
what a great scarf/bow and an insanely awesome bag!! your style is awesome, it's no wonder that your outfits are the most discussed on chictopia! <3
_SERENITY_ on April 02
aww, you're such a sweetie, dear! thank you sooo much!! xoxo <333
Coconut on April 02
Love love love this combo !! Really ice !! The top & the short are amazing <3
_SERENITY_ on January 31
thank you, dear<3 xx
miaamos on April 02
you look great!i love everything!
sandram on April 02
nice outfit :), love ur lace blouse, the scarf, the purse and the hat! I'm a hat lover now! arrrr (just bought a fedora & I'm in love)
sandram on April 02
I know your feelings about our town :)) "IA UITE-O PAIA CE SANDALE CU TINTE ARE" just f**k them too, silly people.
sandram on April 02
:| YES! And that's not the only thing!
_SERENITY_ on April 02
omg, that's so true!! hahaa :))
hi_sue on April 02
Juicy_daniY on April 02
OMG!!! You look sooooooooooooooooo amazing dear.... soooooooooooooooo beautiful... absolutely chic and perfect style! <3<3<3 XOXOXO
_SERENITY_ on April 02
OMG too, hahaa! thank you soooo much, darling!! <333 xoxo
ceejaeceejae on April 02
you look great :) your outfit's well put together! :D
PurpleDuckling on April 02
This is fabulous, dear! i love girly lace blouse and the scarf mixed with the somewhat masculine hat and oxfords. Hope you have a wonderful weekend :)
_SERENITY_ on April 02
ohh, thanks a lot, sweetie! l'm so happy you like it ;)) xoxo
Katy90 on April 02
so cute! love love the hat!
MarielleDado on April 01
Love this outfit! The bag, the belt, the scarf - awesome!!
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